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Record US spam-penalty upheld. In Canada...

Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:22 am
by Thule
Adam Guerbuez, now that's a piece of work. His resymee includes three years with the neo-nazi Heritage Front, and setting up bum-fights for his site

In March 2008, he set up a huge phishing-operation against Facebook, and sent 4 million spam-mails in just two months. FB brought charges but Guerbuez couldn´t be bothered to show up for the case. The USDC for the Northern District of California entered a default judgement, ordering Guerbuez to pay §100 in penalties and §100 in damages. For each case separate of spam, that is. In total, that works out to 873.000.000 dollars.

Facebook then petioned Canadian courts to enforce the penalty. Guerbuez protested that the penalty was illegal under Canadian law, and should, like, go away and stuff. Quebec Superior Court Justice Lucie Fournier disagreed, and just to rub it in, ordered him to stay away from Facebook forever.

In a recent interview, Guerbuez claimed that spam was no big deal and the authorities shouldn't make such a fuzz over an honest, hard-working penis enlargement salesman.

In the meantime, he calls himself the 873-Million Dollar Man and fills his blog with talk about book deals, movies and pictures of Guerbuez living it up in Vegas and Beverly Hills.

Re: Record US spam-penalty upheld. In Canada...

Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:58 am
by JamesVincent
I like how he is a hard working legitimate business man but his blog is covered in how to hack websites, avoid captchas and a new program that allows you to tap into others wi-fi connection and see what their doing ( like you couldnt do that before...please ). Also, Im not a lawyer but when you go through bankruptcy doesnt the presiding judge or official decide what you can claim? If the judge said he was liable for it since it was for fines in another court for criminal activity, he would still be liable? And with something like that wouldnt it be appeal able if someone did indeed want to appeal it and make the scum bag suck on it for a while?