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Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2014 12:33 am
by JamesVincent
I recently ran across an article about ACN and didn't see anything on here about it.

ACN is apparently a MLM that has multiple different fields it operates in, according to it's website. Its services page lists telephone service, electricity, internet service, home security and others. I looked around the main site a little bit and really couldn't find any details or a comp plan. They do have a pretty nice website, too bad it doesn't say anything that I can see, except how awesome they are and multiple links to sign up.

Now for the article I saw that started me on this.

Oladipupo Adesina files this class action (Case 3:14-cv-00562-GCM) complaint in the USA – North Carolina on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated.

The class action alleges that ACN and XOOM used a fraudulent and deceptive bait-and-switch sales model to get customers to switch to the XOOM Energy Simpleflex flexible energy plan with a low promotional rate offer and energy savings, and then charging customers exorbitant, non-competitive rates after the promotional period.

It also alleges that ACN and XOOM concealed certain material information regarding the upward trend of the customers’ energy rates and that ACN IBO’s and that ACN’s and XOOM’s websites fraudulently state that consumer would save money on their energy bills and that the consumers’ rates were competitive.

Go figure, a MLM that uses a bait and switch type of deal. I can not find anything on the actual suit outside of one or two other articles, basically the same. If someone could check for it.


Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 2:33 pm
by Johnson82
Check out, that's how I figured it was pretty shady.

I first got lured into joining that program with a friend. It's possible to make money but not enough to cover all the time and costs of ACN. They tell you it's only $500 but it's much more than that.

Be careful out there.