Bob Plimpton wants you!

Discussion of various forms of Advance Fee Fraud, including application fees for loans that never materialize, self-liquidating loan scams, as well as mortgage elimination scams and related debt elimination scams [Nigerian-type scams should go in the Nigerian 4-1-9 forum]
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Judge for the District of Quatloosia
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Bob Plimpton wants you!

Post by Judge Roy Bean » Wed Feb 11, 2009 6:17 pm

The moron barrage on the 'net just never ends:

Bob Plimpton Affiliates use appropriate banners on their websites and otherwise locate people who are facing foreclosure of their property, or any who just wish to cancel their mortgage, and present them with the opportunity to purchase Bob Plimpton’s
FORMS KIT # 11, How to Eliminate Your Mortgage. The cost of the KIT is $599. which is a small price to pay to have one’s mortgage cancelled.

The forms in the KIT are editable to the customer’s name(s) and come with complete instructions so it is really an easy do-it-yourself system which is guaranteed to work. If they do not get the mortgage cancelled, the purchaser will receive a complete refund and be no worse off than when they started.

Please know that some “lenders” will see the advantage of just walking away from the loan, which didn’t cost them anything in the first place, while others may put up a fight and even go to court to try and scare the mortgagor (our customer) into capitulating. But eventually it is the “lender” who capitulats because they stand with “unclean hands” on fraudulent ground.

If you are interested in becoming a Bob Plimpton Affiliate please visit and sign on as an AFFILIATE. [ed: the site is innoperable]

AFFILIATES receive compensation as follows: 10% of the total sales price of all FORMS KITS which they sell PLUS 20% of all income earned by every AFFILIATE they get to come in under them PLUS 10% of all sales made by the third generation.

So for every FORMS KIT which the AFFILIATE sells, they receive, at the current introductory price of only $599., a commission of $60. Some folks buy the whole package of all 11 FORMS KITS for the low introductory price of only $1,999. on which the AFILIATE earns a commission of $200.

In oher words the AFFILIATE earns 10% of ALL sales made as a result of their efforts plus the stated commission of their downline.

AFFILIATE must open a Paypal account at Paypal's software will keep track of all sales resulting from AFFILIIATE'S efforts and those of all folks in their downline, and credit their Paypal credit card with all commissions due at the end of every month. Isn't that neat?

In addition, The Boaz Trust has a colorful brochure which does a good educational job of exposing the fraud of the Banksters and why the Boaz system of mortgage elimination works so well. AFFILIATES can purchase these brochures for $.20 each, stamp their special AFFILIATE code in a box on the back of the bochure and leave them around on shelves in the large stores such as WalMart, Lowes, Office Max, The Home Depot etc.

So get in on the ground floor of this unique opportunity with a virtually unlimited market. Visit RIGHT NOW and get your income and residual income soaring.

“The wealth of the sinner will find its way into the hands of the righteous for whom it was laid up.”(Pr. 13:22) (Amp.)
(Can you think of greater sinners than the banking industry and their unrighteous dealings?)

“A false balance and unrighteous dealings are extremely offensive and shamefully sinful to the Lord, but a just weight is His delight.” (Pr. 11:1)(Amp.)

"Beware lest you say in your mind and heart “My power and the might of my hand have gotten me this wealth' but you shall earnestly remember the Lord your God: for it is He Who gives you the power to create wealth". (Deuteronomy 8:17,18 (Amp.)

The Boaz Trust Goal - To become the largest ministry designed to
"set the captives free" both spiritually and financially.

The Honorable Judge Roy Bean
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