Tom Crawford Documents and Documentation

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Tom Crawford Documents and Documentation

Postby notorial dissent » Sat Oct 15, 2016 9:13 pm

This is a placeholder for the posting of ONLY documents and documentation pertaining to this topic, preferably in order please.

Thank you in advance. ND
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Re: Tom Crawford Documents and Documentation

Postby Bones » Fri Dec 16, 2016 3:06 pm

Bones wrote:Image

Anyone help? if so here's our story, We moved to Nottingham 1988, 24 and a half years ago, and we bought a small house where we brought up 3 Kids, but now we are fighting to keep our house.

Bradford and Bingley messed up our mortgage, they changed it from an endowment without our instructions into an interest only in 1999, and now claim they lost our papers, now we've come to nearly the end of our mortgage and still owe all the money it cost in the first place, we have been chasing them for years to sort it, the six-month time period to contact the Ombudsman is also up as we didn't know there was a time limit. it has now come to a head, I caught cancer two years ago, we got behind with our mortgage as I was unable to work, so as a good customer they took us to court, but fortunately our family raised the money, but the Judge still kept a ruling that if we missed a payment B&B could repossess.

Our question to you is can we send them a promissory note to clear our debts as we have only four months left in our house, will never rise that much money, if you have any ideas what we might be able to do, any help will be appreciated.
Thanks a lot Tom.

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