Bellringer vs. Nidle

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Bellringer vs. Nidle

Post by Deep Knight » Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:32 pm


Patrick H. Bellringer
From: MH
Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2010 4:37 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10


Patrick: I need clarity on this subject. Below is an e-mail I received. This person is extremely intelligent, a scientist, knows Sheldon Nidle, and has had a run in with him. The reference to the pods also relates to a video I saw whereas Sheldon was talking about taking everybody to the inner cities for an indoctrination but may be a wrong word. I have also read where when something is to be learned, it can be downloaded into the brain. You know I have done some research re the brain, brain memory being electronically manuvered (sp) and watched to decipher how a person is thinking, more advanced than people realize, etc. This is beyond MK Ultra. The other situation is that Sheldon Nidle states he receives his G/F messages from an inplant.

Can you give some insight regarding these pods and the planned indoctrination. Does this relate to all being brain chipped to affect memory. I\'m also aware said of a chip we all have that is ET during our making. Also need some insight on the various dimensions and densities relating to the G/F. Much appreciated, this subject keeps popping up. Take Care, Melody


Here's a sampling of Sheldon's "mind chipped" Sirius B disinformation technique, which is sandwiched between all the GF..hope and change verbiage, which can be substantiated as scientific fact is this bit of mind control programming:

"Your new transitional governments are simply to be instruments of change. After the grand pronouncements that bring in your abundance, there is a need to move beyond your present reality and embrace aspects of your True Self. This path leads directly to us. We come to fill in the blanks of who you really are and what extraterrestrials like you are doing, seemingly alone on the surface of Mother Earth.

Thrus his seminars, Sheldan proposes the GF will \"fill in the blanks\" by having us HUmans be \"programmed\" in a pod that will download the GF information that they want us our new reality to be. This is such BS!!! Most if not all ET's are only 4D, who are still warring against each other...what gives them the right to declare us sovereign beings to become part of the GFL and its re-progaming agenda."


FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer
DATE: Nov. 19, 2010

Dear MH:

Thank you for your letter. Any intelligent scientist would have a problem with, as you say, Sheldan Nidle's "BS!" The Inner Earth civilization is in 4D and shall be evacuated at the same time that our surface civilzation is evacuated due to earth changes. Nidle's "spin" about us going to Inner Earth to escape surface changes or for "indoctrination" are lies.

Nidle is a Sirian from the Darkside planet Sirus-B. Their long-time agenda is to make Earth humans their benevolent slaves. Years ago the Sirus-B and all other Darkside 4D starships and beings were ordered to leave Earth Shan by Creator God Aton of Light. They were removed from our planet and atmosphere, never ever to return. Third dimensional representatives of these Darkside Star Nations remain here, of which Sheldan Nidle is one.

Nidle has created his following through his website, lecutres and updates. His updates are not necessarily for public consumption, though he mind-controls many through them. His updates contain coded messages for other Sirian representatives. He could very well be receiving his information through a brain implant.

Several years ago Nidle was caught by the White Knights, as he was working with an unlawful network to fund Prosperity Program recipients in Europe. Some twenty people were killed in the process. In exchange for his life Nidle agreed to support NESARA through his updates. This he has done occasionally, though his information is not necessarily accurate.

The Dark Sirians are not taking anyone to Inner Earth for any reason, and they cannot "mind chip" or mind-control anyone, unless that person by freewill allows it. Yes, the brain can be electronically downloaded with information, such as in the making of clones, but such cannot be done to a souled being, unless that person by freewill allows it. The sad thing is that the masses through their ignorance and inaction have allowed their minds to be controlled.

The Dark Sirians will probably "fill in the blanks" for the "willing". Just know that Nidle's First Contact and Paradise on Shan in 3D are fantasy. First Contact happened in 1954, when Esu Immanuel Sananda returned to Shan aboard the Pleiadian command ship, The Phoenix. The next "contact" shall be evacuation!

We were not given an ET chip during our creation by Creator God. We were given a fragment of Light from Creator Source, which we call our soul or our God Spirit within. This Light carries the power of Creation and the means to communicate with all other souls of all dimensions. The term Galactic Federation (GF) is another example of "spin" out of Star Trek, etc, to fool the people. Intergalactice Federation is the proper term. See the Foreward in Phenox Journal #3, "Space-Gate".

In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer

Should this be "filling in the blanks" or "shooting blanks?" As for Sheldan getting "caught by the White Knights" and "some twenty people were killed," if this was so, why would this be posted on the "Thank You White Knights" page by RAP-NESARA promoter John MacHaffie (who Bellringer supports)?

Monday, November 8, 2010
11-7 A Galactic Progress Report Sheldan Nidle in L.A.

Have enough food, water & cash on hand for 3 days as the banks get the new currency.
1st Contact will happen 1yr. after Announcements some will beam up before that to
visit the Motherships & see their technology & report back to the rest of the people.
Disclosure will be in 2-4 wks afterwards followed by Broadcasts from the Ships.
I was able to Ask Sheldan some questions about the Truth Announcements.
For those in the Prosperity Programs there will be a 2 week nondisclosure,
Be sure to ask for a Black American Express card & a Sovereign Passport,
bring 2 photos with you when you sign at the bank, but you must ask....

Announcements are ready to Happen as we Hold our focus on them.
Obama & cabinet will resign with congress & the supreme court.
Then the Interim President will explain the situation in detail
about the returning to Constitutional & Common Law, New Gov't
elections after 8 months, Debt forgiveness & income tax refunded
Also explaining about the coming Peace and the Criminal Trials.
We will have 6 months to close 20,000 military bases & secret gov't.
Imagine what will be talked about as it is very close to happening.

The Meeting was filled with Galactics, some of us felt their Presence.
Sheldan verified the fact that there were many in the room with us....
The energy has been more profound since Thursday as Light descends

The U.S. Marshalls & Military will arrest & bring a 1,000 cabal to trial.
You can see & feel it happening as we shifto a neway of Living our lives.

Sheldan explained how we & the Galaxy are shifting together & why this is
Since we & the Universe are Advanced Holograms with infinite potentials.
We will be wrapped in Living Light in the Metamorphic chambers which are alive.
In fact the infinite realities in Universe are alive & evolving & responding to us.
Sheldan explained about our changing physiology in detail, dna, meridians, chakras
He will be putting segments on utube shortly, hopefully before announcements or not.........

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Re: Bellringer vs. Nidle

Post by JamesVincent » Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:50 pm

Ummmmmm.... yeah. Check please? I think im full.
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Re: Bellringer vs. Nidle

Post by Pottapaug1938 » Fri Nov 19, 2010 10:20 pm

What a profoundly sick mind a person must have to come up with this drivel, day in and day out....
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Re: Bellringer vs. Nidle

Post by Cathulhu » Fri Nov 19, 2010 10:29 pm

A quote from a Babylon 5 script meeting: "I don't know what you've been smoking, but have ten pounds of it sent to my house at once!" P. Jurasik
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