Australia: It happens everywhere

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Australia: It happens everywhere

Postby Dai Kiwi » Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:23 pm

Well, tonight I ran into my first real face-to-face believer.

There I was, sitting at the outside smokers' table of one of the bars I frequent which might be called a 'local'. As the random association of people goes at places like that it can be an entertaining evening - especially as Summer comes along and the backpackers start arriving.

So there I am speaking to this apparently intelligent bloke, 50-ish, well travelled, somewhat new-agey, interested in languages and dialects, and then he tells me about his run-in with the Courts.

It was the usual story - defaulted on payment, debt off-loaded to a collection agency. But he had fought it through the courts. They were sympathetic on the first and second appearances. On the third, apparently the judge took exception to his being Australian and declared against him. Even though he had all the right papers, which he had spent considerable time studying and making sure they [the magic words] were right.

He had unfortunately drunk the kool-aid. As an example he insisted as an example that by giving notice to the pub he could claim ownership of the table we were sat at, as long as they did not contest his claim. Any argument about 'foisted claim', lack of claim of right, lack of equity, etc, bought no difference to his assuredness that he could do this.

Still, we parted at the end of the evening with no ill feeling. I am just left more puzzled than ever about this entire belief system.

Dai Kiwi

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Admiral of the Quatloosian Seas
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Re: It happens everywhere

Postby Fmotlgroupie » Tue Nov 12, 2013 4:14 am

What an interesting evening! It's nice to know that an evening's live FMOTL entertainment can be as much fun as watching the highlights online. (Often it's a bit like watching pumpkin-cannons - fun on YouTube but distressingly messy in person)

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