Why "Credit River" Makes Sense

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Why "Credit River" Makes Sense

Post by Nikki » Mon May 14, 2007 12:44 pm

A recent post at Sooey (by someone who just discovered Heidi's thread about the Credit River case) clearly illustrates why there is absolutely no hope of helping some of these maroons.

Their logic is: If something isn't refuted, then it's valid BUT if it IS refuted, it's just another example of the global conspiracy by (in this case) the International Banking Cartels (code phrase for Jews) to suppress the true sovereigns.

At http://www.suijuris.net/forum/banks-col ... os-18.html WantToBeFree (a Sooey Newbie) wrote (after a cut-and-paste of all the Credit River documents)
A KoolAide burp wrote:The Defendant, (Attorney) Jerome Daley, shortly after the above Court declared the above decision, again brought the issue of the Federal Reserve Notes before the Courts. On Appeal to a Federal Court; the Federal Judicial Officers publicly ridiculed Mr. Daley for challenging the validity of the Notes of the Federal Reserve Bank and had Mr. Daley "disbarred"; from practicing law (United States v. Jerome Daly, 481 F.2d. 28). This "act" of our Federal Judicial Officers to "disbar" a fellow member of the "Bar" for questioning the validity of the monetary system of the United States raises the question as to who the Federal Judicial Officers are employed by? It is obvious that they are employed by the International Banking Cartels; NOT THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES.