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Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:18 pm
by wserra
Wow. For those who don't know, "Dr. Sam Kennedy" is in real life Glenn Richard Unger, DDS, now under indictment in the Northern District of New York. Read about him here. And "Dr." Leonard Coldwell (in real life Bernd Klein) is not only a medical scammer.

Nice find, GD.

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:54 am
by Kestrel
Doc Bunkum wrote:Now this is interesting! :D

What's really interesting though is this tidbit that Bernie provided to the court:

The plaintiff was a writer and management trainer at prestigious institutions and corporations worldwide. He owns the title Doctor of Psychology, awarded by the Columbia State University in the U.S.. He possessed also a professor at the Virginia Health University of Delaware in the United States and bring an ancillary matter in Germany through seminars and give lectures.

Go figure on that one! :D

He possessed a professor??? From pseudo-physician to pseudo-spiritualist.

Yep, that's right down George Noory's alley. The Coast to Coast AM radio audience should be fascinated.

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:48 pm
by Doc Bunkum
Kestrel wrote:He possessed a professor???

If you found that choice of words entertaining, then you're sure to enjoy this one as much:

Dr Leonard Coldwell presents: Dr Sam Kennedy, the father of the restore America plan

The Only Answer to™ Tyranny – Now you can be free

The Authors may be killed (or get commited suicide) or die in a mysterious way but if you preorder this book “The Only Answer™ to Tyranny” America’s last stand...

You will get the book no matter what. Maybe from a different Country or via email but you will get it – the enemy will not be able to stop it

"get commited suicide"?

Any takers on what that's suppose to mean?

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 6:22 pm
by AndyK
It's just a small part of the vast conspiracy.

When THEY want someone out of the way, THEY arrange for his body to be found in a manner which clearly shows a suicide.

Welcome to woo-woo land.

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:10 pm
by notorial dissent
It sounds like this stuff is being translated, badly, from the original German, just from the way the wording is coming out.

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:18 am
by fortinbras
With regard to Kevin Trudeau, back in 2010 he was on trial again for fraud for promoting his weight loss book. Trudeau then had a regular radio show and he instructed his radio audience to bombard the trial judge with emails supporting him - and provided the judge's email address (which the judge normally kept secret, but Trudeau ferreted it out). The judge was totally swamped with pro-Trudeau emails, some of them abusive and threatening. The judge responded by charging Trudeau with direct criminal contempt and sentencing him to 30 day of jail. Trudeau appealed.

On appeal, the appellate court overturned the judge's sentence on the technical issue of whether this was direct contempt or not. FTC v. Trudea (7th Cir 2010) 606 F3d 382 aff'd (2011) 662 F3d 947 cert. denied (10/9/12) _US_, 133 S.Ct 426. The contempt matter was referred to the US Attorney and to another judge, but I have not found any denouement. Trudeau v. ConsumerAffairs.Com Inc. (ND Ill 9/6/11).

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:11 am
by Doc Bunkum
If the conversation on Facebook yesterday between upper level members of GIN that Trudeau screwed over is any indication, it shouldn't be long before Kevin is packing his toothbrush and soap-on-a-rope and heading off to prison.

Abe Husein: GIN REVOLUTION TEAM!!! I'm putting together a collection of videos and audio of Kevin Trudeau bragging to GIN members about how rich he is and how much money he makes. I need volunteers to send one audio each to the judge over seeing his case. I was going to send them all myself but I think it would have a more dramatic affect if lots of people sent him differant audios of him bragging about how rich he is.

With this kind of evidence, his "I'm broke excuse" will for sure not work anymore. The FTC will be able to finish him off and shut down GIN for good! Comment on here or send me a message if u want to send an audio to the judge.

Peter Wink: Back when I worked directly for Kevin Trudeau, the GIN office viewed you (Abe Husein) as public enemy number one. Give yourself all the credit you deserve for kickstarting everything. KT knew his doings were being put under a microscope because of you. Also, you were smart enough to recognize the role KT's lawyer Marc Lane had in all this. If you noticed, Marc Lane is under a personal and business subpoena from the FTC. He also is now being represented by KT's other genius lawyer Kimball Anderson. Thankfully, you followed smart advice and did not contract with Lane. When you did that, you scared KT and Lane to know end. This is why they did not try to sue you. They knew you were right and could not defend against you. What people do not understand is that none of this is a first amendment issue. KT has been found guilty in court. That's a done deal. He is in trouble for not paying the fines he knowingly agreed to. He is in contempt which he was told is going to lead to a jail sentence. The is not opinion, the paperwork is all public. I would hate to see GIN go away as the events were terrific. In my opinion, it is inevitable that the FTC is going to freeze GIN accounts regardless of anything else, as they've proved KT has siphoned money from GIN. That means all people's money is ultimately down the tubes. Lazy man and all other monies will not be returned to GIN members and affiliates. KT ruined a good thing and he has nobody to blame but himself. He is not nearly as smart as people think and is a victim of his own self-sabotage every time he starts a business. History does repeat itself.
Yesterday at 10:57 ·

Abe Husein: I'm putting together a collection of videos and audios of kevin bragging to GIN members about how much money he has. All within the last 2 years. I'm sending them to the judge when I'm done. Kevin is an idiot. If he was trying to play the "I'm broke card" he should have never bragged all the time about how much money he makes.
Yesterday at 11:01·

Leonard Coldwell Nmd Phd: Great Idea Abe Husein also his 200 dollar cigars, 10 000 dollar a night hotel rooms, 26 000 dollar flights in private rented plans etc all paid from Gin expenses should be mentioned
Yesterday at 11:05 ·

Abe Husein: With this kind of evidence of him non stop bragging about how rich he is, it will be enough for the FTC to finish him off! I'll post them all when I'm done lol.
Yesterday at 11:24 ·

Peter Wink: Abe and Dr C, keep one thing in mind --- it is all a done deal. The FTC has everything they need. The cards are going to fall where they may. Tony Ballistreri of Golden Lion Mint really nailed the coffin shut on KT and Matt DuBiel of KTRN when he exposed all the gold and silver purchases. This is why my mind has gone somewhere else entirely. KT, Suneil Sant, Michael Dow, Marc Lane, and Dan "The Derilict" Hurtado have all been exposed. Admittedly, I really liked Michael Dow and he was nothing but a puppet who did what he was told for a paycheck. He will sing (as he should) like a bird to the FTC, if he has not already. Michael knows any inaccuracies will be considered perjury and that likely will lead to imprisonment. They are all done. I had planned to be out of GIN last year anyway, so it all good. As soon as KT personally instructed me to change the Swiss Alps story and testimonial names on the Your Wish mail pieces, I knew to get out. I gave proof of this to the proper people. I also went to KT's in house lawyer and was reprimanded. A week or so later, I was told by Suneil Sant he and KT did not feel comfortable with how I openly discussed these changes and my other legal complaints to the in-house attorney and they wanted me out, so they offered me a payout through Marc Lane which I did not accept. I also had a phone conversation shorty after I was done with GIN with Matt DuBiel of KTRN who told me that he taped the entire Your Wish is Your Command program for KT in Chicago, so everything fell right into place. The timing was just right. If anyone else has any questions about GIN or what happened with me, they can write me anytime. You guys rock!
Yesterday at 11:35 ·

Now, just find a way to get him back from Switzerland.

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:14 pm
by Doc Bunkum
As cosmicconnie reports....

... currently jailed serial scammer Kevin Trudeau's criminal sentencing is due to take place Monday, March 17, 2014, at 2:00 PM in Judge Ronald Guzman's court.


Should be interesting to see how this turns out. :P

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 12:51 am
by Doc Bunkum
So, I suppose by now everyone is aware that Judge Ronald Guzman wasn't too impressed with Kev's shenanigans in his court room during their time together.

Kevin Trudeau Sentenced to 10 Years In Prison

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 2:12 am
by fortinbras
Kevin has won himself ten years' free room & board in a gated community. I can only speculate on what he can bring to the table to ingratiate himself with his new companions.


(this contains a few more links)

Although feigning contrition, Trudeau claimed to be penniless, notwithstanding he had spent lavishly in the last couple of years - including a number of $400 haircuts, and had claimed to have $100,000 in gold bullion, which he now claims to have mislaid. However his uncommonly loyal lawyer announced he would be filing an appeal, which kind of hints that not all that gold was misplaced. Trudeau is 51 years old.

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 10:55 am
by notorial dissent
Good for Judge Guzman in not putting up with any of Kevvy's tricks and lies, and giving him what he so richly deserved, a fair trial and a long prison sentence.

My only regret is that they couldn't have tripled the sentence, as he certainly deserves, and then it wouldn't be long enough. I am hoping that as part of the prison sentence that he is barred from using the internet and that his communications are closely supervised.

Trudeau has been and is a life long habitual criminal, con artist, serial liar, and general all around grifter, and the very idea that he suddenly(while in jail mind you) had an epiphany and saw the light is right up there with the rest of his sure fire cures and promises, as in not to be believed for any reason. I would put his claims of remorse and apology in the same basket of rotten fruit as the rest of his life.

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 1:19 pm
by fortinbras
I am willing to bet that, while Kevin Trudeau is in durance vile, 'someone' will continue to run his old informercials on late night TV and continue to peddle Trudeau's books, much as was done when TV preacher W.V. Grant was in the slam (for tax fraud). If he returns to TV con-artistry when he gets out of prison, his new informercials may edit in scraps from old videotape to show the full auditoriums he used to draw before he crashed and burned instead of the much smaller audiences he will be getting post-disgrace (much like TV preacher Peter Popoff).

It's worth noting that this ten year sentence was just for contempt of court, for ignoring a court order that restricted him while another court case was supposed to play out; it is still possible that further court decisions could stretch his federal staycation far into his golden years.

Catherine Bryant Bell, The Curious Case of Kevin Trudeau - King Catch-me-if-you-can, 74 Miss.L.J. 1043 (summer 2010).
and a Salon article:

Someone accused me of having subtly suggested that Trudeau would be forcibly and repeatedly sodomized while in prison. Naturally I wish to object strenuously. I absolutely had no intention to be subtle.

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 1:51 pm
by notorial dissent
It was, and is still, my opinion that the FTC and the US Attorney's offices need to go after ALL of his assets, and get whatever paper games he played when he allegedly divested(since it could only have been sham transactions considering his later actions) himself of ownership dissolved and the whole kit and kaboodle put out of business.

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:50 am
by davids
What I find disturbing about the whole Trudeau thing, beyond the fact that he is a con man, is that he has so many supporters. In particular it is disturbing that many in the libertarian / patriot movements think he's some kind of hero. If one goes to virtually any libertarian website, there will presently be an article which describes Trudeau getting sentenced as a huge travesty, characterizing it as imprisoning someone because of the fact that they wrote a book.

To this I would say, yes, Trudeau wrote a book, but that isn't what the fraud was. He over and over has conned people and operated scams selling garbage from tv infomercials, with flaky financial dealings with his clients, etc. It is possible to operate fraudulently selling bees' wax if one tries hard enough. Trudeau's long history of brushes with the law over things highly similar says something about the character and motives of the man.

His whole GIN thing is atrocious. How anyone can fall for that I don't know. But many did. He had a series of tapes that he made to try to lure people in to that scam. A friend of mine, a very successful person with a financial planning practice, had them and let me listen to them. The tapes consisted of Trudeau talking to himself into a recorder, but claiming he was being recorded in a room full of enthusiastic attendees and famous, high level, well known public figures (whom he often referred to as the "illuminati" but mispronounced it as "illuminatay"). The Trudeau tapes basically babbled on about "vibration" theory (an old new age fave) and using "law of attraction" to manifest what you want.

The tape itself was its own scam, as there was not a single point during the tape that one could hear any other person speak. Trudeau explained that by saying the accoustics of the room prevented that. He described an over the top opulent ski resort in europe as his location. Of course, this story was blown when, several times during the tape, one could hear loud police sirens on roads outside (but still never hear the fantastic luminaries who were supposedly all there, but never referred to by name). It was a con, and a bad one, like selling a finger painting as a Van Gogh and trying to explain that Van Gogh had fingers too.

And the fact that so many supposedly liberty-minded people are dumb enough to get upset about this, shouldn't really surprise me. Not when I consider that many of them probably believe everything is a "false flag" event and that the Sandy Hook atrocity was some kind of staged government "psy-op." Naivete?

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 9:01 pm
by notorial dissent
BF, very good points.

I find Kevvy disturbing on a number of levels, not the least of which being that he is a for true and real snake oil salesman in the truest sense and meaning of the title, and like his namesakes, some of his stuff was not only downright dangerous, but flat out deadly. A lot of his financial advice was blatantly false, and in many cases I'm told flat out illegal. Those things I find very disturbing because the crowd he preyed on was no sufficiently aware enough to even realize they were being had. It was very definitely a case of I saw it on TV/the Internet, so it must be true. I think the thing I am most upset about is that the State authorities didn't move to shut him down for his fraudulent claims, and that the FTC took forever to even begin to move against him. I also put a fair amount of the blame on the judiciary for failing to even bothering to enforce the few rulings they did issue against him.

The thing is, Kevvy is a died in the wool liar, an consummate fraud, and a life long criminal. I seriously wouldn't believe a word he said, and his claims of reform are just that, more of his baseless claims. I don't feel that 10 years is anywhere near long enough, and I will be willing to bet that he will have some scam going within weeks of him arriving at his new home.

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 11:12 pm
by EagleOne
Actually what I would have preferred the judge to do in his sentencing is:

First: To make Kevin get a real job. Garnish his wages to be put in a pool so they can be given back to his victims; and

Second: After he has paid back his victims then serve the 10-year sentence.

My concern is he will be let out way too early due to prison over-crowding which will deny true justice and justice to his victims.

If he has money to appeal, he has money to pay towards his fine and to his victims.

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:18 am
by notorial dissent
While I can understand your sentiments, in reality, what kind of job could Kevvy possibly get that would even begin to cover his living expenses, let alone actually pay back the people he has swindled? As far as i can determine, he has no marketable skills other than being a professional liar so other than flipping burgers at McDonald's, always assuming he could pass the hiring exam, I don't see much in the real job market for him. Better the gov't should track down all the money he's hidden and return it, making sure he never gets his hands on it is a better punishment.

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:20 am
by EagleOne
I was thinking along the lines of selling cell phones and their plans (Verizon, AT&T, Mobile One, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc., etc..), selling cars, selling TV's/appliances at Best Buy, or an appliance dealership, you get the picture. Put his gift of gab to good use, and what better way than selling, but this time real products.

I totally agree the government should hunt down where he has hid the money. Rumor has it that has it in a bank account in Nevis, but that is just a rumor. They say his estranged wife knows where it is, so put the heat on her if there truly is such an account somewhere.

I agree he should be a pauper when he gets out and not be able to live off his stolen money; which I believe he has somewhere.

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 11:13 am
by notorial dissent
But that would be like real work, and I'm not sure Kevvy knows how to in the first place, and still back to the same place, of him not making enough money to ever begin to pay anyone back, and it would put him back in a position to cheat a whole new group of people, which he couldn't resist doing, still not even getting pennies on the dollar of what he scammed.

Re: Global Information Network - Kevin Trudeau's Latest Scam

Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2014 2:48 am
by EagleOne
AS good as Kevin is at selling BS, I am sure he would be the #1 sales leader in any industry he worked and would make millions legally.

The government could always set a minimum he had to make a year in order to stay out of prison, or he would start serving his 10-year sentence immediately. Never under estimate the power of Kevin's ability to sell.