Australia(?): Pete Williams

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Australia(?): Pete Williams

Postby Bill Lumbergh » Thu Oct 16, 2014 6:15 pm

Yet another disciple of Keith/Kate attempts to use the "no legal name" nonsense in court. The audio is a bit poor but I gather that this chap was out on bail for firearms offences and then got arrested for breaching that bail (how I don't know).
He is brought in to court and given his options: 1) plead guilty, 2) apply for bail, 3) adjourn his matter and stay in custody. The magistrate here was extremely patient with him and after his arguments got him nowhere, it seems he got either adjourned or moved to another magistrate, who also does not buy his "lose the name" crap and adjourns him for two days.

Part 2 has even worse audio quality, but it appears to be a sentencing hearing. Petey asks the judge if he has read the documents that Petey filed. It sounds like the judge refused to read them because they were covered in blood. Petey explains that he put his "DNA Seal" on the documents to distinguish himself from the "dead corporate fiction". At any rate, it sounds like he was sentenced to 5 days time served.

Part 1:
Part 2 (in two parts): ;

I stand to be corrected on any of the above by someone with a better audio hookup.

If you can stand to listen, Keith/Kate discusses Petey's adventures here with a guest appearance by the man himself:

As an added bonus, here is a recording of Petey ringing up a local law firm and exposing their fraud by asking them nonsensical questions:

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