Who's who again: WHO'S WHO of Worldclass business leaders.

Discussion of a variety of scams, including dating service scams, cyber-currencies, and other frauds and scams.
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Who's who again: WHO'S WHO of Worldclass business leaders.

Post by Arthur Rubin » Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:59 am

It's either a social networking site, or a social engineering site (taking your personal data, and stealing your identity or selling the information.) As I really am in a real Marquis Who's Who, (if you go back through my contributions here, you'll see I asked about that one at the time, as well), I thought I'd check.

The organization calls itself "Continental Broadcasting Network, Inc." and the site is www (dot) ezecutivebio (dot) com

As I'm still looking for "permanent" employment, if it's a social networking site, it might still be worth my time. The fact that the registration asks for a cell phone number on the first page leads me to suspect it's just a scam....

Never mind. A real organization could afford a real-looking URL.
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