Now it's Jamaica's turn to scam the elderly

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Now it's Jamaica's turn to scam the elderly

Postby Burnaby49 » Thu Jul 31, 2014 6:59 pm

You have to admire their work ethic, phoning every minute and a half for eight months. The 85 year old victim seems typical of the elderly scams, she knows she's been scammed in the past by the same people but still pays up whenever they contact her;

Several months ago, a John Goodman called, saying that he was in jail in Las Vegas serving a five-year term for fraud.

He apologized for having defrauded Olson, told her he had ratted out the Jamaicans. Now one of them was threatening to kill his children unless he came up with three payments of $980.

Olson sent the money.

Even the victim can't explain why she continues to send money;

“I can’t really remember all the details of any of this. They’ve got my mind,” she says, wearily. “But usually it’s $200 or $300. Why (do I do it)? God knows.”

Her family has done its best to stop her but she sabotages their efforts;

Short of cutting off the phones completely, changing numbers is the only way to stop this ugly, lucrative business. But after her daughter, Lauren Ollsin, did that, Jean changed them back. Already lonely, Jean wanted to make sure her friends could still find her

When they were temporarily blocked because of the number change they had a pizza delivered to her house with a Jamaican phone number in the box and instructions to call them. So she did.

Maybe 8-7-6 scams are starting to take the slack from the fading 4-1-9 scams. Seems to be a rising problem here in Canada. ... story.html
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