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Nu Skin

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 6:26 pm
by JamesVincent
Another one I had seen no info about so I'll start this one off right.

The People's Daily continued its attack on Nu Skin for a third day on Friday, criticizing the U.S. company's global operations and reiterating the newspaper's view that the company is operating an illegal pyramid scheme in China. "In the development of Nu Skin, there have always been problems of illegal operation and practice," Friday's article said.

Which, actually, sounds a lot better then:

"January 18, 2014--Nu Skin's stock fell more than 40% this week after a scathing story in China's state-run People's Daily compared Nu Skin's training methods for new sales reps to "brain washing" and suggested it operates an illegal pyramid scheme. The article also said China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce is investigating the company.

Re: Nu Skin

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 6:58 pm
by notorial dissent
Considering Nu Skin's, shall we say charitably, abysmal legal track record in this country, I would hardly think that China of all places would be a good place for it to try out its business model. The Chinese are notoriously lacking in the humor gene when it comes to things like this, particularly things coming in from outside the country. I do not, I think foresee a long and profitable business arrangement in those climes.