Crumbs R Us is a crumby investment

Discusses abuses and issues in financial planning, including questionable compensation practices, bogus institutes and accreditations, bad products, annuity abuse, inappropriate life insurance sales, living trust mills, and related misconduct. Also answers questions about usually legitimate but developing areas such as life insurance premium financing, life settlements, charitable gifting strategies, etc. Includes discussion of asset protection scams.
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Crumbs R Us is a crumby investment

Post by notorial dissent » Fri Mar 29, 2013 11:47 am

A law suit filed out of Sacramento shows a new take on an old scam.

A retirement services company called Entrust Mid-South LLC of Alexandria, LA belonging to a Louisiana businessman named Jerry O. Pearson Jr has been selling unregistered securities, specifically a “Crumbs R Us promissory note” to people with self directed IRA’s. Unfortunately, the note is as bogus as the company selling them, and the people who have invested in them have been left holding, well the crumbs, and not many at that.

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