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Mark Sean Guest

Posted: Sat Jun 21, 2014 5:44 am
by JamesVincent
I was going through some old files and threads the other day and realized this name comes up quite a bit with iffy MLMs. We had mentioned him here: as being the EVP of marketing for KaChing KaChing. I was looking at a list of now defunct MLMs and saw his name more then once.

The list is here: Just going down the list we find him as:

Owner of, closed to undisclosed circumstances.
Marketing director, TravelMax International, sold to ProTravel Solutions, which then closed.

Other companies I have found:

The Benefits Network, Founder/ CEO, since folded.
Kaspar, LTD. Not sure of his title but found several references to it in different blogs.
IamVoip, director of marketing. (According to NPROS IamVoip made a special request to remove any mention of Mark Guest from their bio, see bio below)

When I was doing some of the research for KaChing KaChing I found some other information for Mr. Guest online which seemed to hint that his MLM experience wasn't the only funny business he was into.

This blog is dedicated to my story on how Mark Guest stole my identity and opened credit cards using my Social Security Card. The justice system has failed me, now my only recourse is to get the word out. Many companies has distanced themselves from him, but he was still able to get hired by Kaching Kaching, what does that tell you?

There are several blogs and references out there pointing to Mr. Guest as an identity thief and/or just a plain old thief. He also seems to travel in business with his sister, Melody Guest. She showed up as an executive in several different companies he was a part of, including KaChing KaChing. NPROS did an interview with him several years ago and archived it. At the top of the page is this heading:


If you know the whereabouts of Mark Guest or current company association, please contact us

NPROS has their bio for him here: http: Every single company had either folded or fired him with another notice after IamVoip to contact them if anyone knows his whereabouts.

KaChing KaChing seems to still be in business, as of last year every single founding member had resigned or disappeared, along with Mark Guest.