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Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 26-May-2011 02:01:59

In Response To: E-mail from WHISTLEBLOWER: Regarding the Global Settlements (hobie) E-mail from Whistleblower (David Crayford):


Dear Hobie,

Please allow me to post the following information that we trust will enlighten the people of the world even further, as to the history and structure of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. Furthermore we trust that those who fervently believe in the myths of the Marcos Wealth and the Yamashita treasures, especially those who have been, and are stealing or abusing this wealth, will begin to realise that they are stealing the property of the Collateral Accounts and as such the property that belongs to the world and everyone in the world, not just a select few who believe that they can do just as they please regarding these assets.

Note: The .pdf attachment will be sent by separate email following this email, because of the size of the file.


A revealing document which, within the course of history is actually linked to other Agreements, none of which have ever been implemented.

These other Agreements consist of:-

i). The Global Agreement dated January 10th 1980.

ii). The Compulsory Agreement dated 21st December 1988.

iii) The Treaty of Cooperation of South East Asia Nations (Amity Treaty) dated 24th February 1976.

4.6 megabyte PDF document copy of the Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand E.E. Marcos.

When reviewing the above legal document, special notice should be taken of the highlighted sections, some of which I explain below:-

a). Page 1, first highlighted section, refers to, quote “General Holder of the following assets and properties entrusted to me by the Eternal Creator”.

Note the terminology “General Holder”, because that is exactly what Ferdinand Marcos was, the Holder / Custodian, not the legal Owner. Those persons who believe the myth of the Marcos Wealth do so in their own interests and purposes so that they can continue with the theft of these assets irrespective of the damage they are doing to the people of the world. They will, with “they” referring to Ambassadors, Government Ministers, Senior Bureaucrats, and particularly rogue elements of the Intelligence Agencies; as a general rule always deny that Ferdinand Marcos was a “Holder / Custodian” only.

These assets, held by Ferdinand Marcos under Custodianship rules, were and still are, legally owned by Foundation Divine / The Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, originally managed and administered by the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission (USA, France, and the UK) whose Fifty (50) year term ended at the very beginning of 1995, when H.E. Dr. R. C. Dam was officially appointed by the Nations of the World as International Treasury Controller, Legal Heir, Owner and Sole Arbiter of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility.

Is it FACT or FICTION that Dr. R. C. Dam incurred a forced incapacitation of his duties, just as Dominique Strauss-Kahn has incurred recently because both, in their different ways, went against the power and policies of the mightier Nations of the World????????

b). Page 1, Second highlighted section, refers to, quote “10,000 metric tons of Gold that preserved beneath the World Trade Centre in New York City, U.S.A.”

We have all read the reports that this gold was removed during the evening and early morning 10th / 11th September, by a substantial number of “Black outfitted” armed personnel and a substantial fleet of Military trucks, prior to the catastrophe that fell upon the World Trade Centre on the 11th.

The question arises now as to whether some Government and Agency people knew exactly what was about to befall the World Trade Centre of the 11th and therefore deliberately removed the Gold from the depository under the whole centre, no doubt to later claim that there was no gold there, or, that the Gold had melted and evaporated into thin air, all to allow the bolstering of their nefarious activities and stocks of stolen assets.

The theories of an inside job do not appear to be theories anymore, but more like the actual situation combined with controlled explosions, as is supported by numerous reputable Engineers of various descriptions, Whistleblowers within the Government and Intelligence Agency, Experienced Independent Investigators, and many who are just theorists who have a degree of knowledge and can put two and two together correctly to come up with the answer of four.

I can confirm that the missing Gold that was deposited under the World Trade Centre has now been recovered and returned to the Collateral Accounts.

c). Page 2, …………highlighted section, refers to, quote “The undersigned, sometimes on year 1976, agreed upon and executed the Contracts of Agreements made and executed by and between the undersigned (Ferdinand Marcos) and H.M. Queen Elizabeth II of England in the Buckingham Palace, London, England, with leaving to Queen Elizabeth the physical ancient ring of Alpha – Omega Ring and some Miscellaneous Agreements made and executed by the undersigned and the United Nations Organisation and the Committee of 300 held in United Nations Headquarters, New York, U.S.A.”

Whether Ferdinand Marcos made the right decision on this is not in question because that decision was made and can not be over-turned.

What matters most is that it is now the Queen of England who is the Holder / Custodian of these assets that were previously under the Custodianship of Ferdinand Marcos.

Legally, only the Custodian / Holder has changed, as the assets were always part of Foundation Divine and as such the Legal Property of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, which, as stated before was transferred to the appointed Legal Heir and Owner of H.E. Dr. R. C. Dam on January 20th 1995 under full international transfer rights and record RCD 1088. On the same date, H.E. Dr. R. C. Dam was appointed as International Treasury Controller as well as Sole Arbiter over all assets of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility.

The Alpha – Omega Ring is as significant as the Holy Grail, the Rod (Staff), the Sceptre, and the Ark of the Covenant.

d). Page 2, …………highlighted section refers to, quote “wished to aid Economic Promise for their recovery upon strike of Global Crisis to be expected to come in the future, but still move assets and properties that the undersigned executed through galleries of documents”.

That is what Ferdinand Marcos wrote on the 20th December 1988. Was he aware of an impending Global Crisis when he wrote those last words, based upon his own knowledge and experience in past years. Lest we all forget that it was 1996 / 97 that saw the Asian Currency crisis which devastated many countries around the world as well as those countries in Asia, which was only 8/9 years after Marcos had stated those words. Was Marcos also intimating about a further crisis that was about to befall the whole world in 2007/2008 which the majority of countries in the world are still trying to recover from and one that has left the Global Financial Systems are in a complete shambles / state of disrepair for which our politicians, their advisors, professional economists, and the likes have no idea how to correct this enormous problem which looks as if it could, at any time, bring down the US Dollar and the Euro and place the whole world into a catastrophic situation, a situation which could very well expand into civil disturbances and possibly even more serious activities such as wars, which is the very situation that the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility were designed and structured to prevent such wars from arising, and to promote peace and prosperity throughout the world.

e). Page 3, under the heading “Abolition”. The world “Abolition” is probably the wrong word used here, because it means to “Put and end to something” and thus, depending upon people’s perceptions could actually mean something far more serious than that intended by Ferdinand Marcos.

What he was actually trying to say was that he, by this his Last Will and Testament, was putting an end to the myth of his happy marriage to Imelda Marcos and the general belief of people that the children of that marriage was his. This was an arranged marriage which produced an awful amount of deception and corruption by Imelda Marcos and the children, of other maternal fathers, of Imelda Marcos.

Ferdinand was also stating in his Last Will and Testament that he had not transferred any rights over the assets to Imelda or her children and that they have no claim whatsoever over these assets and must never be involved with these assets.

As we all know, Imelda, in public, has played the loving wife, as have the children, and made promises to assist the Philippines and the people of the Philippines. In reality the picture is very, very different showing Imelda as a greedy and corrupt individual who just lusts for power and position utilising the name of her arranged husband, Ferdinand Marcos when ever it suited her and her aims.

Imelda actually executed an agreement with the CIA when they were both (Imelda and Ferdinand) arrested, after 1986, by the Americans and indicted. That agreement was her ticket to freedom, but certain death for her husband Ferdinand. Imelda is known, even to this day, to be working for the CIA as a result of that agreement she executed with the CIA, and certainly no friend to the Philippines or the Filipino people.

Ferdinand Marcos is absolutely correct when he states in this section that his real son Bong Bong Marcos, died years earlier, whereby the person purporting to be Bong Bong Marcos is in fact an impostor of relatively high quality, promoted and amortised by Imelda and others within her ring of deceit.

The people of the Philippines, and indeed the Philippines as a Sovereign Nation, have been conned, raped, and deceived for 25 years or more, yet they do not appear to see it or realise it. The Power in the Philippines belongs to the Americans, the CIA and the eight (8) elitist families that control the Philippines.

f). It will be noticed that each page of The Last Will and Testament contains the “seal of the UN Mail Room”, dated July 2007.

The first point here is the actual acknowledgement of the UN that they received this document and it is held within their administrative records.

The second point is why it took Nineteen (19) years for this document to reach the UN, or was it because it was a convenient time for the UN to bring this document to the forefront for nefarious purposes.

It should be remembered / noted here that the UN were signatories to two unlawful documents (To be posted at a slightly later date) executed in 2009 with spurious persons such as Anthony Santiago Martin of the Philippines who is an impostor and who mysteriously appeared in 1998 some 5 years after the death of the real, genuine, and original Anthony Santiago Martin.


Ferdinand Marcos was a very “attentive to detail” person and who very carefully and meticulously acted as the Custodian of these assets, monitoring and controlling same in a manner that can only be admired and respected.

Upon his unceremonious departure from the Office of the President of the Philippines and his “Official Death” the systems of monitoring and controlling that were applied by Ferdinand Marcos for decades, were discarded in totality, whereby the whole system fell into total disarray.

Marcos used to send persons around the world to depositories and the all of the numerous banks to check / audit stocks. Any shortages or abuse of assets were corrected immediately, whereby assets would be moved to other parts of the world, and other depositories, to prevent any guilty sub-custodian or bank from ever taking advantage, for their own nefarious purposes, ever again.

It was Ferdinand Marcos who initiated the Global Agreement (January 10th 1980) which ensured that ALL countries of the world were accommodated and assisted by the utilisation of these assets, and were able to become totally independent, both financially and morally, from the influence and interference of the mightier Nations of the World ……. a situation that the very same mightier Nations of the World could not, and would not accept because same would drastically reduce the power of those mightier Nations over other weaker Nations.

Ferdinand Marcos was the “Robin Hood” of the 80’s and totally disliked by the “Sheriffs” of the 80’s.

Marcos had to go, and with a lot of assistance and coercion by specific intelligence agencies, the people of the Philippines were promoted and prompted to rebel against Marcos. Little did they realise how they were being used and manipulated by external forces that were “Hell bent” on maintaining the power and control that they held over the Philippines and the majority of the Nations of the World.

Even today, as people read this article, the world is standing on the edge of a catastrophic precipice like no other precipice ever seen or experienced before, all because of what happened some Thirty (30) years ago, complete with the lies and deception of those Politicians, Governments and Intelligence Agencies of the mightier, although insecure and heavily indebted, Nations of the World.



David P. Crayford.


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Everyone knows that the approximately 1 quadrillion cubic ounces of secret Japanese gold buried in the Philippines by General Yamashita and dug up in the dark of night by Ferdinand Marcos and 2 million Nubian slaves who were later killed and entombed in the Great Pyramid of Cheops, isn't lost, but was hidden in his wife's 2 billion pairs of shoes by the former president when the mob on angry, torch-bearing villagers came knocking on his Hawaiian castle gate in 1989. CIA doctors, under orders to cover this up, said he died from "kidney, heart and lung ailments," but it was actually blunt trauma from Imelda kicking him in the ass when she found out he had fathered an illegitimate daughter by former Playboy model Evelin Hegyesi.
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Lift me up above this, the flames and the ashes,
Lift me up and help me to fly away.
Lift me up above this, the broken, the empty,
Lift me up and help me to fly away,
Lift me up!

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Post by LaVidaRoja » Fri May 27, 2011 2:32 am

Makes as much sense as the first post. What I would like to know is HOW does one manage to generate consecutive paragraphs of meaningless blather without suffering a brain seizure? (I know, I know, dispense with the brain to start..)
Little boys who tell lies grow up to be weathermen.

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LaVidaRoja wrote:Makes as much sense as the first post. What I would like to know is HOW does one manage to generate consecutive paragraphs of meaningless blather without suffering a brain seizure? (I know, I know, dispense with the brain to start..)
Wow! I must really be getting good at this because I didn't think it was possible to writing anything as crazy as the "Bong Bong Marcos" original post.

By the way, the part about him being the real father of Analisa Josefa Hegyesi came out earlier this year when she got axed from some Australian reality TV show and claimed this was the reason. If true, her 19-year-old mother had relations with the then 54-year old dictator. Some say mom is truth challenged, but the image of him & her and Imelda finding out was too good to pass on.

Ferdinand Marcos’ Aussie daughter axed from TV show

MANILA, Philippines – Analisa Josefa Hegyesi, a daughter of former President Ferdinand Marcos with former Playboy model Evelin Hegyesi, has been dropped from a planned television show, Australian media reported on Wednesday.

Hegyesi, 40, is currently a professional interior designer and founded AH Design Concepts.

According to the Daily Telegraph, production company Shine Australia informed her on Monday that she was no longer part of reality TV show Renovators.

The show’s main theme is about a group of professionals tasked to renovate real estate properties.

Hegyesi reportedly had to undergo months of auditions and interviews.

However, she was reportedly axed after the show’s producers were told who her father is.

ABS-CBN News’ Ces Oreña-Drilon filed a story years ago on Hegyesi, who is married to an heir to a food conglomerate in Australia.

Ilocos Norte Rep. Roque Ablan had confirmed her existence, according to Drilon. Former President Marcos hailed from Ilocos Norte.

It was not immediately known if the Marcos family has acknowledged her existence.

According to earlier reports by Australian newspaper Sydney Morning Herald, Analisa’s mother, Evelin Hegyesi, is now a multi-millionaire who owns several investment companies.

Evelin is believed to have named her daughter after the late strongman’s mother.

The Sun-Herald also claimed to have found documents showing links between Hegyesi’s Australian companies with secret Marcos accounts in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Marcos and his wife, Imelda, had been charged for moving billions of dollars of embezzled public money to different countries and into corporations. He was president of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986.

Hegyesi was born in 1971

As for $billions that never existed, the line of people with legitimate judgements against the Marcos estate is quite long. It would take more gold than even these idiots imagine to settle them, much less anyone getting in at the end of this line at this late date, even if it was real, which of course it isn't.
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Post by Deep Knight » Fri May 27, 2011 6:55 pm

Yamashita's gold is the rumor/scam that refuses to die. If anyone want to point to some unimaginable amount of secret gold, this is a favorite, hence its being involved at various times in the NESARA scam. Without further ado, I will cut 'n paste this from Wikipedia:

Yamashita's gold
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yamashita's gold, also referred to as the Yamashita treasure, is the name given to the alleged war loot stolen in Southeast Asia by Japanese forces during World War II and hidden in caves, tunnels and underground complexes in the Philippines. It is named for the Japanese general Tomoyuki Yamashita, nicknamed "The Tiger of Malaya". Though accounts that the treasure remains hidden in Philippines have lured treasure hunters from around the world for over fifty years, its existence is discounted by most experts. The rumored treasure has been the subject of a complex lawsuit that was filed in a Hawaiian state court in 1988 involving the Philippine treasure hunter, Rogelio Roxas, and former the Philippines president, Ferdinand Marcos.

The looting and the alleged cover-up
Prominent among those arguing for the existence of Yamashita's gold are Sterling Seagrave and Peggy Seagrave, who have written two books relating to the subject: The Yamato Dynasty: the Secret History of Japan's Imperial Family (2000) and Gold Warriors: America's Secret Recovery of Yamashita's Gold (2003). The Seagraves contend that looting was organized on a massive scale, by both yakuza gangsters such as Yoshio Kodama, and the highest levels of Japanese society, including Emperor Hirohito. The Japanese government intended that loot from Southeast Asia would finance Japan's war effort. The Seagraves allege that Hirohito appointed his brother, Prince Yasuhito Chichibu, to head a secret organization called Kin no yuri ("Golden Lily"), for this purpose. It is purported that many of those who knew the locations of the loot were killed during the war, or later tried by the Allies for war crimes and executed or incarcerated. Yamashita himself was executed by the U.S. Army for his war crimes on February 23, 1946.

The stolen property reportedly included many different kinds of valuables looted from banks, depositories, temples, churches, other commercial premises, mosques, museums and private homes. It takes its name from General Tomoyuki Yamashita, who assumed command of Japanese forces in the Philippines in 1944.

According to various accounts, the loot was initially concentrated in Singapore, and later transported to the Philippines. The Japanese hoped to ship the treasure from the Philippines to the Japanese Home Islands after the war ended. As the War in the Pacific progressed, U.S. Navy submarines and Allied warplanes inflicted increasingly heavy sinkings of Japanese merchant shipping. Some of the ships carrying the war booty back to Japan were sunk in combat.

The Seagraves and a few others have claimed that American military intelligence operatives located much of the loot; they colluded with Hirohito and other senior Japanese figures to conceal its existence, and; they used it to finance American covert intelligence operations around the world during the Cold War. These rumors have inspired many hopeful treasure hunters, but most experts and Filipino historians say there is no credible evidence behind these claims.

In 1992, Imelda Marcos claimed that Yamashita's gold accounted for the bulk of the wealth of her husband, Ferdinand Marcos.

Many individuals and consortia, both Philippine and foreign, continue to search for treasure sites. A number of accidental deaths, injuries and financial losses incurred by treasure hunters have been reported.

At present, the Mines & Geosciences Bureau of the Department of Natural Resources of the Philippines is the Filipino government agency that grants treasure permits.

Treasure skeptics
University of the Philippines professor Rico Jose has questioned the theory that treasure from mainland South East Asia was transported to the Philippines: "By 1943 the Japanese were no longer in control of the seas... It doesn't make sense to bring in something that valuable here when you know it's going to be lost to the Americans anyway. The more rational thing would have been to send it to Taiwan or China."

Philippines National Historical Institute chairman and historian Ambeth Ocampo commented: “Two of the wealth myths I usually encounter are the Yamashita treasure and gossip that the Cojuangco fortune was founded on a bag of money…” Ocampo also said: "For the past 50 years many people, both Filipinos and foreigners, have spent their time, money and energy in search of Yamashita's elusive treasure.” Professor Ocampo noted “What makes me wonder is that for the past 50 years, despite all the treasure hunters, their maps, oral testimony and sophisticated metal detectors, nobody has found a thing.”

Rogelio Roxas lawsuit
In March 1988, a Filipino treasure hunter named Rogelio Roxas filed a lawsuit in the state of Hawaii against the former president of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda Marcos for theft and human rights abuses. Roxas claimed that in Baguio City in 1961 he met the son of a former member of the Japanese army who mapped for him the location of the legendary Yamashita Treasure. Roxas claimed a second man, who served as Yamashita's interpreter during the Second World War, told him of visiting an underground chamber there where stores of gold and silver were kept, and who told of a golden buddha kept at a convent located near the underground chambers. Roxas claimed that within the next few years he formed a group to search for the treasure, and obtained a permit for the purpose from a relative of Ferdinand, Judge Pio Marcos. In 1971, Roxas claimed, he and his group uncovered an enclosed chamber on state lands near Baguio City where he found bayonets, samurai swords, radios, and skeletal remains dressed in a Japanese military uniform. Also found in the chamber, Roxas claimed, were a 3-foot-high (0.91 m) golden-colored Buddha and numerous stacked crates which filled an area approximately 6 feet x 6 feet x 35 feet. He claimed he opened just one of the boxes, and found it packed with gold bullion. He said he took from the chamber the golden Buddha, which he estimated to weigh 1,000 kilograms, and one box with twenty-four gold bars, and hid them in his home. He claimed he resealed the chamber for safekeeping until he could arrange the removal of the remaining boxes, which he suspected were also filled with gold bars. Roxas said he sold seven of the gold bars from the opened box, and sought potential buyers for the golden Buddha. Two individuals representing prospective buyers examined and tested the metal in the Buddha, Roxas said, and reported it was made of solid, 20-carat gold. It was soon after this, Roxas claimed, that President Ferdinand Marcos learned of Roxas' discovery and ordered him arrested, beaten, and the Buddha and remaining gold seized. Roxas alleged that in retaliation to his vocal campaign to reclaim the Buddha and the remainder of the treasure taken from him, Ferdinand continued to have Roxas threatened, beaten and eventually incarcerated for over a year.

Following his release, Roxas put his claims against Marcos on hold until Ferdinand lost the presidency in 1986. But in 1988, Roxas and the Golden Budha Corporation, which now held the ownership rights to the treasure Roxas claims was stolen from him, filed suit against Ferdinand and wife Imelda in a Hawaiian state court seeking damages for the theft and the surrounding human rights abuses committed against Roxas. Roxas died on the eve of trial, but prior to his death he gave the deposition testimony that would be later used in evidence. In 1996, the Roxas estate and the Golden Budha Corporation received what was then largest judgment ever awarded in history, $22 billion which with interest increased to $40.5 billion. In 1998, The Hawaii Supreme Court held that there was sufficient evidence to support the jury's finding that Roxas found the treasure and that Marcos converted it. However, the court reversed the damage award, holding that the $22 billion award of damages for the chamber full of gold was too speculative, as there was no evidence of quantity or quality, and ordered a new hearing on the value of the golden Buddha and 17 bars of gold only. After several more years of legal proceedings, the Golden Budha Corporation obtained a final judgment against Imelda Marcos to the extent of her interest in the Marcos estate in the principal amount of $13,275,848.37 and Roxas’ estate obtained a $6 million judgment on the claim for human right abuse.

This lawsuit ultimately concluded that Roxas found a treasure, and although the Hawaiian state court was not required to determine whether this particular treasure was the legendary Yamashita’s gold, the testimony relied upon by the court in reaching its conclusion pointed in that direction. Roxas was allegedly following a map from the son of a Japanese soldier; Roxas allegedly relied on tips provided from Yamashita’s interpreter; and Roxas allegedly found samurai swords and the skeletons of dead Japanese soldiers in the treasure chamber. All this led the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal to summarize the allegations leading to Roxas’ final judgment as follows: "The Yamashita Treasure was found by Roxas and stolen from Roxas by Marcos' men."

If Imelda Marcos supposedly said it, it must be true. After all, it's a well known fact that a woman with 2,700 pairs of shoes and a face that would curdle milk MUST always tell the truth.
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