Three Plead Guilty in Nigerian Scheme

Talk about the Nigerian 4-1-9 scam in all its many variations, such as bogus checks sent from Nigeria to purchase used cars in the U.S. and many other variations of this scam.
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Three Plead Guilty in Nigerian Scheme

Post by Demosthenes » Sat Feb 09, 2008 4:09 pm

Three Plead Guilty in Nigerian Spam Scheme Grant Gross, IDG News Service
Sat Feb 2, 11:00 AM ET

Three people have pleaded guilty to charges related to spam e-mail that promised U.S. victims millions of dollars from an estate and a lottery, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

In one scenario, the defendants sent e-mails purporting to be from an individual suffering from terminal throat cancer who needed assistance distributing approximately US$55 million to charity, the DOJ said.

The three defendants, two from Nigeria and one from Senegal, sent spam e-mail to thousands of potential victims, in which they falsely claimed to control millions of dollars located abroad, the DOJ said in a press release. The fraud victims lost $1.2 million by giving the defendants advance fees, the DOJ said.
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