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Re: Judge Dale

Post by Gregg » Wed May 06, 2015 1:55 pm

snoop4truth wrote:Dear Fortinbras,

Your comments online are always thoughtful and scholarly.

The people behind the "Judge DALE Hoax" have already admitted that "Judge DALE" really is "Rodney DALE Class". These are the very same people who completely re-write, copyright and license out fake pseudo-legal documents that they fraudulently claim were written by "Judge DALE". So, the very same people that effectively claim legal ownership of the "Judge DALE Hoax" (by copyrighting and licensing of the "Judge DALE" forgeries) also claim that "Judge DALE" is really "Rodney DALE Class". In my opinion, the people who copyright and license out the entire catalogue of "Judge DALE forgeries" are in the best position to know the true identity of the author of their own forgeries. Just a thought.

I agree with you that the person (or persons) writing as "Judge DALE" has (have) no legal training and know nothing whatsoever of the law and the legal system as it actually exists.

I also agree with you that when an amateur pseudo-legal theorist pretends to be a judge, such pretending reveals that person's amateurism and that amateurism leads to fakery and hoaxing. This case is living proof of that.

I certainly hope that you are right in your estimate that less than a hundred victims got duped by the "Judge DALE Hoax". My estimate is a more pessimistic.

Regardless, perhaps fewer victims will be duped in the future, not that the hoax has become public knowledge.
If you had written about one tenth of what you have in the last two days, you'd come across as a reasonable person concerned people were being scammed. As it is, you might be mistaken for Martin Hunter trying to discredit someone with higher ratings than Erasmus or America.

We get it.

We also, and this isn't just me, tend to frown on people who join, lay low a few days and then pull a 12 post cut-paste-dump rant in a little more than 24 hours in a discussion that largely no one else was participating in. Yes, a few have chimed in and I'm not saying your initial theory wasn't worthy of bringing up, but, well, over doing it is hard to quantify but as my old neighbor Potter Stewart once said 'I know it when I see it" and right now I see it.

If you have proof (oh yes you saved the e-mails!) that this person is who you say, post it. An e-mail from another person in the whacked out part of the internet isn't proof, it's only proof that people who will lie to everyone will lie to you too. After that, well, you're trying too hard, and I'm starting to look for the hook you seem like you're baiting.
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Re: Judge Dale

Post by wserra » Wed May 06, 2015 2:41 pm


How about posting or linking to the emails?
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Re: Judge Dale

Post by Arthur Rubin » Sat May 09, 2015 9:30 pm

I am not a lawyer, but It's plausible that reposting even an unsolicited E-mail constitutes copyright violation. [Forwarding it to law enforcement, in case the E-mail indicates (part of) an illegal act, is specifically allowed by copyright law.] In this context (discussing how it indicates fraud), it might be fair use, but the (re)poster should contact legal counsel.

This is based primarily on a discussion from the early 1990s [on USENET] about how USENET might be legal, and who might have liability for a message posted without permission of the copyright holder. I haven't run across any actual published legal analysis.

I'm not a judge either, although I am a "judge" in various science and engineering fairs.

"wserra" is a lawyer, but is not necessarily "snoop4truth"s lawyer, so he may have considered whether the posting is legal. If so, my apologies.
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Re: Judge Dale

Post by fortinbras » Sun May 10, 2015 4:01 pm

snoop4truth wrote:...The people behind the "Judge DALE Hoax" have already admitted that "Judge DALE" really is "Rodney DALE Class".
Frankly, I seriously doubt these people were really "behind" Dale or that Judge Dale is really Rod Class. I think these are the usual SovCit internet twits (there are so many varieties of them) that pull stuff out of their lower torso and try to present it as gospel truth. Dale's writing came exclusively from John MacHaffie, who was also channeling the decrees of "the Interim President of the United States" (NOT the same person as in the RuSA) - who, for some reason, insisted on remaining anonymous, notwithstanding this tended to detract from the dignity of his office. MacHaffie died in January and, as far as I know, both Judge Dale and the Interim President have been totally silent since then. Dale's writing was a very different style (although also completely wrongheaded) from Class's. So you can see my logic in this. If anyone knows of Judge Dale communications issued SINCE MacHaffie's death, please let me know.

Here's a real judge named Dale, retired 10 years ago (a judge for more than 30 years, and I am sure he is not the mysterious peddler of nonsense, it turns out that there are a lot - perhaps more than a hundred - current or retired-within-25-years judges with Dale in their names):
http://www.wdam.com/story/28957403/10th ... judge-dale

and here is "Judge Dale's" magnum opus, The Matrix and the U.S. Constitution, wherein he says he was a judge for 12 years, and he takes the movie franchise of The Matrix seriously!
http://usa-the-republic.com/matrix-us_c ... tution.pdf

and another opus from Judge Dale about world finance, in which he claims "the only constitutional court in the US is the International Court of Trades", with an absurd history of the court, - no court by that name but there is the Court of International Trade, located in NYC, until 1980 known as the Customs Court, which deals with customs and tariffs:
https://mainerepublicemailalert.files.w ... -beans.pdf