Rhys Warren shoots four police officers

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Rhys Warren shoots four police officers

Postby Burnaby49 » Sat Jun 10, 2017 9:29 am

I've spotted what may be our first example of pseudolaw-driven violence from New Zealand. A guy called Rhys Warren opened fire on five police officers who were investigating a grow-op at his residence. Four were wounded.

Some background:

Pre-trial rejects jurisdiction and lawyers:

Denies name is correct and court jurisdiction:

Not surprisingly found guilty:

But was unhappy when convicted:


There are a number of judgments that relate to this prosecution:

R v Warren, [2016] NZHC 1728

Which provide some rather grim details on the injuries to the officers.

Warren v Chief Executive of the Department of Corrections, [2017] NZHC 12

Warren makes a habeas corpus application to miracle himself out of jail, claiming Parliament doesn't exist, he is a member of "a Maori incorporation", and "other Maori sovereignty arguments". Rejected as hopeless.

Warren v The Chief Executive of the Department of Corrections, [2017] NZSC 20

Warren appeals the habeas corpus result to the New Zealand Supreme Court, who toss the application as futile as Warren's jurisdiction arguments have been previously rejected.

The last decision points to three judgments that involve a Jay Maui Wallace, who was convicted by a jury of serious violence charges including threatening to kill, assault with intent to injure, possession of firearms and explosives:

Wallace v The Queen, [2012] NZSC 54

JMW v The Queen, [2011] NZSC 10

W v The Queen, [2016 NSZC 156

This is interesting because it's unusual for most countries' highest courts to actually look at pseudolaw to any real degree. Two of the NZSC decisions are currently 'suppressed', awaiting the end of trial, which is a process I've not seen before. Courts in Canada just don't publish some decisions until a trial is ended, but I've not seen the practice of acknowledging judgments exist, but their contents are hidden.

Here's another Wallace decision which points to many other judgments on attacks on state/court jurisdiction:

Wallace v R, [2012] NZCA 139
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Re: Rhys Warren shoots four police officers

Postby grixit » Mon Jun 12, 2017 6:23 am

Does Warren have any actual maori blood? Or is he an "instant maori", like the "instant indians" we have here in North America?
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Re: Rhys Warren shoots four police officers

Postby The Observer » Mon Jun 12, 2017 4:20 pm

grixit wrote:Does Warren have any actual maori blood? Or is he an "instant maori", like the "instant indians" we have here in North America?

Well, if he was a genuine Maori, he would have used a patu instead of a gun.
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