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Discusses abuses and issues in financial planning, including questionable compensation practices, bogus institutes and accreditations, bad products, annuity abuse, inappropriate life insurance sales, living trust mills, and related misconduct. Also answers questions about usually legitimate but developing areas such as life insurance premium financing, life settlements, charitable gifting strategies, etc. Includes discussion of asset protection scams.
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Re: Rich Life Quick

Post by Number Six » Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:46 pm

Looks like "Mango Man" had an accident:

"I stopped at the Pedestrian A1A Walk

(about ½ mile from my house) with a Jeep

in Front of me and the moment I stopped, a lady hit me

from behind going at about 40 mph and she was texting

and smoking cigarettes like the dickens. It totaled my

favorite car of all time that only had 107,000 miles on

it and was garage kept all these years. My neck really

took a jolt. And now I am without a car while I drive

a rental car until this is resolved.

"And dealing with Lawyers, Insurance Companies,

Doctors and Car Rental places has been a nightmare

to say the least, But I live by a piece of philosophy

I coined sometime ago = “Things JUST Don’t Happen,

They Happen JUSTLY!” I am receiving a lot of blessings

since then. I now need a new car and I KNOW that will

happen soon."

But does "karma" really pay back? If so he would have had to pay back all the fraud money with interest. At least some of Madoff's victims got over half their original money back.
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