Top secret Bankers Manual For Bankers only

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Top secret Bankers Manual For Bankers only

Post by Siegfried Shrink » Sat Aug 26, 2017 7:11 am

Not all that top secret since the text is here

https://apollosolaris.files.wordpress.c ... cr_v-1.pdf

It appears to produced by a Mr Tom Schauf, who has his own take on banking and I could find no mention of him in the board index. If this is topical, I don't know if this the correct forum, but I was introduced to it by OPPT apologist Mike Obrien.
Message to Bankers, Politicians and Law Enforcement
If any threats are made to Mr. Schauf or laws passed to attempt to stop Mr. Schauf—we have a legal plan. We have a plan to checkmate the bankers no matter what strategy is used to stop Mr. Schauf. Mr. Schauf has placed critical information in the hands of others that will be released, en mass, if bankers/politicians take certain actions. Mr. Schauf will act in a legal manner act decisively—swiftly in a way that no banker will want to happen. If Mr. Schauf has problems he will presume it came from bankers and legal action will be taken. Mr. Schauf suggests that the bankers make certain that Mr. Schauf remains very happy. Bankers may approach Mr. Schauf with a settlement offer. If Bankers try and go to a national ID/computer chip implant, use terrorism to force their hand, make threats against Mr. Schauf or use other methods-Mr. Schauf has a plan to legally checkmate these attempts and win against the bankers. Mr. Schauf believes that he was called by God to lead the nation out of Debt Bondage and Mr. Schauf fears God more than Man. Mr. Schauf assures all Americans that every contingency has been considered, along with our response. WE WILL NOT FAIL. God is with us and no man can stop God.

My goal is to inform every American to the truth so they can then vote me in as president so I can correct the banking problem and return their rights and freedoms.
Little flag waving icon, Hooray, Schauf for President! Huzza!
Stranger things have happened.
People reselling the Top Secret Banker's Manual and books one and two may offer consulting services and/or other products. Please be aware that Tom Schauf has no partners and that anyone you contract with for consultations or other services is acting as an independent agent. Tom Schauf has no control over what other people offer you as consultations, comments, advice, information or products. Tom Schauf is not liable for what these others may offer or the results thereof.
This manual is for educational purposes only and not legal advice. Tom Schauf is educating you so you might vote him in as president to correct the problems.
"None genuine without this label!"
In the early 1990s Tom Schauf learned that the European families privately owned the Federal Reserve Bank. When he heard this he knew that the bankers had to own and control the Congress, judges and the major media. He knew that they controlled the money supply, allowing the bankers to determine in advance what percent of the people would be foreclosed on, if the stock market would go up or down and what the interest rates would be.
It does seem, reading on, that this has been around for some time, so I apologise if I am turning over a stone long exposed.

The next 50 pages, all I could stand at one sitting, goes on to prove the banks never lend any money anyway, and so on, and so on.

I am assuming this is a long dead guru being resurected for another run round the block but anyone unfamiliar with it may find it amusing, if a trifle presumptious, with a lingering after taste of bat-crap.

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Re: Top secret Bankers Manual For Bankers only

Post by Deep Knight » Sun Aug 27, 2017 6:04 pm

Am I missing something here? I paged through the entire thing, but the only part of this supposed "manual" I found reproduced was the first page (on the document's first page). And it doesn't look anything like a real book exposing secrets held by bastions of evil, an example of which is below.

"Follow the Money"