Sovrins, Neo-Nazis, and...Furries?

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Re: Sovrins, Neo-Nazis, and...Furries?

Post by Burnaby49 » Fri Apr 14, 2017 12:30 am

The Observer wrote:
Burnaby49 wrote:The weirdest fetish I've seen was a guy having a beer beside us on a pub pation on a summer day. He was bald and had two "horns" surgically implanted on his head under the skin. And he'd had his tongue surgically split down the middle, front to back. He kept sticking it out to show everybody.
Let's not dwell on the trivial debris of your discomfort - was he drinking a quality beer is the important question here.
Discomfort? This was on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. He fit in better than I did.
Commercial Drive has a large number of local ethnic stores and community groups, Edwardian-style heritage buildings, European-style cafes, bars, and alternative shops and entertainment venues. As of late August 2007, there are 93 restaurants on Commercial Drive between Venables and Broadway, of which 19 are coffee bars.

It is home to an active street festival culture; notable annual events include the Vancouver Dyke March in August and the Parade of the Lost Souls in October. It also plays host to Vancouver's only queer spoken word and musician performance night, Unsweetened (and Outspoken). The Drive is a popular place for Vancouverites who want to experience a safe version of North American counter-culture.

Throughout the 1980s, The Drive attracted a large counter-culture demographic, including political activists, lesbians, hippies, punks, and artists. Around the turn of the millennium, local outlets of multi-national companies became the target of anti-globalization protesters and civil disobedience campaigns. SkyTrain opened into the neighbourhood with Broadway Station in December 1985. Market forces and the ongoing squalor, drugs and crime of the nearby neighbourhood Downtown Eastside spilled over to the Drive with an increase of panhandling, drunkenness, heroin use and trafficking, litter and filth. Meanwhile, gentrification also came to the district with new condominium housing projects and new storefronts replacing old woodframe stores. ... _Vancouver

Can't say I noticed his beverage.
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Re: Sovrins, Neo-Nazis, and...Furries?

Post by notorial dissent » Fri Apr 14, 2017 5:37 am

I didn't know the midnight bus ran to Vancouver, but then I should be surprised either.
The fact that you sincerely and wholeheartedly believe that the “Law of Gravity” is unconstitutional and a violation of your sovereign rights, does not absolve you of adherence to it.

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Re: Sovrins, Neo-Nazis, and...Furries?

Post by The Observer » Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:52 pm

"I could be dead wrong on this" - Irwin Schiff

"Do you realize I may even be delusional with respect to my income tax beliefs? " - Irwin Schiff