Everyone must be on a vacation

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Everyone must be on a vacation

Postby ClemIsBack » Mon Sep 22, 2008 3:31 pm

Dove doesn't take a vacation. She is roaming around the world meeting with world leaders begging for big bucks to bring her nesara thingy to fruition. Putin just gave her 3 billion rubles. With those kind of bucks nesara can't be far away.

On a sad note .. Roxanne's Mom died last night. She died penniless. Roxanne was a regular poster here some 4-5 years ago. Dove conned Roxanne's Mom out of $30,000. If only she had a couple bucks to purchase a tube of triple antibiotic for her infected toe. She wil be missed ... well not really .. but that's what you are supposed to say at a time like this.

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