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Re: trojan virus

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 11:41 pm
by fortinbras
I am grateful for the explanation about spyware vs. virus, and I am grateful for the recommendation of Search & Destroy. I loaded it up and ran it and it eliminated an EXTREMELY annoying Redirect bug that kept sending me to shopping sites.

Re: trojan virus

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:48 am
by JamesVincent
webhick wrote:
JamesVincent wrote:
Thank you Web, wasnt thinking about that when I posted it earlier. S&D is an entirely free, constantly updated anti-spyware. They do ask for donations, which I have sent a few dollars their way over the years Ive used it but not required. It is a good supplement to Malwarebytes program.

Fixed it for you. I know it seems like a minor quibble, but spyware is not the same as a virus despite the fact that both are incredibly annoying and sometimes difficult to remove. It should also be noted that an anti-virus program's main focus is prevention (their ability to effectively remove an infection is lacking) and an anti-spyware's main focus is removal (some offer the same behavior of prevention that an anti-virus does, but it slows down the system severely). That being said, there is an overlap between the two. Anti-viruses will often pick up spyware trying to infect your system while anti-spyware will often remove viral infections. But one is never a substitute for the other which is where the spirit of my correction lies.

You are quite correct Web as always and I was quite tired when I was posting this morning... lol. Glad it helped, issues like these can be a royal pain for someone who isnt up on all the digital world. Like I said Ive used both for years together and worked great.