Evbuotubu Community Baptist Church

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Evbuotubu Community Baptist Church

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Dearly Beloved,

I am blessed writing this letter. I am the Pastor of Evbuotubu Community Baptist
Church . I am married with two children. I am age 64 and my wife 58. My
occupation is farming. Eight years after giving my life to Christ I had a divine
call from God to the ministry here in my village. Initially I resisted but when
God started moving and dealing in my life,I obeyed.

Evbuotubu is a rural village community of about 4,000 inhabitants. It is a
typical traditional community. In recent years the village has been greatly
stroked by the Aids epidemic which has killed many and made many children
orphans. Our fellowship is the only church in this community. It started as a
home fellowship in my residence before others were converted and joined. It was
a real battle at the time this fellowship started. The elders of the village
never wanted it and they did every possible thing to stop it, they even tried to
take my life to stop the preaching of the gospel. But they failed. The Bible
says in Isaiah 59:19, "When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of
the LORD shall lift up a standard against him." And I John 4:4 says, "Greater is
he that is in you, than he that is in the world." When we recognize the reality
of Gods word in these chapters the devil is no match for us. Today we have about
500 in our fellowship. The love in our fellowship in another thing that made the
elders to relent in their fight against us, even some of them have been
converted. Three years ago we started an orphanage home where children without
parents and support are cared for. We have 28 children in the home. 15 of these
childrenS parents have died from aids. Our love and support for these orphans is
a surprising issue to the elders. It is amazing the way God has met the demand
of the orphans and other invalid persons in our midst. The financial statue of
the people here are very low due to unemployment. They do farming work not for
commercial purposes but for life sustaining using manual labor and crude
equipment like cutlasses and hoe. Only the government and few wealthy
individuals have mechanize farming here.

I am writing to request for a K.J.V. study Bible. Either a Thompson Chain
Reference Bible or Matthew Henry Study Bible for my use. It is helpful to study
and research. I also long to have a Strong Exhaustive Bible Concordance. These
items are expensive here. My wife needs a Giant
Print Bible due to her reading stress of small letter words. On behalf of our
converts we need about 18 Giant print Bibles for our members who cannot afford
to buy Bibles.and Christian books, In our fellowship about 400 people have never
had a Bible to read on their own. Used Bibles will also be helpful. In our
orphanage home we need items like clothes, shoes, and children toys. Children
education items are also necessary. We are also planning to send some of these
children at least to primary school when God provides finances. "But ye,
beloved, building up yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our
Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life." Jude 20:21.

Yours in Christ Love
Pastor Osawaru Izekor

Evbuotubu Community Baptist Church
C/O 10 Lagos Street
Benin city
Edo State
E-mail: evboutubu_baptistchurch@yahoo.com
A church in Nigeria needs bibles. Perhaps they need someone to put the fear of God into them....

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They should pray for an Act of God. That's what happened to a local church up here. A few years back, the church was struck by lightning. The insurance company had to pay for a new organ, new floors, new pews, and....BIBLES.
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