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Genesis Global Network

Posted: Sun Jun 22, 2014 12:31 am
by JamesVincent
I received this email a few days ago. Some of you know I used to be involved in MLMs but haven't been for several years. I have no clue who it is that sent me this but it does contain some information that might help others out there.

Hi Everyone,

This email is being sent to everyone on my list but it is really intended for those of you that chose not to join Genesis Global Network (GGN) or did join but haven't upgraded. I have to admit that it bugs me that there are so many of you in this category. In fact it bugs me more and more each day. I feel that I have let you down in some way because I cannot get you to see what I see. I'm supposed to be helping you make more money online and yet I can't get you to see the field of diamonds laid out before us.

June 14th was the 4-month anniversary of GGN.

I know that programs come and go, both bad ones and good ones, and it's almost impossible to predict how a program will turn out but sometimes, in rare cases, the evidence keeps mounting and becomes clearer each week. With 3 months under my GGN belt all I can say is that the evidence is building and building to the point where I implore you to take another very close look at GGN and especially at the man behind GGN, Donald Bernardin.

Yes GGN is superbly designed, yes they are paying on time etc etc etc. but there are lots of programs out there like that. What sets GGN apart is the man at the helm, Donald Bernardin the CEO that refers to himself only as the CVO (Chief Visionary Officer).

Please read the following excerpt from yesterday's GGN webinar. Saturday usually includes Donald as a guest answering questions and this answer will give you some insight into why I believe so strongly in Donald, in GGN and in the longevity of GGN. At the bottom of this email I include my GGN links if you would like to take another look. I will be following up with another email about why you should join now in June.

The email itself goes on and on. If anyone wants the whole thing PM me and I'll forward it to you along with the updates I've gotten.

Now, the whole thing with this email is this name: Donald Bernardin. Mr. Bernardin has been around MLMs for awhile and has been involved with such companies as Addwallet, a Zeek rewards clone. If that isn't enough to get you going Cesar Ramirez, ex-Zeeks affiliate, said there was no problems with Addwallet.

Of course Brandon Bradshaw also makes an appearance in GGN, another former Zeek and Addwallet veteran. Addwallet's claim to fame was that they were pretty much an exact copy of Zeek.... but being incorporated in Ecuador made them safe from the nasty SEC. No, seriously, that is what they claimed.

Seeking to address those concerns, AddWallet held a conference call a few days ago. The gist of the explanation being not that AddWallet is any different to business model and compensation wise to Zeek Rewards, but rather that being based offshore, AddWallet are confident the they are safe from the SEC.

(Just to be clear Addwallet, as best as I can tell, imploded last year. Back offices went down, affiliates were not allowed to withdraw money, only to reinvest, etc etc. All the trademark signs of a Ponzi heading south. Literally in this case, Ecuador to be precise.)

So now there is a new MLM... built on the model of Zeek and Addwallet and other Ponzis, doing the good work that those two started. This year...

Re: Genesis Global Network

Posted: Sun Jun 22, 2014 5:12 am
by notorial dissent
Lucky you, to be on the list I mean, along with how many thousands of others!!!

One of the first things that sets me me off is something sent to "Everyone" or "Dear Friend(s)", I'm sure you get the drift.

I would say your mlm is out trolling for suckers affiliates, and the scary part is that email will probably turn up a bumper crop ripe for the picking.

So =, it looks like we have a new comedy routine to watch for. Thks

Re: Genesis Global Network

Posted: Sun Jun 22, 2014 10:11 pm
by JamesVincent
And just so everyone feels better, guess where GGN is headquartered. Go on, guess, I didn't type this up for nothing. If you guessed the US, you'd be wrong. If you guessed Belize.... then your pretty good. 16 Hudson Street, Suite 304, Belize City, Belize. Just think, no nasty, fire breathing SEC in Belize...and I don't think we have an extradition treaty with them either. Hmmm..... wonder why they based there?

Re: Genesis Global Network

Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2014 5:22 am
by notorial dissent
Gee, can't imagine where or how they learned that little trick!!

Wonder if their life expectancy will be any better than their predecessors?