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Sunday, June 10, 2007
Our Case is Cracking (05-22-07)
For the first time in this case we have more than 5 or 6 of our next steps before our eyes. Most of the time we have 1 or 2 and many times we had none. Those are the times where trusting God is intriguing. It is clear from our current plan that the time we have spent thus far has not been a waste. Our record is perfect for effect. If I could wish any one thing for you clients it would be the joy of knowing how God is always in charge and always working His plan upon the enemy. Surely One who can create all can orchestrate His victory in a sea of retards. Scott, Bill, and I are all coming to the finish line. The lie and the evil has an end and it can’t be delayed into infinitum. Even the trial, which appears to have endless delays, is clipping off irreversible actions that move us to the end. As it winds down I think about all the suffering we have all tolerated and combine that into a resolve to finish the race before me. Here is one thing to consider as a client if you wish to testify in our case. We could care less and won’t hold your stupidity against you. If you read the indictment you will see that all the brokers are charged with conspiracy and fraud based on the actions that every client performed. That means you better make sure you have immunity or a good lawyer. I’m sure the prosecution is more interested in us but I wouldn’t lay my soul bare before them on a naïve trust you will be exempted. Keller is a neophyte looking for promotion and it might have your name on it. If I was the jackass you suspect I would not have given you this timely and real warning. If you don’t suspect I am telling you the truth you might want to consult an attorney. Talking to the prosecution and taking them at their word I have experience is not an avenue of honesty. Every agent of the government we approached before our arrest made it very clear they didn’t give a damn about honesty. In each situation not one of them were willing to discuss any facts, or see any evidence we could produce. They have lied under oath and attempt every fraud to hide their crimes and convict innocence. I find better character in the thugs they surround me with. If you do testify I will still be able to use your stupidity to your benefit. One of these days I would like to at least hear an “I’m sorry” when you discover you had the best possible trustees you could hire, and for far below their hire. Even you retards will enjoy victory.
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Thursday, June 07, 2007
Client Alert (05-22-07)
We have recently filed a claim in the bankruptcy case for New Century Mortgage in Washington DC, case no. 07-10419-KJC. This went out in the mail about the 23rd of May. For the clients that have used our service with a mortgage from New Century we need you to come forward so we can assist you in furtherance of the claim. I have sent a copy to a couple of commentators here so you will know this true, and so there can be some comment on the substance. We are not going to back down from the economic retards ever! If you knew enough about the game called law, trial and the evidence in our case none of you would have a concern. Keller and Dimke do not have the brilliance to take the square peg of Judge Alsup’s presumption and force it through the round hole of reality.

Your assistance in mailing to us the loan information will get you into the claim. We have found about 14 clients in the discovery at the moment but we suspect there are more. We are using discovery, announcement here, and a notice of related case into our criminal trial to alert all the relevant parties. We are making much progress procedurally and keeping those interested apprised of our moves. The trial we are headed for is one that will have all the joy taken out of it shortly. We are still praising the Lord for all the guidance we have received in this trial. Don’t be surprised that God would use two (maybe three) insignificants to do the job that the corporate and licensed professional are too conflicted to perform. How would you deal with the aggressive fraud of the mortgage industry. Would you hire a giant law firm to suck you dry of all your resources while they party with the bankers and laugh? Based on all the lawyers we worked with they have a procedural defect in their intellect that creates a blind spot in their commonsense or the primary substantive elements and purpose of the law. They have been educated away from the origin of law to the function of injustice. Intentional or not they don’t have the morality or integrity to see true justice. If you only knew how much smarter and honest you clients are naturally. Read the cases that are cited and you will see that the prosecution desires to have a trial of crying clients, document custodians, rookie FBI agent, none of which are possessed with the facts relevant to the procedures of Dorean. Only retards or lawyers would allow this to happen and we are neither. Help us help you. This will be fun because this case is large and all the large financial institutions are creditors. Hopefully we’ll get somebody of significance to realize how stupid and dangerous the government’s case is. We have been unsuccessful in dinning any sense into the judge or prosecution. Perhaps God is making them obtuse for our benefit. As long as we are willing to pay the price of time and tolerate their damages they are benefiting us.

***We want you to put “New Century” on the outside of the envelope when you mail us the information. We will return this to you with a copy of the claim when finished.
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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Conspiracy to Commit Fraud
One of our charges is the big blanket charge. Conspiracy to commit fraud is a collusion of parties working together to twist the truth or conceal the truth. Many have sworn this is fitting of our actions. Let me run another group of individual’s actions before you. A couple named Rod & Deb Austin committed some real-estate fraud in North Carolina. Though they were agents of a broker of Dorean this transaction had nothing to do with Dorean business. You wouldn’t know that by the headline in the news which read Dorean Broker sentenced to 10 years for fraud. Now this fraudster works out a deal to trade his time getting a suspended sentence by agreeing to testify against us. North Carolina, the feds and a felon all conspiring to hide their crimes, twist the public perception, and bring all their lies into our trial. Oh how justice is so loved by those in power. These are the kind of people we’re up against. These are the kind of people you foolish clients are running to for salvation. One day you’ll be glad your trustees were not of the same caliber. You fools with your ethical platforms why don’t you look into these characters before you take them home for dinner? Maybe you’re no more honest than they are. The public is so easily fooled. Fools with no morality just point their fingers at better men and your eyes are fixed and your mind is broken. They get the benefit of performing their conspiracy to commit fraud and get the conspiracy to commit ignorance thrown in for free. How about conspiring to commit truth? I’m interested, how about you?
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Monday, June 04, 2007
Spilt Milk
I felt it was time to clarify a statement that was published on a website that has been attributed to Dorean over these past few years. It has appeared in civil complaints around the country, in the print media, here on the blog and even stated by my ex-wife in a recent visit. “A moral and ethical way to eliminate your mortgage, 100% success.” Sorry folks that’s not a marketing statement made or approved by us. That statement was published by Rodney Austin of Homeward Bound on a few of his websites. It was our policy that all websites marketing the Dorean process be first approved for content prior to “going live.” Primarily because of these kind of idiotic statements. We believed that the strength of our process was the process itself and it did not need the embellishment of exaggerated jargon. Apparently Mr. Austin did not read this part of his agreement or perhaps he believed that it applied to someone else. Not much we can do about spilt milk. It was soon after corrected however a little late. His statement while made in error has served us well in our present case. We enjoy the focal point it has provided the prosecution in building their case. I truly wish you could see what we do so that your faith would be strengthened and your joy made complete. For it is a truthful saying that God enters into all things for those who are called according to His purpose. As for Mr. Austin, you can read about his legacy in a criminal lawsuit filed in South Carolina. Thank you for hanging in there with us and continue to pray until we conclude this for you.
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Friday, June 01, 2007
Our First Shot (05-13-07)
On Friday 5-18 we delivered our first shot over the bow of their sinking ship of presumption. We have more coming. It has been 2 years now of the government running with Judge Alsup’s stupid presumption he couldn’t avoid from the Frances Kenny case. Though I told him he was blind then he didn’t have very good hearing either. Now we’ve come to that place where the square peg of their ignorance will not be forced through the round hole of truth and destiny. Most of you cowards thought the big bad UNITED STATES had the power to round off the corners and pass it through but they do not. After 2 years, how would you like to be at the threshold of trial and discover that the entire premise of your case is factually irrelevant? Well somebody has a headache thinking about that right now. We haven’t disclosed what we think only that what they think we think we don’t think. There is a little proverb of lawyers that you should “never ask a question you don’t know the answer to.” Do you think you should engage in a mens rea trial when you don’t have a clue what the parties were thinking? You can look at all the retard commentators on this blog but none have a real clue of the facts in this case. Offers to avoid trial will be coming shortly but they better be realistic about our damages. Responsibility and accountability are two words bigger than this government and they choke on them more then they ever swallow them. I’m not expecting any great show of integrity and neither should you. Look at their record. Not once in two years has anyone cared to ask the question “what was really going on here?” They were in love with their answer and were dead set on trying to create out of the wrong set of facts a question to match the answer. Bullies and retards are the only ones who behave this way. We may be fortunate to have both in one in this situation.
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Pandora’s Box (05-10-07)
One thing Judge Alsup made clear was the loan activities were not going to be examined under his watch. The criminal threat he was certain would reassure this. Unfortunately for him he took that chance on a set of presumptions that have proven false. One being we would surrender. Two being that we were really con men. Three that we didn’t really know our subject matter. Four we would lawyer up to give him control of the outcome. Well in a Mens Rea case where your state of mind is on trial there are many ways to bring in evidence the prosecution does not want. Do you think how the bank does their transaction might be relevant to the state of mind behind my actions to further my artifice or scheme. State of mind is the key to the Pandora’s box of bank fraud, securities fraud, tax fraud and the myriad other crimes that are the practice of the government protected industry. Here is the cold truth about this subject matter. They have every lawyer on a leash not to come near the subject. If one appears they’ll make it too expensive to litigate. The only option of pro se is a trap they’ll wear you out with. They’ll use trickery forcing you through the discouraging labyrinth until you quit. Criminal is the fastest way to examine the contents of Pandora’s Box. You should all be glad it has gone the way it has. God heard your prayers and still you rail on Him for not answering them. He is smarter than His creation. Don’t you think when its time for a change He decrees He can get the job done even using the devil and his system? I do! What do you say we open Pandora’s Box on the public record and give Mr. Alsup the historical distinction of being the Judge who in defending its contents hurled the key toward us to scare us away? Now that’s a LOL even in heaven. Dorean was the perfect trap, the industry’s greed, the people’s foolishness, and the government duplicity have all merged in a once in a lifetime perfect storm. That’s what is appearing on my radar. How about yours? They don’t know my state of mind because they think their presumption were fact. By the time of this post they will get their first revelation that Pandora’s Box is within our grasp and that they were on the wrong planet that was a mindless wasteland with no institutions of Mens Rea. The party is just getting started.
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Monday, May 28, 2007
I’m So Happy (05-09-07)
Well I’m back at FDC so that I can finish my job of winning this trial. The good news is they have just disallowed my wife to visit me. Whaw! Whaw! How much should I cry? I love my wife, her suffering hurts more than mine. She has sacrificed her husband for two years because she trusts God and believes in His plan. If I were like you I would sacrifice the goal for my immediate comfort because life is all about me. You are all going to pay me well for these unappreciated tortures. Don’t worry I’ll make sure you are paid well also. I’m not against you but for you sharing in your sufferings. My tears are as salty as yours. Even behind this pain I’m so happy. How many times does a man get the opportunity in a lifetime to practice deep spiritual truth in a practical and beneficial area that affects so many in his generation? I know many a men who have prayed for opportunities like this but in seeing the pain refuse the offer. How are we really going to look our kids in the face when our grandkids have to work to maintain the household? You watch it is coming if we remain idle. Pray for my wife and all those who are suffering that God in His mercy will give us all enduring faith and cut short our trial. I know we are all tempted to say we can’t take any more pain but here you are after having said it many times. You’ll make it and so will my wife and I. In the end when the severity gives way to gentleness we’ll all be happy!
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Post by Judge Roy Bean » Thu Aug 02, 2007 7:17 pm

The admiralty drivel award for the month of July goes to none other than the dim duo with their "Notice of Appointment of Fiduciary Debtor(s)" filing, in which they name ("In Admiralty" of course) no less than 48 individuals (Judges, US Attorneys, FBI Special Agents, etc.), 7 Bar Associations, the West VA Secretary of State, the American Federation of Government Employess, the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

The "Dale-Scott: Heineman" and "Kurt-F: Johnson" "living souls" present a few pages of utter nonsense and then note that they've mailed a copy to each of the persons listed.

(with the names and addresses redacted for this post):
Case 3:05-cr-0061 1-WHA Document 408 Filed 07/30/2007 Page 3 of 8

We, Dale-Scott: Heineman and Kurt-F: Johnson, living souls, “Third Party Interest Intervenors,” having individually terminated the previous fiduciaries to the corporate entities (ens legis), documented vessels under the United States registry, otherwise described as DALE SCOTT HEINEMAN, a.k.a. D. SCOTT HEINEMAN, a.k.a. DALE S. HEINEMAN or any alphabetical or numerical variation thereof, a.k.a. Debtor, nunc pro tunc the ninth month, twenty-eighth day, nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, C.E., AND, KURT F. JOHNSON or any alphabetical or numerical variation thereof, a.k.a. Debtor, nunc pro tune the eleventh month, nineteenth day, nineteen hundred and sixty-two C.E., where said entities having as its trustee the Secretary of Transportation of the United States pursuant to and in accordance with Title 46 App. U.S.C. § 1247, and there being no living sentient being responsible to accept service of process or other documents, cannot appear in a court of the United States or act as a duly appointed transfer agent, and cannot achieve parity with living souls.

Therefore we, Dale-Scott: Heineman and Kurt-F: Johnson, living souls, “Third Party Interest Intervenors,” hereby nominate and appoint the following person(s) as being qualified to fulfill the position of “Fiduciary Debtor” for the previously described corporate entities identified in ALL-CAPITAL-LETTER-ASSEMBLAGES, the same to be effective immediately as of the date set forth below and shall continue until further notice through reappointment, substitution, or cancellation, within the venue as ordained and established by the People of the Territory of California, through their original Organic Constitution of California state.

Fiduciary Debtor(s) appointment(s): ………………………..

Whereas, said Fiduciary Debtor(s) responsibilities are to exercise scrupulous good faith with complete candor towards, and for the benefit of, Dale-Scott: Heineman and Kurt-F: Johnson, living souls, “Third Party Interest Intervenors,” the exclusive and limited purpose of accepting and receiving all liabilities, accepting and receiving all service of process and any other related papers or documents, instruments, bonds, or other necessary, important or essential papers or documents, to appear and discharge, settle and close all matters material to the aforementioned Debtor’s referred to and identified by the ALL-CAPITAL-LETTER-ASSEMBLAGES, the same shall be by order of Dale-Scott: Heineman and Kurt-F: Johnson, living souls, “Third Party Interest Intervenors,” or other delegated or appointee(s) of Dale-Scott: Heineman and Kurt-F: Johnson, living souls, “Third Party Interest Intervenors,” including assignments for or on behalf of the principal Debtor’s, DALE SCOTT HEINEMAN, a.k,a. D. SCOTT HEINEMAN, a.k.a. DALE S. HEINEMAN or any alphabetical or numerical variation thereof, and KURT F. JOHNSON or any alphabetical or numerical variation thereof, as described above, and to perform any and all additional acts necessary to faithfully execute said appointment fully, faithfully, and specifically as detailed under this appointment.

The above named Fiduciary Debtor(s) are hereby authorized to use the private exemption of Dale-Scott: Heineman, i.e. DALE SCOTT HEINEMAN, a.k.a. D. SCOTT I{E1NEMAN, a.k.a. DALE S. HEINEMAN, 571339668, AND the private exemption of Kurt-F: Johnson, i.e. KURT F. JOHNSON, 557195389, for the set off of this instant matter, case/account number CR 05-00611 WHA and associated account numbers 557195389, 571339668, 13177-081, 12152-081, title 18 §~401(3), 981(a)(1)(C), 1341, 1344, 1349, and Title 28 § 2461 (c), which is accepted for value, returned for value, settlement and closure. Fiduciary Debtor(s) shall issue the appropriate Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 1099 and to remain in compliance with all revenue requirements, and any other applicable laws, timely in this instant matter. Dale-Scott: Heineman and Kurt-F: Johnson reserve the right to review any and all books, records, ledgers, et. al. utilized by the Fiduciary Debtor(s) to ensure the good faith handling of this transaction.

We, Dale-Scott: Heineman and Kurt-F: Johnson, living souls, “Third Party Interest Intervenors,” asseverate that the facts enumerated herein are set forth in accordance with Public Law 73-10 and Public Policy and submitted in good faith with clean hands and that the same are true, correct, complete, and not misleading or are intended to create delay or confusion, so certified without the United States.

Dated this 20th day of July 2007

Dale-Scott: Heineman, living soul
Third Party Interest Intervenor
Secured Party, Authorized Agent for:

Kurt-F: Johnson
Third Party mt est Intervenor
Secured P ,Authorized Agent for:
The boys are obviously bored.
Kurt Johnson wrote: Wednesday, July 25th:

"Many have misunderstood our actions but we have been using our pro game on these pros of con. Now the trial substance behind all the procedural falderal is nothing more than a contracting process."
Sure it is.
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