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Discussion of various forms of Advance Fee Fraud, including application fees for loans that never materialize, self-liquidating loan scams, as well as mortgage elimination scams and related debt elimination scams [Nigerian-type scams should go in the Nigerian 4-1-9 forum]
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Dorean Latest Missives

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Thursday, April 12, 2007
The end is near (03-20-07)
We have come to that place where delays are harder to come by. Whether by the final revelation (coming) method or by trial the accusation of bank fraud is going to be settled. Based on the unfolding of trial preparation I could not be happier with how things have gone. If one is willing to suffer they can confront the tyrant. Scott and I trained in Christ for suffering we’ll get that privilege. The only way they could win is to scare us into a surrender. It worked on others but not on us. Knowing how close our remedy is pursuing us is getting exciting. I have never been bound by the ignorance on this blog or in the courtroom. Thank the Lord I have always been able to see my way clearly on the subject matter. The last important battle now is for evidence. The government’s favorite tool is to disallow any exonerating evidence and to have a trial irrelevant to the true facts. A mere piece of controlled propaganda. I’ve been preparing for this weapon for two years. They will not be able to help themselves falling into the traps I’ve laid for them to raise the precluded evidence. Once the subjects are breached by the prosecution they are open game. A trapper must know the behavior of the prey to be successful. A seven-month trial for securities fraud is very revealing if you keep your eyes open. The stakes were not high then. I was a young man who could do the time, did not have the interest of thousands of clients, an industry at risk, or a great wife. I am glad to have had the training then to benefit now. That is the wonder of living in Christ. All things work together for good for those who are called according to His purposes. Things will rapidly be changing so pay attention.

NEED: I no longer have copies of the radio show I did with Alex Merklinger and the gentleman in Washington D.C. Also the TV interview on Fox News. If any of you have a copy, link, or access I will need these as evidence. Your help is appreciated.

Current Address:

Kurt Johnson 13177081
Federal Detention Center
5675 8th St. Camp Parks
Dublin, CA 94568
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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Commercial Courts (03-18-07)
In 30 years of dealing with courts claiming to be judicial it has become apparent they are not. Judge Alsup refuses to prove his court is judicial but proves by his actions it can’t possibly be. The Josh Wolfe case is a perfect example. Journalism or shield law is merely the public bait for debate to hide the real claim, which is commercial. How can a federal government gain jurisdiction of a San Francisco police man and police car? Is any of the property ceded to them? Sovereignty works like a pyramid where the individual is pinnacle. In a democracy the pyramid is inverted where the individual is moved up through a series of collectives. San Francisco being greater than Josh Wolfe but not as great as the United States. The UNITED STATES became the corporations subdividing into states, counties, cities, and towns. No sovereignty only trickledown effect of corporate policy known as statutes and regulations. Alsup claims the United States has an interest in S.F.P.D. because of grants made. This means the Feds and San Francisco have a contract. A contract is commercial jurisdiction. If Judge Alsup is judicial he’s breached his oath of office jailing Josh Wolfe. If he’s commercial he’s damaged us by the tort of trespass even at a malicious criminal level. They are blatant now about their crimes. They have a smug “who can stop me” attitude. As long as we entertain these fools they are right to have this attitude for we prove ourselves retards deserving their abuse. Republicrat or Democan is pure flatulence. The only loud vote is the no vote. Don’t vote, don’t watch their television, don’t read their papers, don’t buy their stock, move all your property out of the public record, develop private business circles. Give them credit for credits but draw wealth into your private world. Stop using real life ethics in fictional environments that do not have the factual content you are transferring to it. Christ is honest, truth is honest, wisdom is honest, in a negative environment negative is honest. A vacuum in a vacuum reverses not enhances. Thou shall not steal we all know is true. Facts truly known is the only way to apply it. Stupefied and duped application of a good law only make you the fool, the law still remains. Alsup and ilk can pretend but the law is no respecter of persons. When the actor takes off the make-up and puts away the make believe he is returned to the man bound by the law fiction was powerless to prevent. All fines are commercial. Look for the clues in the script you are being invited into a drama. If you want to be an actor be one knowingly but if not be a man. Hi Ho, Hi Ho it’s off to work we go. Action!
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
What Has Befallen Us (03-17-07)
There was a time when there was a certain authenticity about Americans. A self-starter, self-reliant, individual seeking only the liberty to make something of his life. Somewhere along the line a state of fallenness in which the individual obeys commands and prohibitions whose source is unknown and unidentifiable and whose justification he does not bother to inquire into took over. Now we look to the anonymous public for parental nurturing so that we may forever remain on the teat of comfort. Every risk if overcome that would make us strong is discarded as inconvenient. No matters are taken seriously of any importance; it is bad taste to discuss religion, politics, or philosophy. Instead we talk shop or gossip about friends. The literature on these subjects are read for a mere title of nobility that we are deep thinkers even though the books are never discussed in content. I posted blogs on contracts I devised as self-help remedies. I am not obeying the collective blob of spineless humanity. Why do you sit helplessly awaiting my deliverance? Sure I do it but what of you? I’m not offering you what I do to earn your kudos or to even give you hope in my efforts. I as a friend want you to find yourself again. Seize liberty and impose it upon all those who come against it. Do you really think this government is not conflicted by a selfish interest greater than the fraudulent representation moniker they hide behind? Will their lackey army of counselors also seek your interest? Teachers must teach the byline not truth, accountants lose their license for truth, lawyers are disbarred, judges impeached or not elected, politicians lose their career, cops fired, soldiers dishonored, and there are nurses, doctors, engineers, brokers, traders, etc. You will have all the hand holders you need to be led to your demise. Let go and put your hands to the good use of taking control of your own affairs. Help each other and remember the stupor you just left is the state of your enemy. It’s like fishing in a barrel. Snap out of it! If you don’t know what to do you can cure it; find out.
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Monday, April 09, 2007
Trial Changes (03-17-07)
Much has been happening of late. We are at a critical juncture where the government is making its move to control the evidence. This is how they win, by having a trial of irrelevant facts while eliminating the truth in substance of the actual events. This season is very volatile and the trial is won at this time not before 12 mushrooms kept in the dark fed bullshit. For this reason God has been speaking in great detail. Of course it is important to be aware of the weapons of this world but being proficient with the weapons of the spirit are so much more important. Man can change a statute but only God can change a man. I’ll be sharing soon in a blog “the final revelation” what God has prepared for those who love Him. Many times I see the foolish questions what does all this talk of Christ have to do with anything? Well this finish answers that question succinctly. Those of you who have been tracking with me in the faith are about to be expanded. When the revelation hits you recall these moments where you were hearing His voice, all of you in agreement, because He has but one body to speak with. Your dreams, visions, prayer life, scriptural studies, and prophetic gifts will all be saying “Amen.” I personally like God’s resolution because it exposes every fraud in a way only His truth can do. The self-righteous religious blowhards on this blog will see the gospel worked out before them and be shamed because they never spoke words consistent with it. The fraud of the government will be exposed because the wicked involved will be confronted by God. Those of you who suffered in Christ will get your spiritual growth a reward exceeding vindication. I could see this solution brewing but I myself had to be expanded to frame it up in wisdom.

Trial dates are going to come and go rapidly don’t pay any attention to them at the moment. I will let you know the one that will stick if at all relevant. I should be moved again by this posting so visits are no more. I want to thank all of you who showed me such kindness. Seeing face to face your faith inspired rocked my world. Lastly many of you are viewers here because of the idiots who are prolific with their retarded reason and I can certainly appreciate that, but I want to ask you to consider the bigger work of God. Just perhaps God has set this battle as a record in our generation for faith. Certainly Judas the betrayer was valuable for record but Peter, John, Lazarus was far more important. When this record is left behind where will be the unfoolish voices, the ones who saw it God’s way in advance? Personally it would encourage me to know the world hasn’t been taken over by morons. You may even be tools of revelation for the others whose hope is the Christ. Consider this prayerfully please. Thank you!
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Friday, April 06, 2007
A Friendly Presumption (03-16-07)
The kingdom of heaven is like a man who has lavished so much affection upon his friend that the friend became convinced that nothing the man possessed would he withhold from him. One day the man packed up his family and took them on a vacation. Upon leaving he locked up his house with all of its affects. He did not tell his friend who came upon the man’s house locked to his surprise. The friend reasoning within himself that the man has held nothing back in their friendship did not lock the house with the knowledge or intention of denying him access. Therefore the friend broke into the house, helped himself to a meal and many treasures. He then left leaving the house unlocked. He returned many times helping himself one time he even spied out intimate photos of the man’s wife. Finally the man and his family returned from vacation to discover their home ravished. Distressed the man went out to seek his friend for comfort. At the same time his friend unaware of the man’s return went to the house for more stuff. When he entered the home he came upon the wife taking a shower and remained in gaze upon her. The man unable to find his friend returned home. Coming into his house he discovers his friend in gaze upon his wife. He entered a rage, seized his friend, cast him out of his house and banished him forever.
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Thursday, April 05, 2007
Bad Advice (02-23-07)
As I suspected I asked my detractors what their hope of redemption was and you proved yourselves talking heads. You have no hope for yourselves yet I’m supposed to respect your judgments. Neo offers me a cut & paste salvation 101 tract and that was the best. Neo you don’t know the gospel well enough to discern the flaws in the text but you know all my motives. You profess your BK a remedy for a cheat but I’m the cheat in my remedy. You say I (as client) didn’t get a free and clear house. You deceive yourself. You got a release from what you thought a bogus claim if the claim was a bogus claim upon your house the result would have prevented you from filing? Don’t expect anyone to believe this disingenuous load of crap. Thanks for the neophyte advice but it’s better if you live with it. If your Christ relationship was real you would know of His power, His truth, and you would see me as a brother with a justified hope. A narrow gate is not narrow mindedness. Judge your advice offered nothing eternal and wasn’t even good worldly advice. If you are an attorney you might want to fully disclose, to a prospective client so they can make an informed decision, how stupid you are and that it will be their assets used to cover this liability. Of course only a person honest with himself could offer this to another. Thanks for your advice but it’s better if you live with it.

TCOB it’s a good thing you are not seeking any follower because your blindness is too obvious. You offered no advice as advice and in that you showed a little wisdom. How does the scripture say it “Even the fool is considered wise if he keeps his mouth shut.” You’re on to something here may you grow in your wisdom. Finally to those who think my teaching about eternal wisdom is vanity and of no use I think you’d find an immediate retort from those whose faith has been encouraged to make it to the finishline. Know that I do not want you to suffer even in this life. I do not want you to lose your house or any comfort. Time is a very short thing and it should be full of joy before it ceases. My prayer for you is that you will have all the hay, wood, and stubble you need to build your empire. Please ignore my rantings of Christ, His plan or His power it does not apply to you.

Now to those of you who actually weigh the words spoken here tell me if I am not better suited to be your fiduciary than these self-indulgent blow hards. They can’t solve their own salvation in this life or the next. What remedy do you think they could offer you? Would you like me to get an attorney so I could get a good deal for me and void or damage your damage claims? Now what toxic heart would be so considerate of your needs? The commandment to love your neighbor as yourself has the side effect of feeling the sting of those who love themselves with a perfect hatred wonder why you reject their love. I don’t know about you but their love they can keep.
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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Circle Jerk (02-23-07)
I do not see much of the comments here but I have seen a thread of rhetoric or circular logic. There are those who seem to think the civil issues are settled. This is the problem with Americans; they want others to make decisions for them. We have abandon responsibility for our knowledge and our will. Government has filled this void or social defect with a myriad of licensed tellers to advise you of the government’s interest. Teacher, lawyer, accountant, pastor, financial planner, politician, and judges. Boil all their advice down and it is surrender your independent rights for the collective good of man and government is the best vehicle or agent to bring this divine equality. This is all horseshit plain and simple. You think because Judge Alsup ruled without fact on the presumptions of his opinion that it binds me or only leaves me with a remedy in his playground? Not even Judge Alsup is stupid enough to believe that. Every civil suit I’ve seen has used the claim (pass release) of Kevin V. Ryan (Fired) or Alsup’s opinion as the basis for their relief. Even if granted this is a fraud if I prevail. The entire legal system by nature places the cart before the horse. If you are patient, fearless, and cunning you can let them trample you and when its over you are on the horse end and you can grab the reigns and lead them down your path. Victory disguised as defeat is the only way to defeat the over-zealous. Tactically it is the ambush. I have no need to overturn one civil judgment to obtain my remedy. Of course you don’t know how and that is why I insisted on being a fiduciary. This was the only way I could protect you from your ignorance and also have a hope to survive the abuses of it. If every one of you was educated, prepared, and responsible we would have been an overwhelming force that would have thwarted the agenda of these crooks. Unfortunately that was not the case nor have I seen few of you even reach for this prize during this trial. What you fail to realize is that when you are certain of an approaching tidal wave you do not stand on the beach watching the fish flop on the dry ground as the water is drawn out, nor do you stand there and defy it. What you do is go to the high ground let it take its natural course and return to possess the land. I had a practical choice. Let 50 attorney generals nibble on me or have the collective energy come behind one big mouth. I baited my line for the one big mouth who already swallowed the other 50 and I get them all if I reel in this one. When this is finished some of you will sustain yourselves well by becoming fishermen but most of you will remain on the government’s teat never maturing. You can fight it out in your minds my failures and opportunities but know I would have never placed myself in this danger if I was limited to your knowledge.
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