Call Becky 902-412-1987

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Call Becky 902-412-1987

Postby joemrf » Wed Jan 30, 2008 8:42 pm

"Rebecca" as she calls herself or "Becky" as I like to refer to her is a scammer. The number is out of Halifax, Canada. I called the local police on her, but, they say little can be done since these numbers are usually cell phone that are prepaid and soon changed. She sent me a advanced fee letter complete with a very good looking check. All I am to do is take the $4500 and deposit it. She claims to be working for a auditing firm which audits Moneygram and Western Union. So I cash the check and sent them back $3900 of it so they can track and see how quickly the money can travel. I get to keep the rest myself AND once I sent them their $3900, they in turn send me another $500. Everybody wins! Oops, but then the check bounces and I am screwed. When I mentioned to Becky that I knew of her scam, she quickly hung up. So I blocked my number and called back. Over and over and over and over, until she started letting her machine pick up, and I left messages over and over and over and over, until the next time I called and it said the mailbox was full. So I started calling her again. Finally she said that if I called one more time, she would call the cops on ME. Now THAT was refreshing. Feel free to call her on my behalf as I told her that she is my new hobby which I will call day and night until I find out her number is shut down.

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