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Post by soapboxmom » Thu Jul 12, 2007 8:06 pm ... =L10020478
Arizona Corporation Commission
07/12/2007 State of Arizona Public Access System 9:09 AM
Please Note
Information listed in the History Corporate Inquiry may not reflect the most up to date information on record with the Commission. Please contact the Phone Bank at 602-542-3026 for additional information.

History Corporate Inquiry
File Number: L-1002047-8

Domestic Address 460 W NUTTALL AVE

Statutory Agent Information Agent Name: CLAUDIA CAWLEV
Agent Address:
Agent Status: APPOINTED 09/10/2001
Agent Last Updated:

Additional Corporate Information Business Type: Corporation Type: DOMESTIC L.L.C.
Incorporation Date: 09/10/2001 Corporate Life Period: PERPETUAL
Domicile: ARIZONA County: MOHAVE
Approval Date: 09/10/2001 Original Publish Date: 11/05/2001
Dissolution/Withdrawal: ARTICLES OF TERMINATION Dissolution/Withdrawal Date: 05/06/2002
Member Information TIMOTHY S DARNELL
ALLEN,TX 75002
Date of Taking Office: 09/10/2001
Last Updated: 09/13/2001

Name Changes / Mergers Description Corporation Name Date

Microfilm Location Entered Description
1-1486-019-048 09/10/2001 ARTICLES OF ORGANIZATION
1-1493-005-007 09/28/2001 AMENDMENT
1-1534-013-010 05/06/2002 ARTICLES OF TERMINATION ... 0304386682
Corporation Search Results

Franchise Tax Certification of Account Status


Registered Agent: GARY A ARMSTRONG
DALLAS, TX 75206
Registered Agent Resignation Date:
State of Incorporation: TX
File Number: 0800083507
Charter/COA Date: May 13, 2002
Charter/COA Type: Charter
Taxpayer Number: 10304386682

Susan Combs
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Window on State Government

July 12, 2007


This is in response to your inquiry about the status of


This corporation is not in good standing as it has not satisfied all state tax requirements.

If you need any additional information or assistance, please contact the Texas State Comptroller's field office in your area or call 1-800-252-1381, toll free, nationwide. The Austin number is 512-463-4600. If you are calling from a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD), the toll-free number is 1-800-248-4099, or in Austin, 512/463-4621. ... 5623777008
ALLEN, TX 75002-4585

ALLEN, TX 75002
Registered Agent Resignation Date:
State of Incorporation: TX
File Number: 0800218196
Charter/COA Date: June 26, 2003
Charter/COA Type: Charter
Taxpayer Number: 15623777008

Susan Combs
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Window on State Government

From the All-Star website:

Mailing Address
All-Star Entrepreneur
6700 Woodlands Parkway, Suite 230
The Woodlands, TX 77382

Product Fulfillment & Customer Service Address
All-Star Entrepreneur
1812 West Sunset Blvd. #4-614
St. George, Utah 84770

(800) 901-1611

(214) 242-2404

General Email Address

Executive Email Addresses
Glenn Green, CEO -

Claudia Cawley, CFO -

Cody Morgan, COO -
From the bankruptcy filing:

1513 Home Park Dr
Allen, TX 75002
Tim Darnell

Advances $7,686.62

Claudia Cawley
Advances and expenses $101,247.46

Glenn Green 6/2003 through 10/30/2003
Former president of Debtor

d. List all financial institutions, creditors and other parties, including mercantile and trade agencies, to whom a financial statement was
issued within the two years immediately preceding the commencement of this case by the debtor.
Glenn Green 6/2003
25003 E. Manor Circle
Spring, TX 77389

b. If the debtor is a corporation, list all officers and directors of the corporation, and each stockholder who directly or indirectly owns,
controls, or holds 5 percent or more of the voting or equity securities of the corporation.

Portfolio Marketing Group, LLC (Tim Darnell)
Resigned as President/CEO 6/16/03 33.1/3 %
1513 Home Park Drive
Allen, TX 75002
Registered Agent

IN RE: All-Star Entrepreneur, LLC CASE NO 04-36623-7
Continuation Sheet No. 7

Dynamic Marketing Group, LLC
President & CEO 66-2/3%
336 E. Academy Drive
Centennial Park, AZ 86021

b. If the debtor is a corporation, list all officers, or directors whose relationship with the corporation terminated within one year immediately
preceding the commencement of this case.
Majestic Quest Corp. 3/31/03
PO Box 651
Centennial Park, AZ 86021
(Elizabeth Knudson) ... 533&cmd=tc

Tim claims in this audio (at the 30 minute mark) that there was collusion and embezzlement to the tune of $400,000 on the part of his partners over a 2 and 1/2 year period. All-Star incorporated in September 2001 in Arizona and dissolved there in May 2002. Several days later All-Star appears as a corporation in Texas in May 2002. Tim resigned as President and CEO of the company he says he founded in June 2003, but remained a registered agent and 33% owner. So, there was no 2 and 1/2 year period for this embezzlement to take place. Timmy boy happily incorporated with these ladies in Texas in May 2002.

In March 2003 Elizabeth Knudson the other 33% owner left giving or selling her shares to Claudia Cawley, so she wasn't there long enough to have been involved in that 2 and1/2 years "collusion and embezzlement." Poor little Timmy whines that he was outvoted, but as Tim's home address was the address of the business until he resigned as president in June 2003 and presumably the money was in his hands. Glenn Green was the president after him for a whopping 4 months until October 2003, but was not a shareholder at any time. Green asked for a financial statement in June 2003 when he started his 4 month run as president. If he had already embezzled the $400,000 as Tim descirbes in the audio below and had access to the accounts and money he wouldn't have needed the financial statement.

Tim makes a claim in the amount of $7686.62 for advances in the bankruptcy filing, which is disputed. He doesn't care that almost 100 reps sufffered catastophic losses---many of them out $12,295.00. Claudia Cawley makes a claim for $101,247.46 which is not disputed. That says it all. Tim never makes any claim relating to the fictional $400,000 grand embezzlement. Tim can't keep his lies straight. Did the ladies embezzle the money over a 2 and 1/2 year period or did the infamous Glenn Green come in as President and CEO after Timmy left and claims he was not involved at all and steal the 400 grand while Claudia Cawley cheered him on and herself didn't bother to mention it? Tim is desperately trying to justify why he left after pocketing much of that 1.3 million that disappeared and started his new scam Advantage Conferences. He has to justify complaining about the Better Business Bureau linking the records of the Titanic All-Star he also founded and was president and CEO of as is the case with Advantage Conferences. He doesn't want folks to know he pocketed all the money and ran. Tim just never dreamed that all the documents that would impeach him would end up on the world wide web.


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Post by wserra » Fri Jul 13, 2007 10:23 am

You're a bulldog, SBM.

Did a little hunting and found another Dallas lawsuit that may interest you during one of your courthouse forays. It appears that Tim and Claudia Cowley (as "All-Star Entrepreneur") sought an injunction against someone named Phillipe Matthews. Now, I don't know if this is the guy but, if it is, these papers could be quite interesting. The case info:

Case Number: 0302294B
Filing Date: 03/14/2003

Case Category: 10040





Plaintiff: DARNELL TIM

Plaintiff: GREEN GLENN

You may have this already, but the Marriott actually sued them:

Case Number: 811845
Filing Date: 03/03/2004

Case Type: DEBT, ORG. PET.
Case Category: 32300




10200 RICHMOND #255

God, it's nice to have someone determined at scammer ground zero.
"A wise man proportions belief to the evidence."
- David Hume

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Post by soapboxmom » Sun Jul 15, 2007 10:15 pm
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when i find Jack Weinzierl i will kill him myself!


let me tell you about this guy. at first he act as a true christian, tells you a wonderful fairytales, once he sees you convinced he start digging your pocket until you have no penny under your name.. if you reading this post Jack Weinzierl you better hide under a rock because i will literrally shoot you myself. because of this buffoon i lost my home, wife and kids left me, even 90% of family members abandoned me. i don't even have any savings funds available to stay in a one night hotel. i knew you were too good to be true. maybe i was in a la-la land when i withdrew that big amount check from my money marketing account. the way the bank teller looked at me was enough sign that i should have put the money back into my account and do some internet research on this sick bastard.

all i can say to others is to be very carefull out there. there are millions fake, evil, liars out there.

hey Jack Weinzierl im coming for you dearranged mind, dirty rat


Death Threat!
From: Elizabeth
Sent: Sun 7/15/07 12:00 PM
To: Jack Weinzierl (


I am linking a new thread that appeared on this morning. You should be aware this new poster is threatening your life. I will link that post for the FBI and local Dallas authorities.



Jack answered:

RE: Death Threat!
From: Jack Weinzierl (
Sent: Sun 7/15/07 3:18 PM
To: 'Elizabeth

Elizabeth, I read this post and this post comes from no one that I have mentored in this business. It is totally bogus and this person's first post to Unfortunately, the fact that everyone posts on anonymously, lends itself to lies and no accountability. Also, unfortunately, regardless of our differences, the fact that you post my home address and countless personal attacks on me and my family, makes you an accessory of sorts. It is so very sad. My heart is right and I will continue to be sold out for Advantage Conferences and what we represent.

Be blessed, Elizabeth/SBM.

In Service,



RE: Death Threat!
From: Jack Weinzierl (
Sent: Sun 7/15/07 3:34 PM
To: 'Elizabeth

Elizabeth, here is another example of your disregard for the truth. I have never heard of Gold-Tree Technologies so please give me a real link to this site that is using my name. Also, your information will be reported to the FBI as well since you have posted our new home address as well. God still loves you and I encourage you to repent.

RE: Death Threat!
From: Jack Weinzierl (
Sent: Sun 7/15/07 3:42 PM
To: 'Elizabeth
Elizabeth, hard to know where to start with your lies. I see you posted an appraised value on an uncompleted home. The appraisal came in at $1.2 million, but again just another example of your do anything, hurt anyone, to make your view look better in a sea of followers. So very sad, indeed.

In Service,


Jack M. Weinzierl
Advantage Conferences, LLC
Christian Entrepreneur and Mentor
817.205.9513 direct phone

Learn more about Marketplace Ministry at:


First, I hope Jack is correct. I reported that post by enemyjack to the proper authorities. I have read all the court papers and conversed with many hurt by this scam, so I am sure there are many reps out there that more than a little unhapy with Jack.

Second, Jack, what I post is public record and you yourself brought your personal information before the public as you have used it to con people into your scam. You chose to brag about your home purchases, so any rep with any sense will access the public record and check out what you say, you silly man. The court papers are also public record, but I have always redacted the address and phone numbers of any non scammers--the victims of your and Timmy's schemes.

Third, the Texas Attroney General's office and the FBI are all fully aware of my identity and the investigators do read these threads. I am careful to post facts from the public record and opinions appropriately. I will soon have up a summary and quotes from a very long deposition in the lawsuit Tim filed against the BBB and lost. I will be posting e-mails that were exhibits in that suit written by you and Timmy. It is obvious why the BBB asks Timmy to demonstrate why AC is not an illegal pyramid scheme.

Fourth, here is a link to the Gold-Tree site. The site went down, but Google was good enough to cache it for us. If you were not involved then go to and find the scum that stole your name. ... cd=3&gl=us

Fifth you said I posted your home address. Well, if you choose to discuss it as part of your scam---- Remember your brilliant speaker Jim Striegel saved you over $92,000.
2824 Sun Meadow Drive Flower Mound Estate Sale
2824 Sun Meadow Drive, Flower Mound Estate Moving Sale by Appointment ONLY. Call Jack at 817.205.9513 or email Click on the pictures on the left or click Slideshow above for the pictures and details. We are unable to hold items and the sale begins the week of May 13th. Prices have been dramatically reduced and are noted when viewing each individual item.

In addition, if you know of anyone who would like to be mentored by a Christian Millionaire Mentor, I encourage you to watch and go to and
That was what you choose to put up with a plug for your scam.

I will link some of my posts about your brilliant real estate investments in Texas. I take it you are saying the Denton rolls have your address incorrect.
So, this is not it? ... rID=919666

If the value is not what the private appraiser came up with, not to worry. As more sales occur the rolls in your area will adjust to close to fair market value. The sale price should be closely reflected as the rolls are updated as well.

Those should answer anyone's question as to your real estate acumen, Jack.

Now why don't you tell the FBI mom says hello. They hear from me quite often.


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Post by soapboxmom » Mon Jul 16, 2007 4:40 am

Jack wrote over yonder:
SoapBoxMom, you are one sad individual. You continue to post lies and innuendo. There are no statues for critics out there and for good reason.

I have no idea who Gold-Tree is, nor have I been involved with a company called Gold-Tree. I recognize many names on that site from many years ago and it appears that someone is using these leaders names without permission. Choose to continue to push your agenda and those who can discern, will.

SBM, you will not get off that easy. You posted my home address well before this. I refuted your lies about my financial status and your claiming I was selling my home to avert bankruptcy. You are an amazing spinner of information and you should consider a career in politics. Lies, innuendo and doing whatever it takes to accomplish your agenda is your MO. I pray for you.
You just described yourself, boy!

Jacko, you make sure and forward this to my friends at the FBI. No doubt they will put every available resource at your disposal to find a women who links public record. What an outrage! I just didn't want folks exhausting themselves going to the property records on their own. Jim Striegel, conference speaker and real estate guru, sure has had a lot of business thanks to you!

I will, no doubt, burn in h3!! for posting those court documents as well. The birdies tell me you boys are planning another scamference in November, but with only $51,000 in the coffers in June 2006 it should prove difficult to fund one, don't you think?


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Post by soapboxmom » Mon Jul 16, 2007 8:11 pm

The following compromises quotes, paraphrasing and attachments from a rep’s deposition. I will refer to the rep as Rep X to protect their privacy. This Rep X was deposed as part of Tim Darnell/Advantage Conferences frivolous suit against the Better Business Bureau. The judge, as we all know, laughed Timmy boy out of court with a one page decision granting the BBB’s Motion for Summary Judgment.

Mr. David Myers, outstanding attorney for the Better Business Bureau, questions Rep X for the first third of this lengthy deposition. Rep X heard about Advantage Conferences through an e-mail from an acquaintance. The acquaintance then phoned and said, “Rep X, look at it. It sounds familiar and it sounds great. It’s a Christian company.”

Rep X gets on a conference call with Tim Darnell. Timmy says, “Do anything that you can to get the money together, because even if it’s a credit card, I did it on three credit cards to start my business. Get it together anywhere you can….at the end of the month you will get the money back.”

The Rep was led to believe that it was a Christian company and one could make money with the program and was repeatedly pushed to do whatever was necessary to get the money together. The rep believed the focus would be learning about starting a business and what it takes to be in business.

Rep X told the enroller that flying would not be an option. Rep X was told a DVD or CD might be available as reps from Europe will not fly over for a one or two day seminar. The first conference was in Dallas.

Rep X signs up as an MMC I (basically the rep has paid to attend one of six 90 minute “intensives” with supposed millionaire mentors and of course sell the opportunity.) The acquaintance’s upline Jim McHugh received $500 of the $1000 Rep X paid as the enroller wasn’t yet qualified.

Jim McHugh had a niece and sister he had signed up. They were MMC Is. He convinces Rep X to spend another $1000 and upgrade to an MMC II ($2000.00)

Jim McHugh then cons Rep X into upgrading to an MMC IV (purchase ticket to attend all six sessions with the supposed millionaire mentors at the two day conference---the highest level) Rep X had been promised that if the $10,000 upgrade was paid for then Jim’s sister or niece would be placed under them in the matrix and upgraded to the MMC IV so that Rep X will get qualifying sales. Rep X has to use money from a home refinance that was needed for home repairs to make the upgrade to the $10,000 level.

Jim McHugh promises he will place the 2 relatives of his under Rep X and that help that rep. Jim got the $500 commissions from each $1000 sale to his niece and sister and then he got another $6500.00 for a total of $7000.00 from Rep X. So, Jim McHugh was the only one that benefited from that deal.

Mr. Myers again has the rep confirm that the thousands of dollars spent to upgrade to an MMC IV came from refinancing and taking the money that was needed for home repairs. Rep X was told by Tim (as one can see in early AC Ads also) that one can add a zero to their monthly income--$4000.00 to $40,000.00 was Tim’s example--- and expect to make that monthly. One would get their money back at the end of the first month he promised, but that didn’t happen either. Tim even quipped that one could add a couple of zeroes and that is what you can expect a month. The Christian aspect made Tim believable.

Tim Darnell told reps to step out of the box and do whatever one can to get the money as Rep X tells him the refinanced home is about to be foreclosed and lost. Rep X managed to refinance yet again in a desperate effort to save the home. Rep X tells Tim things can’t go on like this. Tim again says the rep will have the money to pay it back. Rep X requests a refund of the $10,000 from Tim.

We learn that the Rep has done pay per click advertising. Rep X sees that $200 a month for that garners no response. Jack Weinzierl spending $8-10,000, by his own admission, was the only one getting recruits. “Jack is, not the little guy.” He encouraged the reps to use it. Rep X paid for the advertising with money from Social Security checks. This rep went hungry to pay for the pay per click ads. Tim and Jack knew this rep wasn’t eating.

We learn there are three groups. Tim, Jack and Jim Wald are at the top of the pyramid. Jack also convinced Rep X to give him $600.00 for a postcard mailing to potential recruits. That resulted in no response. Jim McHugh ran a lead generation business and gives Rep X 400 names. Rep X paid for the postage for more postcards and again there is no response.

Rep X was told travel was not necessary, but the enroller hysterically begged Rep X to go with him to Hawaii. Hawaii never happened. Rep X was told there were quarterly—4 conferences a year. We have seen that Tim is barely managing 2 scamferences a year at this point.

Rep X describes the laughable alternative marketing that AC pushed. Jack covered his Hummer in AC ads and suggests Rep X do the same. Rep X is told to put stickers on cars and fliers on doors. All this to locate other people to participate in the income opportunity, Rep X confirms. There has never been a retail conference sale.

Rep X is giving up food, but Jack is happy to hit up this rep for $25 cash, which is all the cash Rep X had, for a birthday gift for scammer Tim. We again see that Rep X is desperate for a ten grand refund. This doesn’t include “the thousands dollars spent in advertising, eating beans, doing what I asked to do.” This rep got one check for $500 because of a friend that Rep X recruited at the MMC I level.

Mr. Myers then puts up an e-mail from Timmy that says Member of the Better Business Bureau in the signature block. Rep X said that enhanced the credibility of Advantage Conferences. Rep X hears from a prospect that it is a lie. Rep X discovers Tim’s deception as he is not a member and learns that he has claimed copyrights and trademarks he didn’t have and hadn’t even applied for. Rep X “felt as a Christian I can no longer work with him.” Rep X called Timmy and asks him how he can claim to be a member when he is not. That is not Christian to Rep X. It is a matter of trust.

Rep X became aware of the misleading advertising. Rep X believed that as the bible says one shouldn’t boast, and Tim’s ads with folks holding up $7000.00 checks delivered by the FedEx truck were wrong. Rep X couldn’t afford to renew with AC. Rep X consulted a CPA who said AC was a waste of money and what Tim was doing was wrong. Rep X tells Tim that and is answered by Jack with the following e-mail.


To: Rep X
Subject: RE: Update & Request
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 5:19 PM

Rep X, and you will also and you will also be billed for my time and most recently I billed out at $300.00 an hour. I wish you the very best Rep X.

To Your Success,


Jack M. Weinzierl

Advantage Conferences, LLC


Rep X couldn’t imagine why Jack would be threatening to charge, when the issues were between the rep and Tim Darnell. The AC literature led the rep to believe privacy would be respected, but Tim apparently can’t make a decision without Jack.

Tim sends a cease and desist letter.


To: Rep X

1/19/2006 9:52:58 AM

To: Rep X

This notice serves as official notice to CEASE AND DESIST regarding all libelous statements to anyone whatsoever, and especially Advantage Conferences Reps and/or prospects.

For your own good, you should think very carefully about making, speaking, and/or sending out libelous letters or statements. It only takes one instance of libel to be indicted and the penalties are harsh and severe. By your threat, you have or are planning to send hundreds of letters of libel – a very bad idea. The last person who did that to me was issued a court mandated legal penalty of $405,000.00, the settlement of which they are now paying on a monthly basis for 20 plus years of their life.

If you insist on involving yourself in this type of activity, our Attorneys are poised to uncover the hard evidence of your libel against me personally and against our company, Advantage Conferences, and will act immediately. I advised them of your mental situation and that I have compassion for you personally; but that we are now in a position to not stand for any further ill-advised, adversarial and tortuous interference with our Company.

This is an OFFICIAL NOTICE PUBLISHED ON JANUARY 19, 2006 and will be retained as official documentation for possible court proceedings.


Tim Darnell


Advantage Conferences

Office: 972-727-4995



Tim accused anyone who criticized him or AC of having mental problems. Any rep that asked questions had mental problems according to Tim. Tim and company made many lawsuit threats.

The deposition continues with Tim’s attorney Ciarochi questioning Rep X. Ciarochi gets into the President’s Interview and Rep X points out that the oral and written version are different. We find again that Tim and Ciarochi have failed to produce a number of requested documents. At that point Ciarochi starts pages of questions about the fine points of the incomprehensible compensation plan. Our very sharp and tenacious Rep X makes Ciarochi look like a complete buffoon. Ciarochi whines that the Reps answers are non-responsive and tries endlessly and unsuccessfully to get answers struck from the record. The truth about AC is much stranger than any fiction.

Mr. Myers frequently objects to the form of these endless questions about the compensation plan.

“Mr. Darnell explained that the $59 was only, quote, to satisfy the government, whatever the agency that controls multilevel marketing. That’s only a legal matter, that’s why the $59 was put in. if he had not put the $59 in, it was not a legal document, a legal multilevel marketing,” Rep X shares.

Ciarochi asks, “Do you understand there are certain regulations involving independent conractors and what you need for tax purposes to have a 1040 versus a 1099 tax filing?”

Rep X answers, “Yes, I asked Tim Darnell and he says it was up to me, its not up to him to send it to me. I called the IRS. The IRS says, ‘Yes, you need to have that one sent by the company.’ Tim Darnell claimed that Rep X had to produce the 1099, not AC.

Ciarochi rambles on “I was trying to stay on subject and see if we could have a common understanding as to why a business might want to charge $59.95 for its sales reps so that they could have a document for the governments purposes, for the government to understand when an individual is an independent contractor versus when an individual for tax purposes is considered an employee of an organization. Do you understand the difference between when someone is a 1099 or an independent contractor versus when someone is a 1040 or an employee of that company?...So do you agree that there might be other reasons related to whether someone is labeled legally you’re an employee or not as to why someone may want to enter a contract with someone so that that person can instead be an independent contractor? ”

Rep S responds intelligently “I don’t understand what you’re saying” and Ciarochi jumps back to the tired subject of the compensation plan. We return to the President’s Interview and Rep X says the question about whether one is a whiner is none of AC’s business. Then once again the compensation plan is front and center. Rep X tells Ciarochi that an attorney looked it over and couldn’t understand it. Ciarochi would have done himself and Tim a great favor if he had just sat down and kept his mouth shut.

Ciarochi has Rep X discussing at length that Tim had Member of the Better Business Bureau in his signature line. Ciarochi asks if Tim told the rep that. The rep responds it is on his e-mails. We again are dragged through the details of Rep X being told by a prospect that Tim was not a bureau member.
Rep X’s church declares what Tim is doing is wrong. Rep X does not want to work with someone that can’t be trusted. A church said, “Yes, as a Christian company, he is wrong.” Rep X says, “Therefore my trust is gone. I can no longer work with him.”

Ciarochi then wants to argue about how many and what dates the e-mails contained Timmy’s boldfaced lie. Ciarochi wants to know if the rep would be surprised to know Timmy had been a member with another business previously. We readers all know he is referring to the bankrupt All-Star Entrepreneur, which was a member and Tim is infuriated because the BBB linked the All-Star page on the AC page. So, why Ciarochi would bring that up I can’t imagine! Ciarochi tries to get the rep to say if Timmy applied than he should be able to claim membership despite the fact he was never approved. As Ciarochi continues to hammer on this until the rep tells him that one church instructed that information should be given to Tim’s own church’s council because what he did was wrong.

Ciarochi then lectures the rep on how no purchase is required. Ciarochi, Tim and Jack all seem to think that no purchase being required guarantees that it is all legal. Rep X correctly points out that one will not be able to sell something that one is not willing to purchase themselves. “You have to get the conference in order for you to sell it.” Rep X was told by Timmy that if one quits money, time and contacts would be lost and that “he did not make the rules---God made the rules.”

Ciarochi goes through every detail of the enrollment form. Rep X says the information on the form is not the issue. The three day right to cancel in Texas may have passed, but the issue according to the rep was what Timmy was doing after the rep was enrolled. Rep X reiterates that the refund was requested after the rep was told and read that Timmy lied about the BBB membership and other advertising material. Ciarochi asks again if Tim or anyone verbally stated AC was a member of the Bureau. The rep repeats for the millionth time it was in Tim’s signature.

Ciarochi reminds Rep X that there were Jim McHugh’s 2 relatives and Rep X’s friend plus Rep X’s MMC IV $10,000 purchase, so he wants to know if Rep X is unhappy about the $500 check received from AC. Rep X says firmly that is was the way it was handled. Rep X just lined the pocket of the lying Jim McHugh. “He knew it was enhancement of him.”

Ciarochi asks Rep X about the BBB posting about Advantage Conferences. The rep read it after prospects complained. “I think it was wrong for Tim Darnell to do it, and it was right for the Better Business Bureau to inform the people about what the company is and what is not.” Ciarochi asks if the rep considered AC a pyramid after reading the BBB site and a resounding yes is the answer. The rep felt that everything on the BBB was true. Ciarochi ask the rep if the BBB has a good reputation and the rep says yes. He also asks if the BBB is believable and the rep again responds in the affirmative. Ciarochi asks, “did Jack Weinzierl write to you and say he believed that you were affected by what you read at the Better Business Bureau and that affected your impression of Advantage Conferences?”
The following e-mail is referenced.


Rep X, we need to talk
Date: 11/2/05 7:38:03 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Reply To:
To: Rep X
Sent on:

Sent from the Internet (Details)

Rep X, we need to talk. It appears that you were affected from some irresponsible posting on a local BBB site. I thought that we have built a level of trust and I am concerned with your reaction here. They asked for Tim response by 11-1, and then they stabbed him in the back by posting irresponsibly before receiving what they requested of him. I have never been more committed or excited about what we are doing here.

I am sorry that you were not here to experience the MMC in Dallas as you would not have any question of value. Call me tomorrow. I hold you and your business up in my prayers.

To Your Success,


Jack M. Weinzierl

Advantage Conferences, LLC

817.205.9513 Direct Phone


RE: Can anyone please follow up

1/30/06 8:48:48 P.M. Pacific Standard Time



Sent from the Internet (Details)

Success is imminent for those who don’t quit, Rep X. Each Rep’s timing is unique, but with consistency, success happens for each one.

We have proven the BBB was totally inaccurate in their postings and will win our lawsuit against them. A major governmental agency has agreed that they were inaccurate in their posting regarding their “pyramid” reference. Truth and our integrity is vindicated once again and will always be.


Tim Darnell


Advantage Conferences

Office: 972-727-4995



Ciarochi has the rep describe forwarding many e-mails to the Better Business Bureau. When Ciarochi again asks why the complaint was filed Rep X responds, “The difference is because Tim Darnell misled me. Tim Darnell told a lie, and I cannot as a Christian work with a Christian company that lies; and everybody will back me up on that including the church council, that he is wrong.”

The fraudulent trademarks were on cards sent out and e-mails and prospects told Rep X about the BBB site. Ciarochi tries to paint it as trademarks can be improperly used if, for example, someone selling a dark beverage called it Coca-cola. That would be stealing Ciarochi claims, but Timmy didn’t steal those marks, so apparently to lie about them being protected is alright in Ciarochi’s book.

Ciarochi, in another moment of brilliance questions the rep about the testimonial that was written. The testimonial was written one month before Rep X learned of Tim’s decptions. Jack Weinzierl instructed the rep on what to write. No negative and only positive was the caveat.

Mr. Myers has the rep explain the testimonial was written before learning anything about AC/Tim Darnell. Mr. Myers wraps up the questions with a discussion of what the rep was told by the DSA (Direct Selling Association.)
The rep wanted to know the difference between multilevel marketing and direct sales.

After hearing about Advantage conferences, the DSA representative said it sounds like a scam. The DSA rep said it was definitely multilevel and “he said it soulds like it’s a scam because he had never heard of anybody paying $7000.00 for something that people do not do anything for it; he thinks that it’s not a product, it’s not a resellable product. They felt you enroll people instead of a product.”

That wrapped up a very long deposition.


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Post by wserra » Tue Jul 17, 2007 1:19 pm

That's quite a story, SBM. Thanks for the time and effort in reading and digesting a lengthy transcript.

I recall Timmy's email from previous postings. Still, I can't help commenting again that, legally speaking, it's one of the dumbest things I've read in a while.
Timmy wrote:For example:It only takes one instance of libel to be indicted and the penalties are harsh and severe.
Libel, of course, is a tort, not a crime. No one is therefore ever indicted for libel, no matter how egregious. And the "penalties" (correctly called "damages") are the same as for any tort: reasonable compensation for the injury caused. That's why it takes a really stupid scammer to sue for defamation: since damages are to your reputation, your life is open to scrutiny.
The last person who did that to me was issued a court mandated legal penalty of $405,000.00, the settlement of which they are now paying on a monthly basis for 20 plus years of their life.
Well, of course that really happened. That's why Timmy has never identified this phantom suit.
This is an OFFICIAL NOTICE PUBLISHED ON JANUARY 19, 2006 and will be retained as official documentation for possible court proceedings.
There is, of course, nothing "official" about it, since Timmy has no power to issue "official" notices of anything.

It is entertaining, though.
"A wise man proportions belief to the evidence."
- David Hume

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Post by Cobalt Shiva » Tue Jul 17, 2007 7:49 pm

I had a MLM guy threaten me with a lawsuit over my pointing out the economics of MLM on a local BBS back in 1993--he claimed that I was (a) "releasing proprietary information" and (b) "slandering the company."

I pointed out that if the company's publicly filed "proprietary information" had the effect of "slandering" the company, that was the MLM company's problem, not mine.

He then started called me at 2AM in the morning, pretending to be an attorney he'd retained.

"Excuse me, pal, but there's a few things you need to know. First, I believe that the Constitution gives me the right to keep and bear machine guns and light antitank weapons. Second, that Iraqi prisoner fell out of the helicopter, I don't give a damn what that lying sack of s*** crew chief said to the JAG before he had that fatal accident. Third, why the f*** are you calling from (MLM company rep's house)? My buddies in the NSA can get your personal info in their sleep."

Never heard from him after that. Wonder why. :lol:

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Post by soapboxmom » Wed Jul 18, 2007 2:35 pm

Cobalt Shiva,

Glad you dropped in. We have missed you. Wacko Jacko there is reporting Mom here to the FABEE(FBI) maybe I can hire you to be my body gaurd when I start my life on the run. LOL

Wacko Jacko, I know you read everyday, so just keep scamming and I will continue to publically impeach every ridiculous thing you come up with. You call yourself President and Founder of and President/Founder

Those aren't registered in Texas. But, hey, Jacko you could run around waving a toilet brush and declare yourself king of the maintenance engineers!

We have a new incarnation of this egregious scam:
Tuesday, July 3, 2007
International Announcement

Africa and India: – The Advantage Conferences compensation structure has historically included pricing in US dollars, based on the loosely similar US, Canadian and British Isle economies. Our economic structures are based on a currency value and general income scenario that does not translate comparably for many foreign countries, and even for entire continents. We are now in the process of gradually adjusting pricing on the Mindset Mentoring Conference for better access to populations in regions that could greatly benefit from our product, but can only do so at more accessible pricing.

For example, in Zambia (formerly Northern Rhodesia) in south central Africa, the average annual income is US $360.00. Our products and central message are geared toward helping people transcend meager incomes (poverty levels in many cases) and financial mindsets by several multiples. Business minded individuals, in that country as an example, will now be able to attend our transformational Mindset Mentoring Conference at a price much more palatable to their economic conditions.

Accordingly, we will now offer to African and Indian residents the full MMC-IV for 995.00 US. An African or Indian MMC-IV purchase will pay their Mentor (regardless of Mentor’s domicile) a US $500.00 commission. The Reverse Margin™ model remains in effect with no differences. African and Indian citizen/residents must sell three MMC-IV’s in order to qualify – one of which can be their own purchase. A $995.00 ticket purchase allows the purchaser to attend the Conference with spouse. This new pricing structure begins a concerted International market initiative which we believe will truly elevate the mindset and incomes of our International Reps and customers. For example, a sale of an MMC-IV for a qualified Zambian MMC-IV Mentor will pay that International Representative more than their current annual income!

We will only offer a single level of MMC purchase in Africa and India. That sole level will be the MMC-IV at US $995.00 (no MMC-I, MMC-II, or MMC-III options).

International marketing presents several challenges that we predict will be less formidable as time goes on. For instance, receiving and paying funds internationally is a bit tricky at times. It is slower and often restricted from a legal standpoint. Also challenging is being able to understand the various dialects, a problem amplified by poor telephone connections. Most Africans and Indians do speak English, but pronunciation is usually different. So it is important that we converse and communicate with patience. Ask for an interpreter in the event of your not being able to understand your foreign Candidate. Many times, the best solution to poor communication is e-mail. Text is easier to decipher.

Please pass this message on to your International Candidates. This is a new day for our Company, you, and your African/Indian Candidates and Representatives! This pricing change will facilitate our business and their lives. It enhances the capability of our Christ centered Mentoring products to seep into the marketplace for the edification of entire regions – thereby doing the work that God has intended us to accomplish!

If you have questions, please e-mail:
We have got to do everything possible to stop these scammers from victimizing desperate folks in third world countries. The failure rate in the U.S. for this scam exceeds 98% by Tim Darnell's own numbers in the court papers. God does not intend to see those folks lose 3 years pay to these well dressed thugs!


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Big Toilet Flush!

Post by soapboxmom » Wed Aug 08, 2007 11:12 pm

Two more of Timmy boy's schemes have blown up in his face. Down the commode they went.

My educated guess is that millionaire mentor Arch Bonemma found out about the real Tim Darnell and refused to speak at the King's Conferences and show off his pieces that are purported to be of Noah's Ark that he brought back from Iran. No doubt his association with the scammer was hurting Bonnema's Joshua Financial and he was quite desperate to distance himself from Advantage Conferences. I am sure many fine folks let Arch know that he should distance himself from the scammer. pages are gone, so I assume that little joke of an Advantage Conferences plug has had its first and last issue. I personally contacted all the advertisers and linked the fine threads here, so they could reconsider supporting Timmy's scam. Timmy is the king of colossal flops. I would love to hear how he will explain this to his reps. When the egregious insurance product exploiting the insurability of seniors bombed, Jack posted that God had spoken to rep, Mike Napoli and told him not to market that product. Mike Napoli then spent $6,400.00 to advertise the now defunct King's Conference in the Givers magazine that appears to have bombed as well.

Tim's reps are just hemorrhaging thousands of dollars on this clown's schemes. The only question is when the last incarnation of the Advantage Conferences scam will fold.


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Post by soapboxmom » Sat Aug 11, 2007 8:00 pm

Inaugural Founder's Conference

Our inaugural Founders Conference will be held in a 16th Century Castle in Ireland!

The gorgeous Irish countryside, including Killarney, Killkenny, "The Ring of Kerry," and Dublin will be tour highlights; and top Authors and Trainers are being flown in for All-Star Entrepreneur's ultimate Conference Experience curriculum.

Conference spots are limited. We are at 80% capacity already. Be sure to attend this once in a lifetime event - June 5 - 13, 2003!...
The Founder's Conference (FC)
This highly unique conference experience was created to obtain specific information utilized by upper income and wealth conscious business performers. The speakers for this luxurious conference are carefully chosen to deal with subject matters that the founders personally require to enhance their own personal, business, and investing skills. Highly respected experts share unique financial empowerment information in a more personal and interactive format. Learn the secrets of managing large incomes and investments, and creating multiple sources of income. Learn how to join the elite 1% group of Americans who have money working for them rather than vice-versa. An interview, subject to review and unanimous acceptance by the All-Star Founders, is required upon application for this conference. $12,995.00 SRP

June 16,2003 is the date that Tim Darnell jumped off of his sinking ship. Tim did not leave because of any partners embezzling $400,000, but rather becasue there were over 100 creditors after him----the majority purchasers of that $12,995.00 conference that never happened. Timmy has legions of angry reps after him. It is time to unite and stop this scammer from defrauding anyone else.



Post by Shakespearegirl » Tue Aug 14, 2007 4:58 am

gotta interject here - trying to follow all of this about Advantage, but this quote:

"My educated guess is that millionaire mentor Arch Bonemma found out about the real Tim Darnell and refused to speak at the King's Conferences and show off his pieces that are purported to be of Noah's Ark that he brought back from Iran"

just cracked me up. Now which one of these guys says he's got pieces from Noah's Ark? lol


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Post by soapboxmom » Wed Aug 15, 2007 3:57 pm

Arch Bonnema is an alleged Christian millionaire. He spoke at the October 2006 scamference for Tim Darnell's Advantage Conferences. Arch is the CEO of the family business in the Dallas area, Joshua Financial. Arch travelled to Iran and risked never seeing his family again to follow God's calling and search for Noah's Ark. Arch brought back peices of wood purported to be from the Ark.

Arch and Tim came up with the King's Conferences this past spring and went to 2 very small towns in Texas and presented a conference for the tiny fndamentalist churches that were conned into hosting. The first day, Thursday, June 14 of the only Millionaire Mindset/ now Mindset Mentoring Conference in Dallas previewed Arch and Tim's new scheme. There has been a bump in the road for Tim. Arch was featured in a 3 page spread in scammer Tim's new "one idea" Givers Magazine. Being totally committed to busting this scam I, shall we say, crashed the conference and helped myself to a copy of said silly AC plugathon magazine.

Something is up. The King's conference pages have disappeared from the AC replicated websites. My guess is that Arch Bonnema got tremendous pressure to distance himself from Tim's scam. Tim had reps heavily advertising these King's Conferences online and in his Givers magazine to the tune of thousands of dollars. No doubt we have more very angry reps, except for Mike Napoli. He is out thousands, but God speaks to him. God told him not to sell the egregious insurance policies on seniors and surely God has told him not to market the King's Conferences either, so Mike can blame the whole sordid mess on the dear Lord. I would love to know exactly what Arch said to Timmy that sent the King's Conference down the toilet where numerous other Timmy creations have gone.

I am also quite anxious to know if part two of Timmy's story about Arch will appear in issue 2 of the Givers magazine now that is is apparent that Arch has dumped our scammin' boy. Givers magazine is not on shelves anywhere in Dallas I have looked and I certainly have no intention of subscribing, so I hope someone will update us on that.



Post by Shakespearegirl » Thu Aug 23, 2007 12:07 am

wow - how would one go about subscribing for this mag? :P

So Arch decided that the Lord wasn't hip to the Timmah? How could there be so many dumb people to fall for this stuff just in the Dallas area, that they're already feeling so much pressure? Sounds like some real scumbags to me.

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Post by soapboxmom » Fri Sep 07, 2007 3:03 pm

Our scamming boys are at it again. Jacko and Timmy have been praying and here is the result.

http://www.advantage-conferences-traini ... istry-blog
Beat the price increase for the President's Package
Tuesday, September 4, 2007 at 02:37PM
Beat the price increase for the President's Package October 1, 2007.

Advantage Conferences is the premier home business opportunity in the world today. When you compare products and compensation plans, there is simply no denying how powerful this business is in relation to other opportunities out there.

Combine that with a genuine commitment not just to Christian values, but to Christ Jesus as Lord, including and especially Lord of our lives and our businesses, you won't find a more perfect environment for Christians who truly desire to improve their finances and income.

After careful review and much prayer, we need to raise our pricing on the Mindset Mentoring Conferences and in particular the President's Package, the product with by far the greatest value.

So, beginning October 1, 2007 the price of our President's Package will be $11,995.00. MMC-IV Mentor commissions will remain intact at $7,000.00.
Now, really Jack. I see the grade school math is confusing you again. You promised "Our goal is for you to make $7,000.00 over and over again and a minimum of $100,000 in income over the next year - with a realistic potential to make much, much more." Let's suppose you have 200 reps left after several hundred have abandoned ship. In order to make that 100 grand you have suggested one must hand up 2 sales after their own purchase and then make 15 sales of the MMC-IV to accomplish that. 200 x 15 sales = 3000 new reps. There are no retail sales of the scamference to date that I am aware of. Those 3000 reps need (x15) 45,000 who need 675,000...10,125,000...151,875,000...2,278,125,000....34,171,875,000..... And that was just for the first year. I guess everyone must follow the current trend and quit after the first year to stop the devastating financial hemorrhaging.

Did you read the court papers Jack? You made a bazillion dollars. Jim Wald made half a bazillion. Tim has made money and then we had, as of June 2006, only 5 more that had broken even. So,only 3 made the promised amount. You boys had folks signing up to make 100 grand to 1 million a year and had a place for folks to check they wanted to make $160,000.00 every six weeks. The reality is more than 98% have lost money and many of them are out around twenty grand. Jack, your business, as it is, is not improving folks financial stiuations. It is putting folks into desperate straights.
How does that affect you? If you have been considering AC as your home business of choice, but have not committed to the President's Package yet, this would be a very good time to make that move.

As an entrepreneur in any industry, we don't look at our businesses as anything less than multi-million dollar enterprises, whether it actually is today or not. We visualize in those terms only. If you're going to have a business, why would you think in terms of lesser revenues? You shouldn't.

Building any business successfully will place the business and you into the millions of dollars in annual revenues category. If you don't see that, then you would likely be better off maintaining employee status.
Jack, last I heard you were appraoching 1 million after 2 1/2 years but with 98% or more out thousands it is nothing but a scam to line your and Tim's pockets. How can a supposed Christian lure marks in with the unbelievable lies you are telling?

You are right about one thing. Folks would be better off as employees. Of the hundreds that have jumped ship and left the AC Titanic some had quit their jobs and lived to regret it.
With that in mind, $9,995.00 for the Ongoing Mentoring offered by AC, or $11,995.00 for that product is really a no-brainer. In fact, the only bad move would be to not use the powerful and effective Mentoring that AC provides. Entrepreneurs have no problem with either of those amounts.

Employee minded people have a problem with paying anything for Mentoring because they don't have the big picture, including bigger revenues in mind. So, the point is, you've got to have the big picture firmly in mind. You've got to see yourself cash flowing to a much, much greater extent than you are now.

The way to get there is to seriously think in higher dollar realms and start dealing with much greater dollar amounts (translated to your currency equivalents) in your thinking AND reality in both the outgo and the income areas of stewardship. We teach this all the time at AC. Some "get this message", and some never do.
Jacko, I know your and Tim are always reading me, so why don't you meet this challenge. Give us the credentials of one mentor we would be learning from. Tim in his first year and a half of AC garnered only 13 reps and had 2 conferences scheduled that never happened. Who is in AC that has any business acumen, education, experience or credentials that would make it worth thousands of dollars for silly group phone calls and a yahoo group?

Thinking in these higher dollar amounts does not do anything to change ones current financial situation. More education, training, experience, talent, and dedication might just do it.
Anyway, this is an opportune and prime time for you to zero in on accomplishing the acquisition of the President's Package. The price is the lowest it will ever be, and it will be going up come October 1.

I encourage you to be more resourceful than you ever have. Actually, resourcefulness is the true characteristic that separates those who remain employed, struggle with finances most of their life, and really never accomplish a whole lot during their lifetime, versus those who figure out how to make things happen and in so doing, watch their entire world expand. They are resourceful, more so than they ever thought possible and when they choose to do that, their entire world amplifies.
Jack you put your 10 grand conference purchase and another 8 grand for advertising on a Visa in your first month. Tim bragged that he used 3 credit cards to start his business. No reputable mentor would encourage reps to risk their homes and go into impossible credit card debt. You just want to enjoy your extravagant home, Hummer and Mercedes off of the losses of fine Christians.
It's all in our thinking. Success is available to anyone who dares to stretch beyond their current situation. It is available to you when you seize the opportunities that life affords, and by the way, for most of us life will truly only afford two or three great opportunities. I believe with all my heart that this is one of your two or three chances.

Now is your chance. Now is the best time to move forward.

If you are ready, simply e-mail me at:
Most folks who have any clue what you are up to are thinking they should hang on to their wallets and run fast and hard.
...and let me know your intentions. We're growing, and you can be part of history, not just the Company's success, but your tremendous personal success as well.

Remember, you will save $2,000 by getting your MMC-IV President's Package in by September 30, 2007 .


In Service,


Jack M. Weinzierl

Advantage Conferences, LLC

Christian Entrepreneur and Mentor

Learn more about Marketplace Ministry at:
Jack, I know has always hurt sales. There has been a mass exodus of reps for many other reasons. The loss in court sent many reps running. 60 reps got licenses to sell the Hidden Treasures insurance product and then that obscene thing bombed. Next Arch Bonnema with his Noah's Ark pieces left and the King's Conferences are history. The Givers magazine is a joke and has no circulation and many reps advertised in there to no avail. The last collosal disaster was your June conference that boasted almost no attendance and drove away some the last few groupies.
One Hour of Prayer this Labor Day Weekend Friday, August 31, 2007 at 02:28PM
I hope that you were on the $7,000 Overview call last night. It was powerful to hear from several of our representatives whose lives have been changed at Advantage Conferences.

This is a quick message that I was led to share. I was listening to a powerful pastor teach this past week and here is what he shared.

"An hour of prayer is more powerful than a lifetime of reasoning."

Most people in business who operate as the world operates, focus on reasoning everything out. Well, I want to encourage you today according to the Word, not the world.

I don't know if Advantage Conferences is a good fit for you, but I want to encourage you to spend an hour in prayer this Labor Day weekend. Ask the Lord for discernment and wisdom. I only want you to join us if you firmly believe that you were led to AC and that you have a peace to move forward and commit to sharing this Christ-centered mentoring and business with others. We are here to show you how.

Have a blessed weekend and let me know when you have that peace. Do not let fear and reasoning stand in the way of your future.

In Service,

Jack Weinzierl
Advantage Conferences

Posted by Jack Weinzierl | Comments Off | Email | Print
This one takes the cake, scammer Jack. You don't want your reps to employ logical, rational, analytical and intelligent thought in their decision making process because if they did you wouldn't be living high on the hog while they suffered financial ruin. Nice!


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Post by wserra » Sat Sep 08, 2007 11:04 am

Hey, SBM. Good to see you back.

You have done so much of the real Lord's work (as opposed to what Timmy and Jack claim to be the Lord's work) against these particular scammers that I don't know if I can provide you with anything you don't already have. I did find something curious, though.

As you know, Timmy's baseless suit against the Dallas BBB and Jon Taylor was dismissed by a one-page order in October of 2006. Timmy (actually Advantage Conferences) sued the same people in Michigan state court (Macomb County Circuit Court, Docket 2006-002936-CZ) on July 10, 2006, while the Dallas case was pending. That case languished with no action at all until the court sua sponte put it out of its misery "for no progress" in January of this year.

Needless to say, it's very difficult to see how a Michigan state court would have any jurisdiction over such a matter. Moreover, filing the case while the Dallas case was pending is a clear abuse of process, one which could well result in sanctions if the court in either place became aware of it.

Do any of these scammers have contacts in Macomb County, MI?
"A wise man proportions belief to the evidence."
- David Hume

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Post by soapboxmom » Sat Sep 15, 2007 5:03 pm

http://www.advantage-conferences-traini ... ealth.html
Secrets of Wealth?
Wednesday, September 12, 2007 at 12:55AM
Secrets of wealth? Sounds like an overused phrase or a concept someone would use to hype the MLM of the month, or "join our program" jargon.
It is "join our program" jargon, scammer Jack.
But did you ever stop to think why some people really do make millions of dollars and others seem to struggle their entire life? There really are secrets out there that are available and simply not taught......until now…
That is pure bunk. Folks that want to prosper need more education, experience, marketable talents, credentials, certifications, creativity etc. You, Mr. Mortgaged to the hilt (95%) and forced to bail out after 18 months just a few months ago and Timmy, the colossal business flop of the century, with his reps and creditors out almost 1.3 million (remember All-Star), are hardly qualified to mentor anyone. You boys don't have any secret that one couldn't get at Barnes and Noble, a CPAs office, a financial advisors office or from numerous other credible sources.
For instance, if you have significant money in mortgage equity right now, genuinely wealthy people would tell you you're making a major mistake. You're probably thinking, I'll make extra payments on my mortgage to pay it off quicker and I can own my home free and clear. That's conventional thinking, and yes, you want to own your own home free and clear - BUT NOT BY MAKING EXTRA PAYMENTS, or shortening the term of your mortgage to 15 years (the most common ideas).

Gee, Jacko, Hubby and I paid off our very modest home. We refinanced with a fifteen year loan and paid it off early. Now our home is all equity. We were not paying enough in interest to benefit from itemizing on our taxes and unlike you Jack we are saving for college, retirement and giving very generously every year to a number of charities. Our home is not a cash cow for the bank. We will have that equity as a small protion of our retirement and if we do hit hard times the home is ours.
The fact is, conventional thinking leads to conventional results. Unfortunately, the masses aren't doing that well financially, because they follow mom and dad's wisdom, or conventional wisdom that leads to financial methods that make banks rich and people much less rich than they could and should be.
That again is pure bull. If folks do what we know you will ask----refinance to join your pyramid scheme they will be paying the bank a whole lot more for a whole lot longer, scammer. Your recruits have a failure rate, from Tim's court case documents, that calculates out to exceed 98%.
Money in your mortgage is dead money. In fact, the word, "mort" means dead. It's not being used for anything but making the banks rich. Here's a secret - your house doesn't appreciate in value because you have more or less equity in your mortgage. It appreciates due to the value of your land and home, not due to how much you've paid or not paid on your mortgage. If you had zero equity, your house's value would change totally independent of that amount.
Linguistics is not your subject, buffoon. You claimed in an earlier blog cynic and cyanide shared a common root. That is a blatant lie, but one you hoped would con folks into buying the boatload of bunk you are shoveling instead of being warned off by dedicated consumer advocates. The only thing dead is your Advantage Conferences scheme. A mortgage does not use dead the way you try to paint it. The "dead pledge" or security simply ends when the debt is paid off.


c.1550s, from Gk. kynikos, lit. "dog-like," from kyon (gen. kynos) "dog."


1826, coined from cyan-, comb. form for carbon and nitrogen compounds, from Gk. kyanos "dark blue enamel, lapis lazuli" (probably a non-IE word) + chemical ending -ide.
Your equity makes one entity rich - and that would be the bank - not you. In fact, during your first five years of paying your mortgage, right at 86 percent of your payments do nothing but go straight to bank profits - not your equity. And yet, virtually every person believes that is the only way to buy their home. 86 PERCENT! That is piracy. Robbery by consent. Robbery due to the masses ignorance.
That is quite true that the early payments are to a large degree interest. So what! How do you suggest folks purchase a home? Only 3 people in Advantage Conferences have made more than the 100 grand promised according to the court papers. The business had a mass exodus that is continuing thanks to Tim losing that suit against the BBB. I hear Tim is nearing bankruptcy and stiffing folks as I type. Your loan on the house you bailed out of after 18 months was financed at 95% and almost all of that in an adustable rate loan. We can check public record again and see how you financed your new downsized digs. I bet you again put almost nothing down. Advantage Conferences didn't make you cash for your new house, now did it lad?

Wacko Jacko said on Ryze:
Before individuals say—well Jack was well financed, was the president of his previous company, has his MBA—which means nothing in this business by the way, he doesn’t know what $10,000 means to me. OK, time for a reality check and for transparency.

We keep it real in this business and time to dispel any preconceived notions you may have right now. I resigned from a six figure position as the president of a company 15 months ago. I did so with a $500,000 mortgage—yikes is right, having invested approximately $100,000 in MLMs and trying my best to build those over the previous 4 years losing all of that money, I had lost our life savings a couple years prior to that on a software stock--$90,000 and my wife home schools and stays home with our kids. I was looking at a $14,000 property tax bill, had no insurance except for Cobra at $1200 a month and then I found AC less than 2 days later. Failure was not an option. Now God had not brought those challenges on us as we do a pretty good job of messing things up on our own when our priorities are out of whack, but we did turn it over to Him in prayer and He is turned it around and I grew through the experience.

I am not a fan of debt except for appreciable assets like homes, but I started as an MMC-IV with a Visa check and invested $8,000 in marketing to build my business in month one—also on my Visa. Now, do I recommend that? NOT at all, but I was at a point of DISGUST about our finances, I knew we had been faithful in our tithes and giving and we had a peace about building an Advantage Conferences business.
If this isn't definitve proof what a complete buffoon Jack is, what more do we need?
Unfortunately, for most people, their equity is the greatest amount of money they have - and to use it improperly is one of the worst things anybody could be doing for their estate, their wealth, and their legacy - it's literally the total opposite of what they should be doing to create wealth.
Tapping out equity to line your pockets is unbelievably risky. One could have to sell and find themselves writing a check at the closing. Is that what happened to you when you were forced to downsize, Jacko?
Advantage Conferences now has a new division that will make a huge difference in every life that uses our services - Personal Wealth Mentoring. The concepts being taught are the exact secrets used by the wealthy that only a very, very small percentage of people know about, and even less do anything about.
So, Jack is downsized and desperate. Tim is in a cheap Fox and Jacobs starter house with a lengthy history of failed scams and by his own admission after All-Star he couldn't even afford toiletries. So one should ask why it is Tim isn't living the lifestyle of the rich and successful!
But I can tell you without hesitation that the principles are very simple and you'll know in moments that they are right and should have been in place in your life years ago. The good news is that you can start now whether you are 22 or 85 years old. It doesn't matter. These simple tweaks are right, profitable, and powerful principles that you'll figure out in moments of being shown this information.

I think folks should read the court papers from the suit Timmy filed against the Better Business Bureau and the bankruptcy filing for All-Star. That is the only information one needs to be shown.
If you want to change your life, and then turn around and make an impact on thousands of other lives, you need to join us at Advantage Conferences. We're growing like wildfire, and you can profit tremendously by learning and earning. The commissions are huge and the fulfillment of seeing others' lives changed in profound ways is beyond description.
Advantage Conferences is shrinking like wildfire and sinking like the Titanic. Folks should look at all the webpages that are gone or changed to other things. Watch the videos of AC reps from the first two conferences and note the almost all those folks are long gone. Ask the scamming boys to explain why so many of the folks in on the ground floor have jumped ship.
In His (own)Service,

Jack Weinzierl
Lantana, TX

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Folks, if you really want to serve God you will not serve scammer Jack.


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http://www.advantage-conferences-traini ... rnell.html

http://www.advantage-conferences-traini ... anker.html ... _Audio.asp ... odes/32jly

Timmy is discussing his new joke of a division. I guess this one will be run out of his garage. Personal Wealth Mentoring and Personal Banking Explosion are his coined phrases for his version of financial suicide. I am saying unequivocally that Timmy and Jack have no business or financial acumen and their personal financial histories clearly demonstrate how foolish and downright catastophic their advice has been.

Timmy, who pushed that egregious insurance product "Hidden Treasures" (insurance on unsuspecting seniors to third parties and could be characterized as a seedy proposition at best), is at it again. Now he is peddling some convoluted version of whole life policies. His new guru is Nelson Nash author of Becoming Your Own Banker or The Infinite Banking Concept.

There are way to many flaws in this program to begin to cover them here. Obviously each individual needs to consult their own certified financial planner, CPA or tax attorney etc. Let's be blunt though and point out the obvious----Tim is setting his recruits up once again with bogus advice and the potential for catastrphic losses.

Tim is telling people to take out interest only loans on their homes. He talks of a phenomenal investment vehicle that one can borrow from and that grows tax free with a death benefit. ... y=lifeterm
Allow me to share what Smart Money has to say.
FOR MOST PEOPLE, the right type of life insurance can be summed up in a single word: term....

The basic difference between term and whole life insurance is this: A term policy is life coverage only. On the death of the insured it pays the face amount of the policy to the named beneficiary. You can buy term for periods of one year to 30 years. Whole life insurance, on the other hand, combines a term policy with an investment component. The investment could be in bonds and money-market instruments or stocks. The policy builds cash value that you can borrow against...With both whole life and term, you can lock in the same monthly payment over the life of the policy.

Forced Savings
Whole life insurance is expensive: You're paying not only for insurance but also for the investment portion. That extra cost might almost be worth it if these policies were a good investment vehicle. But usually they aren't. Insurance agents like to call these policies retirement plans, emphasizing the "forced savings" inherent in forking over the premiums each month "for retirement."

Leaving aside the fact that there are many better ways to save for retirement, these policies come with high fees and commissions, which sometimes lop off as much as three percentage points from the annual return. On top of that, there are up-front (but hidden) commissions that are typically 100% of your first year's premium. Worse, it's often impossible to tell what the return on the investment will be, and how much of what you pay in goes toward the insurance and how much toward the investment.

Premiums for term insurance are downright cheap for people in good health up to about age 50. After that age, premiums start to get progressively more expensive...

Term: Where the Value Is
To get a real sense of the value of term, let's compare a term policy and a universal life policy. Say a 40-year-old nonsmoking male has a choice between a $250,000 Met Life universal policy with a $3,000 annual premium and a same amount of renewable term coverage with a 20-year fixed premium of $350. At the end of one year, the universal policy, assuming it paid 5.7% per year, tax-deferred, would have a cash value of exactly zero (cash value is the amount you would get back if you canceled the policy). But say he had instead invested $2,650 (the difference between $3,000 and $350) in a no-load mutual fund that averaged a total return of 10% annually. At the end of the first year, he'd have $2,841, accounting for taxes on the earnings at a 28% rate. At the end of 10 years, he would have accumulated more than $46,000 in after-tax savings in the mutual fund. Over the same period, the cash value of the policy would have climbed only to $31,819.

That's not to say that whole life insurance is always a bad idea. Wealthy people can use whole life in their estate planning by setting up an insurance trust that will pay their estate taxes from the proceeds of the policy. ...

Sizing Up a Whole Life Policy
One of the great problems with whole life is only an expert can tell if a policy you own or are considering will ever become a decent investment. James Hunt, actuary for the Consumer Federation of America, who has analyzed thousands of policies, notes that whole life policies hardly ever yield a reasonable return unless held for 20 years or more. So if you buy one be prepared to pay into it for the very long haul.

The key to a whole life policy is its internal rate of return -- the yield on the policy after all fees and charges are subtracted. A competent analysis can determine at a minimum whether the weight of the fees and charges built into one of these policies will ever allow a worthwhile return. Such an analysis will also pinpoint the minimum amount of cash value that you can derive from a policy at any given time interval.

Some financial planners, actuaries and accountants can perform internal rate of return analysis on your policy...

Most policies don't start to build decent a cash value until their 12th or 15th year. So if you cash in after 10 years, you could be out of a lot of money. And you can be sure that if you surrender in the first five years or so, practically every dime you put in will be down the toilet.

How to Check an Insurer's Ratings
If you're looking for whole life coverage or a term policy that you'll want to keep 20 or 30 years, the financial soundness of the insurer is a critical concern. You want some assurance the company will be around in case you aren't. For insurance companies, the major credit agencies like Standard & Poor's rate claims-paying ability.

Fortunately, information on the credit worthiness of insurance companies is easy to obtain. Reports are cheap or free over the Internet...

Scammer Jack says:
One of the first things they'll do is purchase our President's Package because we've integrated the top commissions for the Personal Banking concept with MMC-IV status at AC. It only takes one or two contracts (one or both can be the ones that set your family up) with the Personal Banking concept to more than pay for our top product, The President's Package, making that purchase truly a no-brainer.
So, the rep buys the insurance and Jack and Tim pocket $5,000-$12,000 + $$$$$. Reps would be bettter served to spend a couple hundred dollars a year and get a hefty term policy and put the difference in their personal emergency fund, 401ks, IRAs, 529 college plans for kids. The folks that Tim is suckering in most likely need retirement money. ... atters/961
Suze Orman Money Matters
Insurance: What You Need and What You Don't
by Suze Orman
Posted on Thursday, September 22, 2005, 12:00AM
I'm not going to pretend the subject of insurance is sexy or exciting. But it sure is an important and, yes, potentially dangerous topic that deserves your full attention.

I say dangerous because if you screw up and don't have the right coverage-be it auto, home, or life insurance-you are risking financial disaster. All it takes is one mishap or setback that isn't covered by an insurance policy and you, or your loved ones, could easily end up bankrupt. (And starting this fall bankruptcy will be more painful than ever thanks to a new federal law that will increase the hoops consumers must jump through before they can file for personal bankruptcy protection.)

That's why it's well worth your time to make sure you have the right insurance coverage...

Life Insurance

This one doesn't need to be nearly as complicated, expensive, or daunting as you probably think.

First, the only reason you need life insurance is if anyone is dependent on your income. That can be kids, a spouse, a partner, an elderly parent. If no one is dependent on you, then you don't need it. That simple.... Remember, the point of life insurance is to replace income that would be lost if the policyholder dies...

Next, you should only look for one type of coverage: Term life insurance. Do not-I repeat, do not-buy any other type of life insurance. There's another kind, called "cash value," which is a colossal waste of money, if you ask me. These cash value policies come in a variety of flavors, including whole life, universal life, and variable life. Just say no to anyone who tries to talk you into one of these plans. They can be more than 10 times as expensive as a term policy, yet you don't need any of the "extras" they come with. In fact, the big added feature of a cash value policy is that it provides an investment component. I won't go into a ton of details here other than to tell you that a life insurance policy is a lousy way to save and invest. So stick to a policy that simply provides life insurance and leave off all the expensive bells and whistles.

If you have already bought a cash value policy, I recommend canceling it and getting term life...

A term policy provides your beneficiaries a death benefit (the payout on the policy) if you die while the policy is in effect. As its name implies, your policy is in force for a specific length of time, or "term." You want to make sure the term you choose matches your needs. For example, if you have a two-year-old child, a 20-year policy will provide coverage until your child is through (or close to through) with college. If you have a 13-year-old, a 10-year term policy will suffice.

Now for the size of the death benefit. No need for crazy calculations. We can keep this part simple too: Buy a policy where the death benefit is equal to 20 times the annual income your beneficiaries would need to support themselves without you. Why 20? Well, I believe you owe it to your family to be super-careful here. I want your beneficiaries to be able to live on that payout without having to touch the principal; the peace of mind this provides is priceless. So if your policy is 20x their annual needs, that means the payout could be invested in high-quality bonds earning 5 percent or so in annual interest. The interest income would produce enough for them to live on.

How about an example? Let's say your spouse and kids would need (before taxes) $50,000 a year to live on. Multiply by 20 and we come up with $1 million. Don't get all grouchy and think you can't afford a term insurance policy with a $1 million death benefit. A healthy 40-year-old male can get a 20-year policy for as little as $80 a month. For a 30-year-old the monthly premium can be as low as $50 a month. Come on, that's doable!

Now, if you were to die during that 20-year period, your beneficiary would receive a $1 million payout. If he or she then invested this lump sum in high-grade bonds earning 5 percent, the annual payout would be $50,000, without touching principal....

My point is pretty simple: Why not give those you love the utmost financial flexibility in the event you die prematurely? Given the low cost of term insurance, you can buy them a ton of flexibility without breaking your bank account.

And one final life insurance tip: If you or your partner is a stay-at-home parent, please make sure you also have a term policy on their life, too. In the event the stay-at-home parent were to die, the surviving partner would need extra income to be able to pay for childcare. So tie the death benefit amount to what you expect your childcare costs could be and how many years you anticipate your kids would need that care. ... y=lifeterm ... urance.htm ... 020725.htm ... /index.htm ... whole.aspx ... -permanent

Don't throw Advantage Conferences/Jack Weinzierl and Tim Darnell your hard earned money!


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Boys and girls,

The scamming boys are hoping they will be hosting their scamference at the
Doubletree Hotel Dallas Market Center
2015 Market Center Blvd., Dallas, Texas, USA 75207
Tel: +1-214-741 7481

I have taken the liberty of contacting the Doubletree Hotel Dallas Market Center and attaching the bankruptcy filing for All-Star Entreprenuer and linking the fine thread here. I hope everyone will join me in assuring no more hotels get stiffed and no more unsuspecting reps will join the hundreds that are out $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, many 20 grand or more. We Texans need to make that scamming Jack and Timmy skedaddle out of here!


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Timmy, Timmy, Timmy,

You are such a bad boy. Why don't we take a walk down memory lane. ... tters/full
Craig Malisow in his brilliant article in the Houston Press writes:
The first thing you need to know about Timothy Spencer Darnell is that he's not a U.S. citizen. Or at least not when it suits him.

In 2001, three months after a former client sued Darnell, Darnell filed an affidavit in Dallas County Court claiming that he's not a citizen, that the Dallas County Court-at-Law #3 is "an underling corporate fiction of the State of Texas, a corporation and a fiction," and that the court has no jurisdiction over him. Darnell's renunciation of the United States of America was supplemented by supporting affidavits by other Dallas-area noncitizens who claimed that Darnell "cannot receive a fair and impartial trial by jury of his peers by law in County Court-at-Law #3." When contacted by the Houston Press, affiant Mary Lou Starnater declined to say why she filed that affidavit, then hung up. (Darnell's wife's maiden name is Starnater.)

Brett Flagg, the Dallas attorney who represented Darnell's disgruntled client, said his client invested several thousand dollars in a company Darnell ran called Tru Dynamics. Flagg said the affidavit signaled a hard row ahead for his client, who decided to just call it a loss and move on.

Darnell has an entirely different recollection. He says he did not file the affidavit in response to a suit, but as a response to an affidavit filed by someone else that included Darnell's name in all upper-case letters.

Maybe it's best to let Darnell explain in his own words:

"The use of my name in upper-case letters...What that does, when you use uppercase letters, it signifies that you are a state-created entity. In other're not a living human being, you're a corporation. And I was disputing that fact by this affidavit."

Uh, okay. And that stuff about not being a U.S. citizen?

Darnell offers this clear, riddle-free response:

"There is a definition of the United States...the specific definition of that is Washington, D.C. and Guam and some of the holdings of the United States -- I think it's a 17-mile radius, if I remember correctly, around the capital: there's a definition that says that that's what the United States is, and I am clarifying that that is not the case. I do not live there.".....So Darnell rejoined the ranks of U.S. citizens and sued the BBB in the very court he previously claimed had no jurisdiction over him. He accused the Bureau of defamation, business disparagement and negligence, among other things......In its response to the suit, the Bureau stated: "Not only did the BBB have 'evidence' that [Advantage] is primarily engaged in promoting a pyramid scheme, but that evidence is overwhelming...Any claim by [Advantage] that commissions are paid only on 'sales' of the conference is nothing more than form over substance. These sales occur only inside the pyramid."

The Bureau's response also states: "Unlike Amway, whose compensation plan stressed that retail selling was essential, [Advantage] has no requirements whatsoever that a representative make any retail sales of the conference -- or any other product -- to non-participants...Not surprisingly, there has not been a single retail sale of the conference thus far; i.e., every attendee of the conference has been an [Advantage] representative interested in the income opportunity of large commission income.".......A Dallas judge granted the Bureau's motion for summary judgment last October. Advantage was ordered to cover the Bureau's court costs.
Our dear friend wserra shares a link to the actual document
5) A really funny "sovereign citizen" type affidavit from somewhere in Timmy's past. Are you aware that he is not a United States citizen? I think he should be deported. Moreover, he claims that the court in which he later sued the BBB has no jurisdiction. (I guess he just had nothing else to do at the time.)
From Timmy's 171 page videotaped deposition:
Q. All right.
So are we now talking about
Advantage Conferences claiming a total of 25 million in this lawsuit?
A. That's correct
Now, you are probably wondering what the point to this story is. Well, you may not know how the Better Business Bureau collected the judgment. First the BBB filed a Bill of Costs. Timmy did not voluntarily pay the judgment.
A Bill of Costs form is prepared by the prevailing party in a civil case. The Bill of Costs should reflect all costs incurred by the party, including the applicable filing fee if the plaintiff is the prevailing party.
With this in hand the BBB obtained a Writ of Garnishment. They practically emptied out Timmy/AC's bank account. Timmy would have happily taken 25 million from the BBB, but when he was ordered to pay the BBB's court cost he refused. Justice prevailed. His account was drafted.