David Shayler - MI5 Agent, Son of Christ, FMOTL

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David Shayler - MI5 Agent, Son of Christ, FMOTL

Postby SteveUK » Fri Jul 21, 2017 9:55 am

This guys has taken a bit of a battering. Background. David was an MI5 agent and he was passing confidential files to the press. This made the government very angry. Hence a 6 month prison sentence.


He seems to have gone downhill quite rapidly from there. Something clearly happened inside and he now thinks he's the son of christ, dresses as a woman, lives in a squat, and is on a quest to end the Zionist empire. Very noble.

So, like any fruitcake in the making, the first thing you need is a poor quality website.



Now he's moving into FMOTL debt fighting. With his background and God on his side, woe betide the judge who gets in his way!

He has a rather lengthy "affidavit of law" https://www.bookofthelaw.org/downloads/20151026_Affidavit_of_Law.pdf ...which contains garbage..

Then theres this handy document which amongst other biblical claims, spells out why you don't have to pay your mortgage.

and of course, the inevitbale template letter:
[Name of Chief Executive Officer or man/woman responsible for corporation holding the debt]
[Company Name]
Reference your letter/communication of xx.xx.xxxx
It has come to my attention that you are trying to claim money off me. I am keen to settle any
liability I have under the Law. I therefore request that you send me a lawful bill of settlement,
 the lawful reason for my liability to you
 the name of the man who is making the claim against me
 his signature
If you cannot provide lawful reason for my liability to you, I will consider any future requests for
payment as harassment, fraud and extortion.
In the absence of a lawful reason for you to contact me, I will charge you £x,000 for each
communication you make with me.
[Your Name, no title]
No postcode
Further details of your duties can be found at:

and naturally, the GOODFERs latched on before being blown to pieces.


I remember the shayler affair, it was big news here. How the mighty fall to the FMOTL masses.

Is it SteveUK or STEVE: of UK?????

Siegfried Shrink
Admiral of the Quatloosian Seas
Admiral of the Quatloosian Seas
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Re: David Shayler - MI5 Agent, Son of Christ, FMOTL

Postby Siegfried Shrink » Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:45 am

you are trying to claim money off me

I'd bin it at that point, bad grammar invalidates any letter.

If it had said 'from me', I'd have continued reading as far as lawful bill of settlement', then binned it.

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