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The Imminent Arrest of Rachel “DICKHEAD F***WIT ADVISER”

Posted: Sun Dec 07, 2014 7:10 pm
by wanglepin
The imminent arrest of Rachel “DICKHEAD FUCKWIT ADVISER”
It looks like goofers are preparing for a long overdue arrest of Rachel “DICKHEAD FUCKWIT ADVISER”
Rachel,it appears, is ignoring all of the demands ( for money) made by the “Contract Lawyer” assassin, who has been defending a “friend" down at the local Job Center, who informed Rachel
I told her he had given me power of attorney to deal with his affairs in this matter

I moved into contracts and now work as Senior Contracts manager for a company, hence I studied contracts law in my own time and through working in differing roles. I negotiate some very complex contracts for our company I have to spend a lot of time studying them to mitigate any liability and when you do this you learn a lot of contract law very quickly; this said anyone can learn the basics of contract law and to challenge the DWP you need little more than the basics. ... ISRijSsV8E
Odd that our Contract Lawyer doesn't appear to mention anything along the lines of public servant impropriety or such-like.

Re: The Imminent Arrest of Rachel “DICKHEAD F***WIT ADVISER

Posted: Sun Dec 07, 2014 8:46 pm
by fortinbras
These jerks have made sure that their friend will not be receiving unemployment compensation, possibly forever. Usually there is a time limit to unemployment comp - in this economy, it's much too short - and they've made sure that their friend's case is certain to slowly circle a very unsympathetic bureaucracy until his right to compensation expires.

At the very least, next time their friend shows up, he'll be made to wait and wait until someone very senior in the office is ready to deal with him.

Re: The Imminent Arrest of Rachel “DICKHEAD F***WIT ADVISER

Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2014 12:58 am
by littleFred
My prediction: Rachel won't pay a penny to "assassin" and the claimant, and certainly won't be arrested.

Assassin (hey, there are two asses in that name!) doesn't make any sense. In late 2013 the claimant and assassin revoked any contracts with the Jobcentre. Then claimed the Jobcentre couldn't revoke any contracts. Then tried to hold the Jobcentre to some contracts.

I have no experience of unemployment benefits, but even I can see gaping holes in assassin's arguments. Doubtless times are hard for low-skilled unemployed. (The claimant must be low-skilled to regard assassin's help as useful.) But attempting personal litigation against Jobcentre staff isn't the answer to anything.

Re: The Imminent Arrest of Rachel “DICKHEAD F***WIT ADVISER

Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2014 2:01 am
by PeanutGallery
Here's my take the situation.

1) Arsesassin and his 'friend' are going to get banned from that branch of the Job Center for harassing/stalking staff. This will mean that when they do go to sign on it will be at a different building in a different town and likely with the advisor on the other side of a plexi-glass window.
2) Arsesassin's friend will likely wind up being sanctioned and will probably manage to accrue a three year sanction (the maximum currently allowed).
3) If Arsesassin was negotiating a contract to sell a cow, he'd be lucky to come away with regular beans.
4) Arsesassin would have more chance enforcing Rachels debt through CBBC than with the CCBC.

Re: The Imminent Arrest of Rachel “DICKHEAD F***WIT ADVISER

Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2014 2:11 am
by notorial dissent
wanglepin, I do not make much, well really any, sense out of this posting, and feel like it is missing more than just a bit of basic info along the way.

The point of posting things here is so that there is some record of it, and if the outside background information should suddenly go away then context is lost.

Let's try starting over from the beginning shall we? Clarity and conciseness counts, contrary to what some posters here seem to think.

Re: The Imminent Arrest of Rachel “DICKHEAD F***WIT ADVISER

Posted: Tue Dec 09, 2014 8:24 pm
by wanglepin
after being pressed a little on the matter of arrests. It seems someone has come to the rescue of assassin . Don't these people ever check their own posts and links before posting them?

Faljay » Tue Dec 09, 2014 3:46 pm.
I would just like to inform those on this post that do not know, Fraud is no longer a Criminal Offence, but is now a Civil Offence, therefore no one can be arrested for fraud. All complaints concerning fraud should be directed to Action Fraud - found here: a civilian based unit within the police force. So the arguments concerning Criminal Offences and arrests are now moot.

I hope that puts and end to the matter.

worth reading from here ... IdMUjSsV8E

Re: The Imminent Arrest of Rachel “DICKHEAD F***WIT ADVISER

Posted: Tue Dec 09, 2014 10:40 pm
by Hercule Parrot
Assassin is another spectacular 'barrackroom lawyer' with a skill for fictional escapades. He previously posted a grandly boastful story about how he had wrapped a High Court Judge round his little finger and won a jury verdict awarding his 'client' a £75m lien. Utter tosh, of course. When challenged that this would not be jury case and asked to provide references, he went very quiet. ... 60&t=55107

In the current topic, I agree that the references to contract law are fatally wrong. When someone asks the government for a handout, they accept the terms on offer or they don't. If the terms change, they can accept that or they can stop taking the money.

Essentially this is an exercise in isolating one minor official and bullying her with bluster and threats of arrest. Although I don't like the way that UK treats benefit claimants, I hope it is robustly met. Unfortunately it will be the claimant who pays the price.

Re: The Imminent Arrest of Rachel “DICKHEAD F***WIT ADVISER

Posted: Tue Dec 09, 2014 11:22 pm
by PeanutGallery
Having had a look at the lien thread and considering the current thread in which Assassin is extolling his virtues I've come to the conclusion that he's either a Sovrun Walter Mitty or he's trolling the GOOFs in quite a clever and refined way (at least he's trolling them in the same way I would troll them, which is to create fictional successes while following processes so bizarre even the Sovs would start to question their legitimacy or would look like complete idiots run the risk of being detained under the mental health act).

Of course I don't troll the Sov's, it's too much bother and it would feel too much like picking on the kid in class who had educational issues for me to really enjoy it.