Americans United For Justice

Discussion of various forms of Advance Fee Fraud, including application fees for loans that never materialize, self-liquidating loan scams, as well as mortgage elimination scams and related debt elimination scams [Nigerian-type scams should go in the Nigerian 4-1-9 forum]
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Americans United For Justice

Postby Arthur Rubin » Tue Jun 22, 2010 10:01 pm

I just got a spam(?) E-mail from this fine organization , which claims that it
... is here to make sure that the law applies equally to these Banksters and Fraudsters as it would apply to the average Joe, as a fraud is a fraud is a fraud, regardless of the suit worn by the perpetrator. For this purpose we will go county by county and state by state obtaining these documents, indexing these documents, optimizing the OCR of these documents so that THE PEOPLE, the VICTIMS of these frauds can compare documents and catch many an unscrupulous Notary, "Authorized Signatory" and or "Affiant" playing the squiggly signature game, the multiple title game and/or the expired or not yet issued fraudulent notary seal game.

Sorry if this is a duplicate post, or if the organization has recently been described here and changed its name....
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