Germany - Werner Peters, the freemen’s advocate

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Germany - Werner Peters, the freemen’s advocate

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Werner Peters is a well known veteran in the German Reichsbürger scene, being a part of the movement since 2003, his greatest “contribution” is his involvement as “legal counsel” in over 2000 cases over the last decade, where he provided freemen-type advice and even full representation, of course without any judicial qualifications. He is a stout believer in the illegality of the Federal Republic of Germany and its laws as well as most of the usual sovereign and oppt theories. He himself was convicted 31 times, resulting in fines and considerable time spent behind bars (he is serving a prison sentence right now) - and there hasn’t been a financial scam invented that he hasn’t fallen for (I mentioned him several times in the WeRe bank thread, we’re he was a key figure for a while, giving web lectures about how to join).

Apart from the fact that I ran into him in the WeRe bank context (where, I believe, I mistakenly identified him as Swiss at one point, because his website has a Swiss domain, but he is German alright) he is a good object to study because of the extensive amount of information he provides on his website (, including hundreds of PDF files about his “legal” correspondence as well as regular updates about himself, his ideas and activities. I actually underestimated the amount and after a first, casual 3-day research I already had 25 pages of notes - I actually had to edit down this write up considerably.

He has touched upon almost every Reichsbürger aspect over the course of the last 13 years, his first scene contact being the very father of the movement, “Reichspräsident” Wolfgang Ebel. He was President and Justice Secretary of the imaginary “Freien Volksstaat Württemberg” (“Free People’s Nation Württemberg”) but relatively quickly left that side of the Reichsbürger movement behind and focused on “helping” people with legal problems, his freemen interpretations of the judicial situation usually making things worse, of course. This didn’t stop about 4.500 people to contact him and at least 2.000 actually allowing him to involve himself into their cases to different degrees (beyond that he provides dozens of letter templates on his website which seem to have been used by many more). He tried to explain the Chief Justice of the German Supreme Court why the German “Grundgesetz” (“Fundamental Law” - the German constitution) is not a constitution at all and kept courts busy with his flood of nonsense motions, mostly at a time where they weren’t yet prepared for Reichsbürger antics. Before I go into the details of his story I would like to quote one of the answers he received, from the president of the district court Landau (
It is not within my powers to influence or suspend the validity of laws and regulations. You and your client will therefore have to continue to act within the limits of the existing law.
He should have listened.
Werner Peters was born on April 17th, 1950 in the city of Heidelberg (in Baden-Württemberg, a state in the south-west of Germany), close to where he lives now. Details before 2003 are a bit sketchy but he has confirmed that he worked for the police at some point. There is no evidence of any regular employment from 2003 on - it seems that during the time period of this write-up he financed himself with his Reichsbürger “services” and dozens of shady financial schemes. He is married to Melitta Peters, a nurse (they are separated) who, at one point, tried to become legal custodian of her husband to stop his descent into “those ideas”.

According to his own words, in 1998 he had started to “study” German history (he often claims a university degree in law or history, but had to admit multiple times before court, that he has only self-educated himself), mainly the time from the German Empire to today. Around 2003, at a lecture about the Second German Reich, he met Ur-Reichsbürger Wolfgang Ebel (mentioned in my post about German Reichsbürger basics - viewtopic.php?f=47&t=11114). Peters was immediately fascinated by the idea about an illegal Federal Republic of Germany and many of his believes go back to Ebel’s foundation, but even back then he considered himself “experienced in legal matters” and developed his own theories, often clashing with some of the more traditional Reichsbürger. To his credit he was questioning some of the more haphazard assumptions in the scene, especially by the “State Founders” - which doesn’t mean he came to better conclusions himself. And while this made him challenge a lot of the self declared “Reich governments” over time, he himself joined several of them in the beginning.
Like so often, money problems have influenced and accelerated his slip into the freemen pool. In 2003 he struggled to pay back his mortgage to the Badenia Home Loan Bank and soon after his meeting with Ebel he stopped paying installments altogether (because “the bank didn’t fulfill the contract” - Peters’ wife is later quoted as saying that “Ebel suggested to stop the payments”). When the bank turned to the courts he went all Reichsbürger with his arguments. He himself quotes parts of the decision on his website ...
.... contrary to the opinion of the debtor we can assume that the Federal Republic of Germany actually exists …”
Finally, on January 28th, 2004 a bailiff and 6 policemen approached his house to execute the foreclosure - Peters had invited several witnesses and had publicly declared, that he would never leave the house. He barricaded the doors and windows and armed himself with a hammer. The police broke open one of the windows and he made the mistake of threatening a policemen that tried to enter. According to his own account he was then pepper-sprayed, and while two policemen guarded him, the witnesses were forced to leave, his possessions packed into over 100 boxes and he and his wife were eventually transported to a government provided temporary home. He bitterly complained about that “shabby” place they had to stay in (for free) and about the damage some of his possessions took (which he could have packed safely himself).

But the real troubles came afterwards, when he was charged with resistance against a police officer (and some smaller stuff), because of the events during the foreclosure, and sentenced to 14 months in prison on November 18th, 2005 by the Ludwigsburg district court. His appeal was turned down March 9th 2005 by the state court Stuttgart (31 Ns 5 Js 91011/03), but during the appeal a psychiatric assessment declared him only partially liable because of a continuous delusional disorder, at least reducing the sentence. He was eventually released July 5th, 2005 after serving just half the original time. This would only be the first of many convictions and several prison sentences.
It was not his first clash with the law, though. While still fighting against the foreclosure back in 2003 he had quickly established himself within the Reichsbürger community. At first joining Ebel he soon got offered the position of Secretary of Justice in the separate “Reichsland Freistaat Freier Volksstaat Württemberg” (“Reich-state Free-state Free People’s nation Württemberg”). He enjoyed that his limited legal knowledge in combination with his original interpretations of common Reichsbürger ideas made him somewhat of an expert and minor celebrity. And it gave him a way to improve his financial situation as he started to sell “documents” - passports, driving and commercial licenses, and others - issued in the name of the “German Reich” (here signs declare his house “Department of Justice” and “Passport Distribution” For that he was under investigation (14 Js 35320/03) for forgery even before the foreclosure event, but the prosecution authority Heilbronn closed the case when the “bigger” case started.

While he distanced himself from that specific Reich government in February 2006, he later joined the similar sounding “Freien Volksstaat Württemberg” and continued for some time to use titles like President or Justice Secretary in his correspondence. But his main interest continued to be the legal area, here he found his calling and halfway during his first prison sentence he found his flagship case. He brought the circumstances of his own sentence and prison term before the ECHR in Strasbourg (“European Court of Human Rights” - yes, it is open to be called upon by any European citizen or organization). He provided the court with a list of 34 complaints ( about the scandalous state of his imprisonment (“only 2 showers per week”, “noise from ping-pong play during quiet times”, “not enough fruit and quark in the cantina”, “handcuffs during transport”, …) and of course a list of arguments, why his conviction was bogus in the first place, centering around the non-existance of the Federal Republic of Germany (which, of course, is also a member of the court). On June 27th, 2006, his case (5881/05) was turned down as inadmissible ( according to article 28 (

This failure didn’t stop Peters to continue to use the case as his big selling point, giving himself the title “Rechtbeistand ECHR-Strasbourg”. This actually deserves a closer look for a moment, because the regular German term would be “Rechtsbeistand” (“legal counsel”), but - as this is a partially protected professional title in Germany - he cleverly dropped the “s” in the middle (later he turns to writing it “Recht()beistand”). While this is clearly done to avoid legal troubles and dupe naive and desperate people into believing he has some form of legitimization, he tries to argue semantics (“Recht” and “Rechts” has a similar double-meaning as “right” has in english - “Recht” meaning law and “Rechts” meaning right as a direction, BUT, while this seems to point at “Recht” being the right word here, German grammar simply adds an “s” in the case of putting it together with another noun, so “Recht-s-beistand” is the correct term). Apart from signing all his letters and emails with “Werner Peters (Rechtbeistand ECHR-Strasbourg)” (here a letter, randomly chosen, from 2008 - - later, as he added more titles, this grew into a full header with crest) he also points at the case number 5881/05 every time he gets the chance (collecting paying “supporters” for this case, forgetting to mentioning that the “case” doesn’t even exist anymore).

His bizarre detachment from reality can be seen here in a letter, from 2009, where he writes the ECHR to “... stop telling my clients that the case 5881/05 has been dismissed by your court, as I never have received such a notice. This I swear! ...” ( - while having a copy of the very letter, where the ECHR is telling him that very thing in 2006, on his website (the aforementioned If that was not enough, he besically repeated himself in November 2011 with another letter ( with a similar but even more agitated content (“Why are you spreading such lies!”). His international “career” didn’t stop there, apart from regularly sending some of his letters to places like the White House or the US Department of Justice, he tried to sue the ECHR at the International Criminal Court in Den Haag. When the court politely told him, that “... the court is only acting on serious crimes, concerning the international community, like crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide, according to the statutes of Rome, article 6 through 8 … “ and “ … we regret to have to inform you, that your request is outside the jurisdiction of this court …” he repeated the same shtick as with the ECHR, from now on claiming that he is dealing with an active case (under the reference number OTP-CR-615/06/001, which is not a reference that leads to any case on the ICC website) - notice the second line from the top on one of his personal letter templates, which he send out en masse ( - asking for a courts legitimization, explaining, in 21 pages, the illegality of the gouvernment, laws, debt, courts and judges, as well as accusing the recepient that they broke about 30 laws - yes, those same illegal laws - and threatening a civil suit worth around 250.000 Euro).
In July 2006 he had started to advertise his services, which consisted at first mainly of sending out the aforementioned standard letter, but later he represented some in court hearings, too. He officially asked for only a 90 Euro “obligatory donation” (do these two words even make sense together?), but from some comments it looks like he asked for more contributions as cases went along, for example for his exorbitant mailing costs (no wonder, with copies of all his letters send out to multiple international recipients). How sure is he about his legal knowledge? Well, let’s look at a quote from him in 2006 …
Surely I have made mistakes. But I make my mistakes only once! And I learn quickly. The result of my research is more or less what is written down on my website. It is a data collection. But there are also links for which I will not take any responsibility. Everybody should be able to inform themselves. So far nobody has contradicted my website! No lawyer, no civil servant, no judge and no prosecutor. Everything seems to be true. I have to believe that, because all so called “courts” of the “Federal Republic of Germany’s legal system” have acquitted me of any wrongdoing in the context of the German Reich!!

There is no doubt that the “BRD” [Federal Republic of Germany] is judicially unable to act! It is clear that this so-called “BRD” is still ruled by occupation statutes. How far the validity of these go I will study soon. So far the collected data and facts are obvious. But I will focus more on the time between 1933 and 1945. Because many laws from that era are still existing today and are still valid. I have some excellent connections that will help in my “work”.
His business was starting up only slowly and in 2007 he mostly kept himself busy with petty quarrels with other Reichsbürger and developing theories against the smaller annoyances of life - he started campaigns against the TV license fee (GEZ), motor vehicle tax and administrative statutes in general. A few of his shots aimed higher - for example he wrote a letter to German chancellor Merkel (and is quite giddy when she doesn’t oppose the letter “within the internationally accepted 21 days”), writes the new US ambassador in Germany (the ambassy staff answers that they “are not resposible for citicenship issues of non-US citicens”) and asks the government to pay back all the taxes he has ever paid (his answer, when the authorities turn his request down -

He continued to sell documents for 150 Euro a piece (here one of his customers received a very friendly letter by a mayors office to not use that fake id, as it could result in fines - - showing the subdued responses authorities still had to Reichsbürger antics at the time) and despite his critique of some of the Reichsbürger “gouvernments”, for a short while he supports a “Reichs Chancellor” Markus Noack, which gets him straight into the next legal troubles. The fake Reich government of Noack uses Nazi insignia which Peters shows on his website (considering his often openly racist and revisionist postings the idiology doesn’t seem too far removed from his heart, despite his claims that he has only “scientific” interest in the Third Reich), which results in an investigation, a search of his house ( and eventually charges for “the use of insignia of an unconstitutional organization” (or, short, using a swastika, which is forbidden in Germany, if used in an idiological context). He eventually breaks it off with Noack, like with the other “temporary governments” - not because of the Third Reich connections but because Noack dares to start a real political party “within the fake BRD system”.

The authorities take their time with the investigation, though, and he manages to run into more problems even before this one went to court. In February 2007 his driving license is confiscated ( but he stays silent about the reason. Of course, that was not a problem for him, because he just created his own! But over the next 5 years he collects at least 10 convictions for “driving without a driver license”, which he admits himself in 2013, also mentioning one of them specifically, having resulted in a fine of 5.600 Euro. On page 6 of this 15 page answer to yet another verdict for “driving without” ( he provides a picture of his self-issued driver license (with German Reich stamp, the layout based on the German license pre-1982). In the letter he addresses a few issues, like “I am not a Reichsbürger, I am citizen of the German Reich and citizen of Prussia.” (the term “Reichsbürger” being used in the verdict shows that, by that time, 2014, the authorities had obviously gained some experience with that ideology), he claims “I don’t consider the BRD illegal, I see it as a NGO, a company. Judicially the BRD doesn’t exists.” (Inconsistencies aside, this shows the growing OPPT influence on his ideas), claims that he has hidden his “original” license (the one authorities tried to confiscate in 2007) at a secret place (so as long as you hide the license, it’s still valid?) and that he has “rejected” all previous verdicts but nobody seems to have accepted that, dammit! Here the respective verdict to the rant ( He also gets himself a “World Government of World Citizens” passport and writes the local police station that any complaints have to go through Washington now ( When in October 2015 he was summoned to another court hearing for more “driving without” charges, he asked for “witnesses” on his website and “notified” the judge ( that ...
… I, the human being and sovereign Werner Peters, can not follow your invitation … but I will be present as a spectator and human being in the audience area … you, therefore, have no reason to arrest me, the human being, to bring me before the court.
In 2008 his business is starting to really get going, partly because of his policy to never turn down a (paying) customer (which weren’t all Reichsbürger themselves) - over the years he announced a stop of accepting new clients occasionally, only to take that back within a few weeks. He cares very little for the individual circumstances in his “cases”, just generally rejecting the court, the judge or the laws related to it, sending several of his chaotic template letters for every regular communication by a court (not all courts accepted him as a “legal counsel” for his clients, but many did), creating a huge amount of extra work for a legal system not yet experienced with this kind of Reichsbürger correspondence (he always demanded that all mail related to the case should go through him, only to simply reject it all, then). There is, of course, very little evidence that any of his interventions have helped any of his clients. I found about half a dozen “success stories” on his site (here one from September 2010 - over the course of his entire “career” - and all of them, as far as I can tell, were minor traffic or administrative fines (all below 100 Euro), where cases seem to have been withdrawn just because the possible gain didn’t justify the efford (his first success, in 2008, is about 38 Euro, for example). He reported very little on his failures, though. One of the few critical messages he allowed on his website (to rage against it) was this e-mail in 2008, sent from an angry client to another …
Good morning, dear colleague,
I see, from your e-mail, that you, too, have written Werner Peters to ask him for help. I was promised the same by this crook, which can be confirmed by M.H. After Peters has, on purpose, inflicted irreparable damage on me, he just laughed and blamed me. He shouldn’t get any more “fees”, because he isn’t willing or able to compensate for the damages he is responsible for, although he himself is making a killing.
He didn’t adhere to any of his promises from his lecture. If he wants to help you then it should be done without demanding advanced payment, which is only common for politicians and whores. Pay him a commision when his work for you is done.
I wish you success,
O.W., architect
Generally, his letters became more confused and more agitated (one might say abusive) over time, and he was charged and sentenced numerous times because of libel (here a warrant for his arrest after he didn’t pay a 6.300 Euro fine for a libel conviction in 2014 - One of his methods to try to avoid such charges was to rant angrily against the computer which “created” the letter, when he received court correspondence that wasn’t personally signed. He didn’t have himself under control even in those cases, as shown here (, in a letter from March 2008, sent to the prosecution Oldenburg, which is originally addressed to the “Blechtrottel” (literally “Sheet Metal Idiot” - an angry dialect term for a computer, I am not sure about a good english term for this) who “produced the unsigned letter”, but later suggests that its owner “should get medically checked”. In October 2008 he was sentenced to an 8.000 Euro fine (he complains that he didn’t know about the hearing - as it turns out, this happened during one of the periods where he returned mail without even opening it). The next convictions came July 2009, “only” 4.000 Euro this time (4 Ds 21 Js 11060/08). In both (libel) cases he was unable to pay and ended up spending a total of 6 months in prison, both times begging for donations - and in both cases receiving at least some, reducing his prison times a little. That didn’t stop his tone from deteriorating - here a 2013 correspondence, related to one of the many, many search and seizures he faced throughout his “career” ( where he tells the State Prosecutor to “stick it up her …” because the whole affairs was “... smelling like illegal behavior” after they had turned down his usual allegations (

Another habit that escalated over the years was scribbling comments and insults onto received (and mostly rejected) legal correspondence. Was it just a few lines at the beginning (March 2008 - this escalted quickly when he later switched to red ink as well as adding stamps and stickers (August 2014 - His favorite word became “Zurückweisung” (“Rejection”), which he used at every stage of a case, from the investigation to the verdict. Courts tried, unsuccessfully, to explain to him his mistakes or tried to correct his “misunderstandings” - in case of verdicts his “rejection” was often interpreted as appeal, for example - but his language got only more pretentious, irritated, angry and abusive. Of course, sometimes he didn’t even open letters before sending them back ( Here he writes an angry replay in 2013 because a court had interpreted his “rejection” as “objection” in a case for a client (confiscation of a driver license). In his two pages of barely decipherable rant he also mentioned that he has already told the court to abandon the case three times, which for some reason they didn’t do ( ... Dittus.pdf).
While his legal rampage went on, he continued to try to find ways to finance his life between courts, thousands of pages of correspondence and occasional lectures (contrary to some of his Reichsbürger colleagues he never made much money on the lecture circus). One of the methods we have already mentioned was the selling of documents and license plates in the name of the “German Reich” to Reichsbürger and other mislead victims. To increase his range he started to franchise this in 2009. He gave “permits” to over 20 “registration offices” all over Germany to sell his material in return for a share of the booty. This lead to a conflict within the Reichsbürger community, where a fight over pieces of the cake broke out. Local “Reich governments” wanted to finance themselves by selling their own fantasy documents and didn’t like that Peters siphoned some of that money away. Several times he was threatened to stop this activity, or else … each side having their interpretation of the law on their side, of course, but neither side could actually do more than puff and smoke. At the height of this “business” he duped a real insurance company into allowing him to sell car insurance packages - they were obviously assuming that he is selling them together with a legal car registration and not using them to legitimize his fake license plates and registration papers. He proudly wrote at the time …
Have courage! What is the worst that can happen? The more people are using the “German Reich” plates, the faster they will be implemented. Nobody can arrest thousands of citizens of the German Reich that display their citizenship with those license plates. There wouldn’t be enough room in prison. The BRD judiciary should have to work real hard, so they finally realise their “mistake”.
After about 3 months the insurance caught onto his scheme and forbad him to sell their product anymore. After that his efforts in this area slowly fizzled out as less and less people were willing to face the consequences of using fake papers and licence plates. He himself was charged multiple times with “aiding in license plate misuse”, here is a verdict in 2014, that consolidates 5 of such cases with 3 cases of libel and 2 cases of driving without a driver license into one conviction … and a total fine of 9.600 Euro ( He documents mostly escaped forgery charges, though, because courts decided in several cases that his material was not easily mistaken for the real thing and he didn’t claim “Germany” as the issuer.

Another thing he tried - a lot - were quick-money schemes and obvious internet scams … although it is impossible to tell if he actually made any profit with them (considering his modest lifestyle certainly not much, if any). The reason for that is, on one side he advertised an endless amount of such schemes - in some cases operating as a manager, agent or at least power user - and therefore could be seen as a scammer himself, but he also seems to have actually believed in all of these scams, investing his own time and money, and regularly mentioning losses when another one failed. That he never wised up on these systems (he still has several laughable ones suggested on his website) shows his limited horizontal and pathological stubbornness. He usually spoke of them in terms like “fonds” and “investments”, but they ranged from “money for nothing” schemes (click advertisements 10 times a day and get 5.000 Dollar after 3 months), pyramid schemes (thinly disguised as “Multi Level Marketing”, usually demanding an initial payment), gold scams (like KB Gold, where thousands of German and Austrian customers payed small monthly sums to “save up” on a gold deposit - they, of course, never saw their gold and KB Gold slipped into bankruptcy in 2013 - or Capital Gold LLC, that supposedly only needed a 25 Euro investment to start a “money printing machine”), numerous reverse pension plans (pay a small sum to get a huge return later, because an anonymous bank would pay the monthly installments for a pension plan under your name and eventually share the payout) and many others. He was a prominent WeRe bank member and has actively promoted it, and also tried to pay with his own “promissory notes” independently from it (here he tries to pay a fine with such a generic note - I hesitate to provide links to the parts of his website where he promotes and comments those schemes, because they are a cesspool of shady internet links and ads that scream malware or identity theft. Here’s a relatively harmless one (mostly text - with some of his comments between 2008 and 2012 (the top post, for example, is a re-post of an especially vile rant, complaining about “losers” having brought down the Forex4Free “money for nothing opportunity”). Many of the links are dead, as those “investment chances” have obviously disappeared by now. Peters regularly commented on angry complaints about some of his schemes, usually putting the blame for failure on the customers ...
... people playing lotto, smoke, visit expensive discos or other expensive events, go out every day or buy expensive clothes, etc. If they would look at my pages and join some of the programs, then pay for them and really work hard, they would earn enough after a while to finance their living. I do exactly that.
Despite a pretty confused defensive “strategy” Peters got away for free in the “swastika” case (mostly because he only used national Reich insignia, which during the Third Reich had swastikas added, which are not seen as bad as the NS-, SS- or other more ideological, insignia) even though he had to face the charges twice (here the second one and his answer As an answer to the growing interest by the courts in his shenanigans he now started to also flood the Supreme Court (“Bundesverfassungsgericht”) with his cases, usually long before those had run through all instances, which, of course, lead to the court rejecting his motions ( ... 0609-1.pdf). He quickly got frustrated over the Supreme Court unwillingness to agree with his view.
If you again negate and ignore my letter, I will continue to petition your court and I will ask the population to petition you, until you act, even if I have to drown you in paper!
On the other hand, he himself didn’t take letters from the Supreme Court that seriously.
I ask you to return all correspondence from the so called “BRD authorities” unopened … especially letters from the Supreme Court.
Starting bis campaigns, were he asked everybody to act against a certain grievance he had “discovered”, is a recurring theme on his website. These ranged from simple letter campaigns, weird but not exactly legal initiatives (in 2012 he asked people to apply for social benefits they weren’t due and, when they would get rejected, send him the paperwork - he didn’t state what he planned to do with it), money making schemes (also in 2012 he announced a class action lawsuit against taxes - everybody could join in for the low, low price of 200 Euro), paper terrorism (in 2014 he asked everybody to call upon the Supreme Administrative Court - “Bundesverwaltungsgericht” - for every single administrative action by any government authority) to flat out illegal (several times her asked his fans to stop paying taxes or ignore traffic laws). He also founded several clubs and associations, for example the APW (“Aktion Passiver Widerstand” - “Initiative for Passive Resistance”) or the GUK (“Gemeinsame Unterstützungskasse” - “Mutual Support Fund”). It seems in those cases he mostly wanted to collect membership fees and often complained bitterly, when members fell behind - on the other hand, there is no evidence for any activities of these groups.

Overall he kept his manic pace in 2011/2012, claiming regularly to work on 50 or more cases at a time, in addition to his own constant troubles with the law. Every simple speeding ticket continued to become a major affair ( but courts still wouldn’t accept his precious believes. Here an answer by a tax office to an attempt to insert himself as counsel into a client’s tax case (, …
… legal interpretations that are based on ideological delusions … from the available documentation it is not discernible that you are licensed to provide counsel in tax cases …
Generally in tax cases he faced more resistance against accepting him as counsel, because the regulations, who can provide help in tax proceedings, are a lot tougher and usually a license is needed. Here he was sentenced to a 2.500 Euro fine for 10 cases of “unauthorized help in tax matters” ( Meanwhile the tax office started to take interest in Peters’ own finances - criminal proceedings were started after an audit of his 2010/2011 finances ( In 2014 the tax authorities send letters to his customers ( to find out, what he had charged them for his services.
In a post in 2013 Peters mulled over his situation
Court ordered psychological examination
Court ordered custodianship [eventually turned down by the court, though -]
Sentence: Driving without a driver license, 140 times a daily rate of 40 Euro
Charges: Driving without a driver license in 6 cases
Investigation. Driving without a driver license in 3 cases, based on photographic evidence
Investigation: Libel in 3 cases
Investigation: Coercion in 8 cases
Investigation: Dozens of cases of unauthorized help in tax matters
Charges: Tax evasion
Sued: By the Tübingen chamber of tax advisory for unauthorized help in tax matters
But his biggest clash with the law was still waiting for him. While his efforts escalated (he now claimed to work on up to 200 cases at any given time, with several hundred pages to write in every case) he started a campaign that brought his eventual downfall and the most severe legal troubles he ever had got himself into.

He had started to threaten to sue individual judges, prosecutors and even police officers because of “ignorance, obtuseness and refusal” in his letters (for clients and his own cases) and asked for modest 950.000 Euro per case. So far so good, that’s not that unusual in the freemen scene - but now came the actual problem … he followed through with it. Of course he skipped the actual pesky lawsuit and went right to the request for payment. He crafted official looking overdue notices and sent them to several courts to process. Luckily (or unluckily) for him, some of them passed a flawed, automated check and so in some cases actual court letters, ordering the payment of 950.000 Euro, went out to surprised victims. Later it is determined that of 270 attempts, an official notice went out in 38 cases (the others were rejected, like in this case This had consequences …

First, clients of Peters were surprised to receive a bill by the court handling “their” requests for payment - a hefty 2.600 Euro in each case. And nothing undermines Reichsbürger support quicker than a threat to their checkbook. Disillusioned clients started to drop Peters quickly (, saying they didn’t know about his activities. Peters angrily told his clients to ignore the demands for payment (oh, the irony) and rejected several himself ( - here you can see the 950.000 Euro amount and the 2.578 Euro administrative cost per case).

But this had consequences far beyond a ruined reputation in Reichsbürger circles - investigations started in February 2014 for “attempted commercial computer fraud” in several cases (eventually the aforementioned 38 went before court). Once again his home is searched ( and computers and documents are seized. He doesn’t take the threat very serious, though, as late as August 2014 he complains to courts about the rejection of the other 200+ notices (

With the investigation still going on, 2015 didn’t start any better, as in January the bar association Tübingen finally gained an injunction against him (, threatening a fine of 250.000 Euro or 6 months in jail if he continued to 1.) offer legal advise, 2.) represent others in court or 3.) calls himself legal council on the internet or elsewhere. He then spends 6 months - from March to September 2015 - in prison, but contrary to earlier prison sentences he stayed rather quiet about this one, so with all his legal problems piling up (and probation becoming less and less of an option for him) it’s hard to tell the reason. In any case, he finally seemed to have stopped most of his activities and focused on “education” and his own cases.

On November 5th, 2015, the trial over “attempted commercial computer fraud” in 38 cases is finally happening - and he is sentenced to 26 months … without parole ( ... d2131.html or ... 47223.html). His own report of the hearing on his - much quieter - website presents a rather disillusioned view (and yet he didn’t seem to have learned anything from the experience) …
First I want to thank you for the lively interest in my trial. Only 1 witness was in court! One (1) of 4.500 clients! The police had 8 officers at the entrance which seems to have discouraged everybody.
I have to ask: How do we create a strong movement if you are too cowardly to stand up? Everybody wants political change to get rid of a supposedly parliamentary dictatorship, but nobody wants to do anything effective or take responsibility!
The order of payment campaign has, I have been told, created quite a sensation and a lot of work for the legal system, they even had to modify their software. Almost all cases, except of 38, were or will be rejected, because of a government intervention. I don’t know how it is with active cases.
Resist! Stand up!
I have been told that some of my clients, and some defendants of the order of payment cases, have reported or sued me, because I didn’t tell them about the campaign.
The truth is:
I told everybody what could happen. When I accepted new clients, on my website, at every event, meeting or lecture I always emphasized that anything could happen, seizure, loss of land, even prison. People still became my client and signed power of attorney! Everybody knew what this action against the legal system meant. But know I have to realize, that you only wanted to have some fun. Yes, Peters, show those police officers, civil servants, bailiffs and other employees of the judiciary! Yes, I did exactly that. Acceptance, implied contracts, bills, orders of payment and others. I am not aware of any fault on my side!

But now I am the bogeyman, ostracized and more.

I look forward to the other upcoming trials, calmly. There is nothing else to do for me. I always stood by the things I did, but now its over. I am officially a retiree and will not give any legal help to none of my clients anymore [yes, a double negative in the original].
His hope to be free at least until the appeal was crushed in March 2016. He faced payment orders for 3 earlier fines or a total of 216 days in prison. He tried to pay with promissory notes and a second time with WeRe checks, but, unsurprisingly, both didn’t work. This lead also to him breaking up with the WeRe community, which wasn’t ready to help after he had supported them with web seminars and lectures over the last 6 months. He mentions in his (currently) final comment on his website that another 912 days might be added to that for earlier sentences that were set out under probation. And all of that without the 26 month verdict for computer fraud, potentially bringing the total to well over 5 years. And that doesn’t include the possible blackmail case against the Deutsche Bank (biggest German bank) that is under investigation (one of his clients had used some of his template letters to try to blackmail his bank).
The final chapter in my life I might have to spend in prison, if there isn’t some miracle happening!
In May 2016 his appeal in the computer fraud case was adjourned to allow another psychological evaluation ( ... gen/116549 or ... 512e9.html). Right now (June 2016) he is still in prison, and will be for the foreseeable future.
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Re: Germany - Werner Peters, the freemen’s advocate

Post by Dr. Caligari » Thu Jun 09, 2016 9:35 pm

Thank you for the time and effort you spent researching these clowns and writing up their exploits.
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Re: Germany - Werner Peters, the freemen’s advocate

Post by notorial dissent » Thu Jun 09, 2016 10:00 pm

All I can say is scarily amazing. I thought we had some prize looney tunes, but this one is a champ. Much appreciated.
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Re: Germany - Werner Peters, the freemen’s advocate

Post by TheNewSaint » Sun Jun 12, 2016 8:12 pm

Seelenblut, you should see if a newspaper or magazine will hire you to write articles on the Reichsburger movement. This is excellent quality writing and research.

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Re: Germany - Werner Peters, the freemen’s advocate

Post by SteveUK » Thu Jun 30, 2016 6:02 am

Indeed. Top quality stuff as always and highly appreciated.

I hadn't realised how many oppt fruitcakes Germany had.
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