Can you adopt my child?

Talk about the Nigerian 4-1-9 scam in all its many variations, such as bogus checks sent from Nigeria to purchase used cars in the U.S. and many other variations of this scam.
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Can you adopt my child?

Postby Forsyth » Fri Mar 04, 2016 1:19 pm

A new one on me, but it looks like it may be similar to the Nigerian puppy scam.
email wrote:My name is Ms Kemi Taiwo from Delta State, I gave birth to triplet, 3 baby boys at once but I can;t take care of them, am orphan so I ve' decided to give up the babies for adoption, two has been adopted by different families through the lawyer in-charge remaining one with me. Bear this in mind am not selling my baby but you will paid for adoption fee. Can you adopt and take care of him?

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