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Re: Sappy enough for syrup--Dreamsicles!

Posted: Fri Nov 19, 2010 11:03 pm
by Pottapaug1938
bmielke wrote:
Cathulhu wrote:
CaptainKickback wrote:My mom always wanted a komodo dragon, so it could greet Avon ladies, Watch Tower people and Jehovah's Witnesses........

I grew up on a working farm (and since my parents had no sons and I'm oldest, guess who did a lot of the work) and we kept hogs as well as other stock. On George Washington's birthday the sow had 18 piglets, a problem since she couldn't feed them all, and in normal piggie fashion she threw out the two smallest, biting the tail off one of them. We took George and Martha in and raised them on bottles, and they lived in an old doghouse in the front yard as soon as they were strong enough. My mom was on the roof fixing it when the Jehovah's Witnesses dropped by again (despite requests to leave us be) and she and I both treasure the memory of the JWs being chased off by the ferocious watch-piglets. They didn't come back.

In Massachusetts I lived on Route 14 a state road that runs from Duxbury and I am not sure where it ends up, but it is an extremely busy road. I lived 60 feet from it, I never had a JW. In Tennessee I live 700 feet off of a back road, that is 1/2 a mile from SR 288, on which you must travel 7 miles in one direction and 12 in the other to get to anything that could be called a main road. Every two to three months JW's come up the driveway. We have a white goose, he is at least 15 years old, he hates everyone, when they come up the driveway he runs wings spread and stands three feet from their door. They roll down the windows and say they are JW's and they would like to talk. We send the dog that hate everyone out to great them, and they leave, but in two months they'll be back.

I don't like to make them feel Martyred for the True Faith. I just quietly ignore them.