Simon Parkes: a new banker?

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Simon Parkes: a new banker?

Postby littleFred » Sun Feb 12, 2017 8:48 pm

Simon Parkes is a bit like Peter Smith, but more so.

Simon is a dry, unenthusiastic speaker, but very knowledgeable about the NWO, and chemtrailing (which includes the release of nano-robots that we breathe in), but most especially the activities of off-planet beings.

For that last topic, Simon has inside knowledge, being descended from both 9-foot green aliens (on his mother's side) and Reptilians. Apparently, not all Reptilians are bad. He has regular sex with an alien, and has a child with it. His (human) wife doesn't approve.

Simon has been elected to local councils. Sadly, he doesn't correct interviewers who say he has been an elected Member of Parliament.

At his website he offers various services. He receives donations, but is also a driving instructor.

For some reason, the mainstream media don't take him entirely seriously. For example: ... mon-parkes ... or-5213887 ... acy-theory ... orth-yorks ... -1.1376650 ... 58236.html

So far, so kooky. This is just weird stuff from the far-flung outer reaches of the inernet. Of what interest is it to Quatloos readers?

In a recent video at 1h 11 mins, Simon explains that money is all about control. With help from Win (Winston) Keech, Simon has devised a system to move away from cash, towards barter and trade, to save us from the impending economic crash.

Win created all secure coding for current chip and pin systems, so the new system will certainly be secure, Simon says.

The new system is an app for phones. If I have six spare eggs but need milk, the app will find who has spare milk but wants eggs. Of course, I still have to do the physical exchange, but the system has done the clever bit of matching us up.

At a larger scale, a shop trying to sell 20 limousines could trade a couple for free advertising from an advertising company.

The exchanges will be based on a new currency, the Win.

Being based on people's work and energy, this is inflation-proof, and proof against economic crashes. Everyone who buys into the system would have a vote. At the end of the year, the system would donate to the top-voted scheme(s).

Simon is trying to find funding. It needs a lot of money. From that video:

Simon wrote:I'm not putting a call out for money. That's not what I'm doing. I don't want a call-out for money for this project. I just want a call-out for consciousness that this planet must move away from the concept of electronic money that has no value whatsoever, folding bits of paper that mean nothing. We must move to a system that is barter/trade and from that we can move to something else. [...] We must break the stranglehold of the banks.

A critic might say an app to enable bartering needs to process multi-stage barters: I might swap my eggs for flour, not because I need flour, but because someone else needs flour and has the milk that I need.

A critic might also say that replacing one form of money (pounds sterling) with another (the Win) doesn't remove money. And replacing banks with another centralised technology provider doesn't remove a stranglehold. And I'm not convinced that investors in his project will ever see a return, or even a working system.

Never mind. I wish him luck.

Aside: Winstom Keech has a number of patents, some granted, others still in application. Judging by this article, Simon exaggerates Win's success at persuading anyone to adopt his secure system.

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Re: Simon Parkes: a new banker?

Postby JimUk1 » Mon Feb 13, 2017 5:41 pm

I've seen these devolution ideas before.

The only real sensibly derived idea in modern economics is the basic wage for everyone, which is coming from Scandinavia.

It would teach how to be sensible with cash and hopefully create an understanding of why you should really use the rules my parent taught me - "hard to come by, easy to spend! So be tight".

Yes , I'm a Yorkshireman!

However Simon seems to not understand that certain trades, skills or services are not required by the average everyday household.

Not everyone needs a painter and decorator (for instance) 5 days a week, so how is he supposed to offer it up the rest of the year?

And for a councillor not to understand how money works as an intermediate system of barter is truly shocking, and shows how far the IQ drop has gone.

Conclusion- the mans a moron! And I agree littlefred, probably one to watch!

NB: can't see his idea breaking thought onto the LSE anytime soon.

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