FTC, Arizona AG Shut Down "The Results Group"

"Buy 1 for yourself and get the chance to sell your friends and family 5 and get your downline started!" We examine the multi-level marketing industry, where only the people who come up with the ideas make any money, and everybody else is left unhappy, broke, and tired of reading scripts and selling overpriced vitamins and similarly worthless products. Includes Global Prosperity, Pinnacle Quest International, IRS Codebusters, Stratia, and other new Global Prosperity scams.

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FTC, Arizona AG Shut Down "The Results Group"

Post by wserra » Sat Aug 25, 2007 11:37 am

A completely standard "business opportunity" in which scammers promised that the suckers could make fortunes from their living rooms. After the fish took the initial bait, high pressure sales pitches ensued for things like "advertising services" to "build your business". Nobody got squat except the people who ran the place. The FTC complaint is here, the final judgment here, and a news report from the Arizona Republic here.

There is no specific mention of fees for recruiting others in the complaint, so the "business" may or may not have been an MLM. But so many of the features are the same - the outlandish promises of earnings, the promises of unavailable refunds and unavailable help, the outlandishly-priced ancillary ripoffs - that one wonders what leads LE to go after any one of these ripoffs. Hey, guys, there are thousands. This one started with the Arizona AG and, if I had to call it, was a result of concerted complaints from Arizona residents.

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