Tianshi Health Products

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Tianshi Health Products

Post by Doc Bunkum » Sun Mar 29, 2009 3:07 pm

So I'm sitting here reading the rather unbelievable story that Chinese-made drywall, used to build some Florida homes, is starting to emit smelly, corrosive gases and is ruining household systems such as air conditioners. Chinese-made drywall? Come on, I've hung enough of the stuff to know that drywall is cheap - and heavy. How can they import it and still make money?

I checked and it seems there's a similar issue here in Canada. Some 929,000 square metres of the product were imported through Vancouver between 2001 and 2006.

Seems one explanation is that the Chinese drywall was made using gypsum that was first used in slurry containing carcinogens to de-sulphur coal. It's claimed as few as three sheets of drywall may be enough to contaminate a home to the point it may require bulldozing.

On the food side of things, we recently read about the six children that died in China, and nearly 300,000 sickened, after baby formula was contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine, used to to fool quality tests for protein content,

Not to mention the recent bird flu outbreak recently that the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture admitted actually started about a month ago, and hundreds of thousands of the diseased chickens continued to be processed and sold by underground factories.

Or what about the Chinese toothpaste recall that was found to contain diethylene glycol (DEG), a poisonous chemical used in antifreeze and as a solvent? Or U.S. regulators warning the public not to consume Mr. Brown instant coffee and milk tea products? Or not to eat White Rabbit Creamy Candy? To name but a few of hundreds of products sold in North America that were manufactured in China.

Sobering to realize that FDA inspectors are able to check less than 1 percent of regulated Chinese food imports (which is why the importers, if at first they don’t succeed, try, try again).

In light of this news, I see that the first Chinese based MLM Company - Tianshi Health Products - has been operating in North America since 1999.

Call me skeptical, but I can't help wonder what is really in their health products.