Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

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Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by Deep Knight » Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:08 am

Remember the mass arrests that were confirmed to be happening in March, April & May? They’re confirmed to be underway now! Is this Drake somethin’ or what?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Mass Arrests confirmed to be underway.

Mass Arrests confirmed to be underway. Do not be shocked when it happens.
Submitted by SimpleSam on Wed, 06/06/2012 - 08:23

Folks you may not believe Drake, may not believe Thierry and you may not even believe myself, but I cannot think of even one of you who would DENY the respected journalism of Tom Heneghan and the British Guardian's editor in chief?

"UNITED STATES of America - It can now be reported that the final implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols is now only days away.
The implementation of the Protocols will:
1. Absorb worldwide debt
2. Recapitalize banks worldwide, and
3. Create an interest rate equilibrium that is revenue neutral and non-inflationary."
[links removed that even MacHaffie’s readers realized weren’t what they said they were, see below]
The Global Settlements ARE the final financial trigger for the arrests that will be taking place, taking many of you by shock as all the way along you have believed these things to be false.
You may not be able to deal with the changes easily, and I mean that sincerely because the global settlements are a huge change. You will hear about it on television. They mean bankers will be arrested across the board, period.
Watch Drake's radio show some time when you aren't interested in fear and just want the truth, basically. He'll explain that the "Plan" started in 1979 and that is officially the same timeline when the Wanta Reagan Mitterand Protocols started. Authorized by former presidents more than sixty years ago, the Reagan Mitterand Protocols are the only reason the U.S. Military would be given the actual power to arrest these criminal bankers and of course traitors. Listen to "Drake" confirm in his own words, the Protocols have quite a lot to do with the five-inch thick "Plan". The Reagan Mitterand Protocols are the global settlements, and every single paper in Europe, has been apprized for more than a year.
[Links removed]
(Yes I do know thierry t & lady dragon, who are a part of the plan)

They mean the financial criminals lose a huge amount of their financial status, which translates to wholesale changes across the board. The Wanta Mitterand Protocols as soon as they settle, produce changes you will never see coming or hear the end of for decades.
Benjamin Fulford by the way, is a dis-info flake and worth ignoring. If you happen to follow the British news closely, you'll notice they are discussing a lot about Global settlements.
[Links Removed]
Corzine resigned and will be under arrest after several massive injunctions against MF Global. The Global Settlement Revaluations are the same thing as the Wanta Reagan Mitterand Protocols. This was ordered by several District Judges and over 53 Article 3 courts in this country. So the revaluations are coming...after that? The arrests, the plan, everything else- can only begin.
(Caveat: Drake works for thierry whom I know years back, thus he is linked to me & is giving the green light on all orders)
[Link to this same garbage posted on a Ron Paul site where anyone can post anything]

Posted by John MacHaffie at 8:07 PM


1. Anonymous June 6, 2012 9:06 PM
The only two links in this article that are mainstream are the guardian co uk and the cnbc
The guardian co uk is just a link to the site - no story and when you do a search for "global settlements" within site - nothing. The cnbc is a video about "global settlement" of Sketchers for body toning claim from shoes ...

Everything else is the same characters claiming mass arrests any day now ...
I'm skeptical - but we went from 30-45 days to now only days away ...
Time will tell ...

2. Anonymous June 6, 2012 9:25 PM
This is off Drake's website: americannationalmilitia
Here he gives a link to Ben Fulford and tells all that believe he/this is BS to "chew on that"
In the article above: Benjamin Fulford by the way, is a dis-info flake and worth ignoring.
So which is it?

In a way, this post is being offered for all those who say that everything being done is BS that I made up. Contrary to ‘popular beliefs’, this IS real and I offer a report from one of those who is in the mix.
See [Link to Ben Fulford article about chewing on that]

3. Anonymous June 6, 2012 9:32 PM
I wonder if they are going to arrest Geithner and Bernanke again.
"The Global Settlement Revaluations are the same thing as the Wanta Reagan Mitterand Protocols" .. I'm glad someone finally said this.

4. Anonymous June 6, 2012 9:35 PM
Hi John....
Can you explain wo this person (Thierry) is? We readers have never seen the name... (Caveat: Drake works for thierry whom I know years back, thus he is linked to me & is giving the green light on all orders)
So the revaluations are coming...after that? The arrests, the plan, everything else- can only begin.

5. Anonymous June 6, 2012 10:07 PM
I hope this is not more BS like we have had today. If Heneghan said it, don't believe it. He has been posting wrongdoings for years. Ben Fulford has been threatened for his postings, true or not.
Wouldn't it be a glorious day to see the bad boys and their C woman in cuffs on the evening news.........Add Bill Gates to the mix along with the B's, O's K's and many others........
Oh Happy Day - Please God let it be true.

6. Anonymous June 6, 2012 10:09 PM
Praise be to Jesus!!! Please let it be true.

7. Anonymous June 6, 2012 10:09 PM
Well you may want to listen to Drake's call tonight on Global voice network. It sounded like to me that he's flip flopped. He is saying that the Cabal will surrender but only after a poll/vote is taken by all the patriots, militia, freedomfighters vote- NOT all of America but just the ones I listed. And then they will decided after the votes are tallied as to whether or not NESARA (the real one as he calls it) will be released and that their will be a truce between good and evil and that we will go back to common law and the organic 13th. Listen to the re-recording and decide for yourself. Not sure how I weigh in on it yet.

8. Anonymous June 6, 2012 10:10 PM
Believe it when I see it, sure hope this is true.

9. Anonymous June 6, 2012 10:19 PM

10. BunkerHill June 6, 2012 10:52 PM
I thought there were no Article III courts operating here now?.. and how can District Judges give "orders" and to whom? This sounds like the same "any day now" bunk I've been reading here for 3 years.

11. Anonymous June 6, 2012 11:32 PM
This is absolute BULLSHIT! Tim Skelton, who is a reporter for the Guardian, was on the Alex Jones Show today and mentioned nothing about any arrests or settlements. Jones has even claimed several weeks ago from a caller that Fulford and Drake and the so-called arrests and settlements is a "crock". So all you believers just keep drinking the koolaid and watch as your world slips away. Jamie Diamond will be in a congressional hearing in a few weeks and nothing will happen to him just like nothing happened to Corzine. Just watch and see. Then ask yourself what happened to the arrests and military action against the cabalists.

12. Anonymous June 6, 2012 11:36 PM
Who are these "Judges" and what are the addresses of the "53 Article III Courts". Where in the Constitution do these "Judges" obtain the authority to order to "Ex Parti" the arrest the bad guys. If it is a "Secret" court then it is no Court at all.
Not that the Cabal folks shouldn't be rounded up, but one should not become what one despises to carry this out. The ends never justify the means.
"but I cannot think of even one of you who would DENY the respected journalism of Tom Heneghan and the British Guardian's editor in chief?" Well now you have at least one to think about. Me.

13. Anonymous June 6, 2012 11:39 PM
SimpleSam, Member for 3 years 10 weeks. Recent Posts:
Mass Arrests confirmed to be underway. Do not be shocked when it happens.(copied here)// FCC Plans to regulate Internet through 'net-neutrality', Congress opposes action through amendment. //Sweden Kept 'anti-terror' Operations with America Hidden from Parliament.// Is this the FED's Merry Christmas? Fed Secretly Lent over $3 Trillion to Foreign Banks & Global Corporations in Bailout.///*********** Recent comments: Global Settlements coming. Revaluation Europe wide. //Folks you may not believe Drake, may not believe Thierry...//(2)Folks you may not believe Drake, may not believe Thierry....// No, no warrant....period.// Be Vigilant.// Bill Wood is a liar. Drake however, is not. Mass Arrests began.//
MICHAEL HERZOG ARRESTED. Confirmed by numerous authorities.//Great work. Get this on the Ronpaul2012 site.// Herr Romney, making things up as he goes.....//That's right, no one has to pay it!//

14. Anonymous June 7, 2012 1:37 AM
Unfortunately, NOTHING that Drake has said so far has come to pass. His deadline of 30-45 days came and went, his week or so came and went, and now he has totally flip-flopped into I don't know what! You can't trust the Cabal and if the alleged Pentagon good guys haven't figured that out yet, then we don't need to be listening to them. Drake who was confident before now sounds scared of what the Cabal can do. Drake is sounding more and more like a Cabal implant. He has caused nothing but confusion and now fear which is what the Cabal does best.
Who has put Drake in charge? All of the American people should be voting after the chicken shit Pentagon/military good guys do what they are supposed to do. Arrest these torturers and murderers! Now he wants to make a treaty with them? Come on, ALL treaties that the Cabal has ever made, they have broken and they knew they would at the time they signed them! Ask the American Indians - they are total proof of what their treaties did for them! Total round-up, torture and genocide. They are totally evil and cannot be trusted - earth to Drake! That is why they are supposed to be arrested.

15. Anonymous June 7, 2012 1:51 AM
Pursuant to Drake's call tonight, he is scaring people into voting for a peace treaty. Either vote yes or be killed by the Cabal in a nasty war that will result in Armagedon. Asking people to vote when they don't even have the details. How can you make a decision for ALL people of the planet without the facts? Without proof of the facts? Previously Drake was speaking of divine intervention, now he is talking fear of Armagedon. What the heck? And, if you notice, you haven't heard from David Wilcock since the interview. I don't think David Wilcock will vouch for him now - not after tonight's call!

16. Anonymous June 7, 2012 11:03 AM
drake is cia along with fulford and wilcocks dont be sucked in by there lies remember were in a war theres dis info everywhere you cant believe anybody period.......

17. brando9000 June 7, 2012 8:39 PM
Humanity is on the verge of ascending with our mother Gaia and people are worried about negative BS. We have a chance to introduce pure unconditional love into our collective consciousness, to forgive the darkest of souls and show them the path to the light. We must embrace peace and love at all costs regardless of the outcome. If these Cabal will blow us all up then they will. Either way we are returning to the light one way or another. Wouldnt it be nice if some of the darkest souls came with us willingly.... and we accepted them when they did....
Love and light for all!
"Follow the Money"

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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by Deep Knight » Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:49 am

The ride has only started, and it only gets better. Wonder, what that “vote” referred to in the comments was all about? Well, read and learn.

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Draft Submitted by a reader for your consideration


NESARA has to be released in its entirety to end global debt and poverty.

All debt is to be forgiven, ie Mortgages, Taxes, IRS, HMRC and interest taken off money, only the very basic up keep cost to be applied via “use cost” through the transition period only until those things aren’t needed. The crown must cease an declare their fraud.

Return all countries to their original constitutions / Bills of rights etc.

All hidden technologies must be released, to clean planet, create positive creative well paying jobs, sort out people’s health, most important ones put out first to clean all pollution first. No more use of Harp for negative reasons, all warheads must be disposed of safely.

All forms of global Pollution and Intoxication must cease immediately, clean water, no Chem-trails, no vaccines, clean organic food etc, anyone can grow what they like, clean an produce clean water.

All offensive Military Action / Ops / War will cease immediately, no TSA and other such things etc. and will be used to help everyone and all communities through the changes using the skills they have, to build, facilitate, plan, etc

Every Man /Woman and Child is given his sovereignty back
and able to live how they wish via public announcements to live under common law. ie “Do No Harm” etc.

All mainstream News and Media will come on board with public announcements and real educational programmes to assist in true knowledge and information is publicly given out. They will promote new projects an be the first line in recruitments for the developments an projects. ie announcing for example “THE PURE WATER INSTITUTION are currently seeking 15,000 workers in the united states to train and learn to filter an cleanse water pollution.


Posted by John MacHaffie at 11:44 AM


1. Anonymous June 7, 2012 12:34 PM

2. Anonymous June 7, 2012 12:57 PM
THANK YOU - J MacHaffie, Drake and all the known and unknown men and women for making this possible ! ! A special salute to the military for DOING THE RIGHT THING ! frj

3. Anonymous June 7, 2012 1:21 PM
Immediate halt to fracking!
Immediate halt to scheduled sheriff sales, bankruptcies, foreclosures, repossessions, even before this is proposal is finalized.
Disable all implanted chips, clones and supper soldiers.
Destroy all radiographic data from TSA.
Turn off negative cell tower EMF's

4. Anonymous June 7, 2012 1:29 PM
Every state department of licensing or its equivalent, and every state bar and the National Bar Association should be permanently shut down.
Every attorney should be investigated for treason. Those few who have sincerely tried to help the side of the Light should be required to disavow BAR membership and take a new Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America.
Foreclosures are the initial excuse for the entry into people’s homes leading the theft of PERSONAL property. Those items should also be returned.
State and county judges who have never qualified through general elections or by appointment according to state constitutions should be jailed. All Judicial retirement accounts should be expunged.
They “ordered” or approved arrests without warrants, jailed people without cause or provocation, took homes in foreclosure, emptied bank accounts, liquidated bonds without authority even ordered long sentences without an injured party. Stole filling fees and other payments.
For their own benefit Judges and attorneys have ganged up on The People to STEAL.

5. Anonymous June 7, 2012 2:16 PM
To be considered for adjudication, unconditional surrender until a certain date. Thereafter a choice of firing squad or hanging for those involved and all their ascendants and descendants.
Immediate disclosure with galactic contact swiftly following.

6. Anonymous June 7, 2012 2:33 PM
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
If it's not included it's excluded - a legal maxim.
Reminds me of the old Security Agreement those UCC folks tried to have and still ended up in jail.
Negotiate with the 'heated one' and you will get burned.
You do not speak for me

7. Anonymous June 7, 2012 2:40 PM
If there’s anything that I’ve learned about the cabal in the last 12 years that I’ve been researching them in my free time, it’s that they are far more deceitful than the most cliché evil villain from a Hollywood movie. There is NO WAY, as far as I’m concerned, that this proposal is legitimate; there must be an ulterior motive.
The cabal has been able to con everyone for thousands of years – why would any of us think that now would be any different? Why – because we’re finally about to oust them from power? Members of the cabal have been ousted from power before, but have always had another trick up their sleeves (i.e. Napoleon Bonaparte) regarding how to re-obtain power through another, longer con.
None of us should believe that this offer is genuine, because those who are making it are depraved by their very nature. I’ve often wondered why it is that certain politicians or successful businessmen make it into this elite company and I’ve discovered what that is: depravity. There may be some leaders who get to elite positions without this trait, but perhaps it is their lust for power, combined with a willingness to look the other way on certain things that happen on their watch, that enables them to remain in power under the control of the cabal.
Either way, I have to ask: how is it that if the extraterrestrials who are supporting this transition can ostensibly cause entire battlefields’ weapons to malfunction simultaneously (as I’ve recently read) they can’t minimize the casualties during the transition? I find this offer (plea) from the cabal to be the last desperate hand in a losing game in which we officially see the highest stakes of all human history.
I think they KNOW that when the roundup does happen, that their weapons won’t work, so they’re trying like crazy to avoid prosecution and prison (and perhaps execution) at all costs. They’re trying to get us to refuse to fire our weapons so that we won’t find out that no one’s weapons will work anyway. Then it’s just a bare knuckle fight – that we’ll win.
They tried (unsuccessfully) to bring in help from negative ETs and they were soundly defeated after we rebooted the grid during the Ring of Fire meditation. They have tried multiple times to smuggle nukes to sensitive areas, only to have the ships carrying them disappear (I wonder how!).
Their dominance over public thought has been on a slow decline with the rise of the internet. Their stranglehold over the establishment mainstream media will very quickly be undone with the mass arrests so their ability to control our ‘reality’ will fade very quickly.
They don’t have financial control anymore. Sure, they can crash the stock market, but as soon as they do, they’ll be arrested and the market will be corrected not too long after that. Their tenuous grasp over all of the old paradigms of power has loosened and will soon be gone completely and they know it. This is their parting shot.
Let me make this clear: I do not support violence, but I even more abhor the idea of letting history’s biggest group of terrorists walk and only lose their positions of power; that this would be their only penalty for their crimes against humanity. I would never ask a fellow human being to lay down his life for a cause that I would refuse to fight for in the same fashion. Let me again be clear: if I were required to give my life for the cause of once and for all removing the cabal from power and having them all be held responsible for their crimes, I would do so in a heartbeat.
This is why I believe we should call their bluff and follow through with The Plan, as originally conceived. There must be no negotiations that exonerate even some of these war criminals. Only a group as deluded as the cabal and as unfamiliar with what it feels like to be powerless could contrive such a lame excuse for a surrender as this. Let’s take the power back, as peacefully as we can without letting them off the hook. But let us not be manipulated, even one more time.

1. Anonymous June 7, 2012 4:09 PM
Here, Here! Good words, sir. I agree fully. Let all the world put an end to the blighters.

2. Anonymous June 7, 2012 4:31 PM
Dittos a hundred times. ABSOLUTELY! We can forgive, but that still does not cancel out the universal laws.

3. Anonymous June 7, 2012 5:25 PM

8. Anonymous June 7, 2012 2:50 PM
Why? because the time is so very short. The new dawn is not freedom. The rising sun does not mean enlightenment. It means their day has come, their reign is beginning, their total control is almost within their grasp. What would make you relax? Telling you that the bad guys are scared maybe? That you don't have to do anything because their end is near? Don't work too hard because they are about to topple? You don't have to fight for your freedom, because someone has done all the fighting for you behind the scenes. Does that sound strange? So easy? No muss no fuss, even though the plans are full scale underway, everything laid out, ammunition bought with your tax dollars, military scaling up, preparations underway, practice for emergencies by local city government being coached by HS, the list goes on and on. Drones slowly being brought into your line of sight, cameras everywhere, talking light posts, cell towers galore, Wifi saturation and of course the chemtrail operation absolutely non stop. Does this seem like they are retreating or worried, or the least BIT uncomfortable to you?

1. Anonymous June 7, 2012 4:19 PM
Righto old chap. They picked the fight, we need to box their ears but good I say. Give them a sound trouncing for their arrogance.

9. Anonymous June 7, 2012 4:09 PM
Restoration MUST come BEFORE forgiveness. Whthout restoration there can be no forgiveness. To forgive without prior restoration you are condoning the crime and just as guilty as the first criminal. For those that have murdered restoration is impossible.
Include all cops who have murdered unarmed and sometimes handcuffed people with guns, fists or tazeres and those who then supported them.

10. awzummm June 7, 2012 4:36 PM
Well, everything seems to be covered except one thing.....the nomination of an interum President and I nominate Ron Paul. Who else has the knowledge, honesty and backbone of this man who has proven his worth and good character time after time for more than 20 years in office as Congressman from Texas. He has studied the monetary systems like no other man or woman in government today; he hates the FED and IRS; understands 'Sound Money' policies and the US Treasury.
The People have spoken very well on ALL the issues above. Drake announced a voting process last night at ladydragon Will these comments be forwarded there or will we have to still vote, it's clear that there are so many real issues facing us all today.
I want Arrests first; NESARA 2nd; appoint Ron Paul as POTUS that order. I won't make deals with crooks. Anyone convicted of Treason faces a Firing Squad or Hanging just like Saddam Hussein. Remove that pretend POTUS named Obama immediately

11. Anonymous June 7, 2012 5:11 PM
I am an indigenous and aboriginal man; what I really want is these criminals, who betrayed my ancestors after they opened the way for other foreignors to be here in the Americas, gone from these lands.

Sadam was hung, not shot. But given the rest, it's the most accurate statement here.

More to come.
"Follow the Money"

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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by texino » Fri Jun 08, 2012 12:09 pm

Siguir del dinero
Siga el dinero
El camino continúa por siempre, pero el partido nunca termina

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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by Deep Knight » Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:24 pm

Here come the vote! Vote for WTF WET HE PEOPLE

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Folks turn your TV off and listen to this as a family and get ur done.
Send email to vote@ladydragon Vote in subject line at bottom
1 yes 2 yes 3 yes if you want your freedom back.

Sometime real soon take 2 hours and listen to Drake, the man who is our liason to what is really happening with the mass arrests of the government cabal
and our Military. Major things are happening right now and I have to believe you will like them as well. Sign up and be a part of WTP and let's clean the mess up.
Military will refuse to act if we do not give them authority to represent us. Follow a lot of this on Nesara News.

Last night Drake had a 2 hour call. The link below will allow you to listen to it in its entirety. Go to Drakes site at: americannationalmilitia
enter your e-mail address on the right side of the page. We the people and all patriot groups will have an opportunity to vote on whether or not we want to allow the Cabal to negotiate a settlement or not. Listen to the call and you will understand that last statement. Lets get moving on this folks!


The" White Hats" would like to get a consensus on where the "self aware people" stand on a peaceful solution to a better world. It is important that you read what benefits that the implementation of NESARA means to us all. This alone in conjunction with restoring our founding documents will solve all that ails us. No one is saying the cabal will get off easy, its just that a violent alternative will keep us in distress for a long time and cause much unnecessary pain and suffering.

Obviously, you should base your decision on your own feelings and understandings of the issues at hand.

God bless,

Read the opening page to get good understaqnding how and what the vote is about

Posted by John MacHaffie at 2:56 PM


1. Anonymous June 7, 2012 3:45 PM

2. Anonymous June 7, 2012 4:36 PM
Time to STEP UP or SHUT UP. We all are so willing to tear something down with our opinion but won't take a STAND when we are given the opportunity to free oureselves when it COUNTS.
A. Allen

3. Anonymous June 7, 2012 5:46 PM
For those concerned about 'giving away' their location or E-mail or any other personal info, THE CABAL ALREADY KNOWS WHO YOU ARE! Nothing lost! It would be nice if more Americans could be in on it, but, OK. Here we are. If this a real proposal, we have nothing to lose. We have already lost it. This is the best thing I've heard in years. I'm sure Drake is hedging somewhat on the 'lesser amount' of arrests, but he is hedging on everything he talks about. Secret stuff is as ubiquitous as cars. Maybe this will end all of the secret stuff forever. Make your choice ! frj

4. Anonymous June 7, 2012 6:50 PM
Know who is who - before doing their bidding.
At 546pm - it is stated "Cabal already knows who you are!"
If so, then why is the 1999 registration of '' have an origin in France?
Who in France wants to get a sense of how Americans are going to act towards the overlords? Could it be some Rothschilds themselves?
See it for yourself:

Administrative Contact:
Cusson, France
Top Secret Magazine
care of Network Solutions
PO Box 459
Drums, PA 18222
Record expires on 21-Jan-2013.
Record created on 21-Jan-1999.
Database last updated on 7-Jun-2012 18:10:49 EDT.
Domain servers in listed order:

5. Anonymous June 7, 2012 10:42 PM
Network Solutions...located in Herndon, VA, a sister city of Langley and
McLean, VA with all kinds of alphabet offices located there. FBI, CIA..Hmmmmmmmmm
"Follow the Money"

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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by Deep Knight » Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:32 pm

Thursday, June 7, 2012
More Drake material

I listened to the entire interview live last night.

Drake still seems potentially credible as a former military man and Vietnam veteran with a high-level security clearance who claims to have been tasked by high-level sources within the Pentagon to inform the American people and prepare them for the changes that are coming when the “cabal” is taken down. That said, there are many reasons for doubts about the whole story.

The cabal allegedly consists of a network of bankers and government officials who have been secretly controlling global affairs and monetary systems for many years in order to benefit themselves at the expense of the people. In order to accomplish this, they have bypassed or overridden the Constitution in many ways.

The purpose of the plan of action being discussed by Drake is allegedly to restore the original U.S. Constitution and to create a new monetary system based on equity rather than debt as set forth in the Constitution. It also involves the restoration of the original 13th Amendment to the Constitution (which would preclude lawyers from serving in Congress) and the elimination of the fraudulent 16th Amendment as well as elimination of the IRS and the Federal Reserve System.

This plan will involve the arrest and removal from office or positions of power of a large number of individuals who have been involved in or complicit in these illegal acts.

He is talking about a deal with the cabal to avoid civil war. He will be posting the terms of the deal on Sat morning for Americans to vote on.

He says the bad guys are frightened. He claims the deal will not absolve any of the criminals – only avoid bloodshed. If the deal is accepted, major changes, including NESARA* and introduction of fantastic new technology, could be implemented within weeks.

*National Economic Security and Restoration Act

At one point, a question is asked about the role of China. Drake says he cannot discuss specifics, but that we will be very surprised to learn of the role of China in this matter.

One participant (near the end as she was leaving) got very angry at Drake for even considering a deal. She wants blood. (You can hear her at 2:40:45)

I am skeptical but open-minded.

You may also want to take a look at the new White Hats Report #42 discussing the involvement of The Bushes (all of them) the Clintons, the Obamas, Biden, Mitt Romney, and others in serious corruption and other criminal acts:

Read WHR #5 dated December 12, 2010 for an explanation of the Falcone case:

WHR #10 lists major secret Vatican bank accounts in the names of corrupt political figures, including $2 billion in Obama’s name and $400 million in Romney’s name:

WHR #11 discusses the Obama corruption:

Posted by John MacHaffie at 3:15 PM


1. Anonymous June 7, 2012 4:33 PM
Everyone please email at
In the subject line put: YES - 1, 2, 3

2. Anonymous June 7, 2012 5:24 PM
I got Drake's email this morning and already voted today! 1.YES, 2.YES and 3.YES! NESARA NOW!

3. Anonymous June 7, 2012 5:40 PM
For those concerned about 'giving away' their location or E-mail or any other personal info, THE CABAL ALREADY KNOWS WHO YOU ARE! Nothing lost! It would be nice if more Americans could be in on it, but, OK. Here we are. If this a real proposal, we have nothing to lose. We have already lost it. This is the best thing I've heard in years. I'm sure Drake is hedging somewhat on the 'lesser amount' of arrests, but he is hedging on everything he talks about. Secret stuff is as ubiquitous as cars. Maybe this will end all of the secret stuff forever. Make your choice ! frj

4. Anonymous June 7, 2012 6:32 PM
Wonder how many gave their blood to that trustee that asked for it.
or a dollar to Bill Wood
or signed up to know when mass arrests would occur and now it's 70% of the guys and they NEVER said it included the 1% or started from top down.
Reminds me of the mortgage fraud, they went after the notary and not the banker. Yeah, that notary who was just 'following orders' got to go to court and to jail, and still the top is not wearing a suit.
This is the part of the Universe where One cannot tell people what to do, or it created a Karmic path we don't want to be on.
So I can't tell anyone to vote or not to vote, or what they can do of their free will because I will be violating their free will.
I expected the rapture or the harvest to be different
I knew that each would choose their path and I knew both time lines were at play and getting ready to separate, but it never dawned on me how 'easy' this was to split the time line for the masses.
The two tactics he use that I am familiar with is - "This offer is only available for limited time." and his interview is not a firm agreement, it is an 'opinion' a protected right that absolves him from any liability.
He uses filler words like basically, probably, ideologically, sort of, and more. His entire interview is not a verbal contract.
15 minutes in
"States regain control. We the people run the states, the states have the right to decide the limitations of the federal government not the other way around. Not the other way around as everybody has been programmed, brainwashed to believe."
I notice the suggestions to vote contain only the 'answers'.
Why would anyone vote? Who are they sending their vote to? Does Drake represent the People? No. Ladydragon? No.
What is Drake - a messenger? For who?

Bless you all on the path you selected at this critical junction of ascension or left behind.
The Anti-Christ comes first and deceives many. If the story is being foretold.
I'm not saying anyone is an Anti-Christ, but I am linking a fact that many WILL BE deceived BEFORE many are redeemed.
The meek will inherit the earth. Interesting...meek and sheep rhyme. A shepherd was a protector of the sheep.

5. Anonymous June 7, 2012 8:12 PM
There is nothing credible about any of these people, and until I see the major heads of state on T.V. in handcuffs, I won't believe a single thing any of them ever utter.

6. Anonymous June 7, 2012 11:08 PM
IN the broadcast Drake said 80% of the military are on the side of the light so who would be fighting us and I thought there has been divine intervention so why would it not apply to this scenerio. Also heard him say Ron Paul to be interm president but that is not up to him or is it. I am sorry dont like Ron Paul he just says what people want to hear but has no ability to control the government and any one who says pick me as president and I can get this or that done is a liar. One person cant make changes in the government we have now
"Follow the Money"

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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by Deep Knight » Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:59 pm

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Drake --- More Info

Dear Ones,
There was a very important call yesterday with Drake and my friend has condensed the MOST important issues that were covered in that call and I have included them in this email. Please read, take action and forward to everyone you know so we can vote as soon as it is possible to do so.
Suzy Star

Here is what has been prepared for our contacts so people don't have to wade thru long calls!! We need to reach as many people and any others with large groups as possible. I just learned that the vote will not be possible until later as a delay has prevented this from going up at noon. Hopefully will not be delayed beyond today!! We will send out a notice as soon as the link for voting is up on the site.
Now here is what must be done. We must get as many people as possible to vote on a "treaty" as soon as possible after noon EDT today to support an effort to break this stalemate of indentured servitude and lack of prosperity. If not, we continue the stalemate that has been going on for years and the small portion of the military that still is taking orders from the illuminati will have an all-out battle with the remainder of the military at great cost of lives to anyone in the way because the illuminati is backed into a tight corner.

The explanation about what happened in the last 12 hours is below. The vote is whether people choose to have financial freedom, rollout of NESARA in very short order, extremely powerful healing technologies brought out now, free energy technologies as well introduced to all worldwide, and freedom restored across the planet with common law and constitutional governments supporting the people.

If you want this, go to and after 12 noon today EDT, you will see a voting platform on her site. A simple "yes" will do as I can't imagine anyone not doing otherwise. For a reader's digest version of what has happened over the last 12 hours see below. There is a link to the call last night that went on for 3 hours.

You have a MAXIMUM time period to vote until Sat. noon I believe, but please don't wait that long. Also note that these changes occurred on the Venus transit which is most auspicious. People are tired of waiting and want to get these changes implemented ASAP so that is why all 3 groups below have agreed to this. It ends formally the reign of the illuminati forever! Monday or Tuesday Drake will get a response back from the illuminati group formally acknowledging the agreement they have already consented to to begin the transition!

Many changes have occurred within the last 12 hours. There was a radio broadcast with Drake on Global Network with a Paul [??] and the planned talk had been changed immediately prior to that program as Drake had a critical call that changed the entire game plan. I am giving you the reader's digest version.

As you know, Drake has been working on the inside circles with the "Plan" generated some 30 years by Pentagon officials to end the illegal takeover of the U.S. government and governments worldwide. Mass arrests had been planned. There are several groups of players to be aware of: the U.S. military which has 80% of its people supporting the constitution and the populace, We the People [a term Drake uses that refers to those who are taking action to support freedom for all using legal and peaceful means to accomplish this], and then you have the cabal [illuminati folks which include the large number of banker minions].

Here is what has happened. Drake has friends within that last group which has obviously included many who wish to see the new changes inaugurated with the advent of 2012. They are wanting to see all have prosperity and freedom. Anyway, Drake gets this last minute call from that last group who are fearful for their lives because of the impending arrests. They have offered a way out for themselves, at the same time there would be a peaceful transition to NESARA [worldwide financial freedom] and would include rolling out ALL the healing and free energy technologies within possibly a month at the outside.

This country and all other countries would be transitioned almost immediately to common law and the constitutional governments. The illuminati would surrender all power and be allowed to live out their lives with exceptions. Drake said that the ones responsible for major loss of life thru instigating all wars will be tried and likely executed.

Those under the heads of the illuminati will also face similar charges. The only difference is that they will be allowed to be given lighter sentences in prison where they would be able to live out their lives [alive] once they left prison. This is agreed upon by all 3 major groups as outlined initially.

This means, financial freedom for all within days, healing technologies will be released so powerful that limbs will be restored to all, free energy would be released for every car and home, and the constitution would be restored with freedom for all!

Posted by John MacHaffie at 3:16 PM


1. JimCosta June 7, 2012 3:39 PM
Is Drake for real or a fraud? Don't know.
If Drake is for real, is he dealing with real people or frauds? Don't Know.
Is the vote survey a trap by Das Homeland Security? Could be.
So what the hell do I know?
1. Always match the risk with the possible gain.
If the risk is high and the gain is low, leave it alone.
If the risk is low and the gain is high, go for it.
2. If a soldier can save the life of two buddies by laying on a grenade, go for it.
If not, duck.
3. If I can possibly save a million people from suffering or death by voting
and exposing myself, then . . .
4. This decision is about as personal as giving yourself a suppository.
Each must decide for himself.

2. Anonymous June 7, 2012 3:49 PM
Where does the civil war talk suddenly come from. They are threatening us with war if they dont get what they want? That alone is another crime! Do it or we kill you? What kind of choice is that? Why would we trust them now.

3. RagtopRoadster June 7, 2012 3:57 PM
Lastly, forget yourself for just one minute and think about our troops and their families which have tirelessly and painfully given their lives and/or "personal freedom and family life" for all of us at home.... almost without end since WWII with the "carrot" of freedom and liberty at home only to find out in the field that it was all a lie but had to keep serving then come home and be ignored at best. Let's give them all the opportunity to come home to their families again and put down their guns (yes you too Drake; my Dad was 82nd Airborne Ranger in Korea; his brother was the same in WWII - Battle of the Buldge; another brother served in the Maurauders; four in all and they all came home but could never speak of their time there and never slept in peace upon their return). Let us love and trust enough to Honor Them All - Especially those who are not here to share this historical moment with us all. These veterans still made THIS moment possible!!
Drake is Paul Revere and we as free men must make a decision to Take The Hill and "SECURE IT FOR OUR CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN".... But as God Fearing People and Good Stewards of our God Given Time; Talent and Treasure ... WE MUST first try to do this without firing a shot.
If we live by the sword (which the Cabal has done for Centuries) we will die by the sword.... For once let us try to prove this Axiom WRONG. Let us learn again how to live as brothers and LIVE/LOVE as Brothers.
Let's focus our energies on a Massive Barn Raising - The HEALED United States of America and SHINE THAT LIGHT SO STRONG for the world to see the path we made straight for each of them as Free Men Under God to follow our lead; replicate this franchise to their own likeness and in One Action REGAIN the respect of our people/nation around the world that the Surrendering Cabal has squandered On Our Watch!
We owe this to Ourselves; our Families; All Veterans and To HIM (our own personal God). Let's turn the other cheek and love thy neighbor once again. We ALL are What We Do NOT What We Say. Freedom is not free but it does not have to come via the sharp end of a spear. And to KEEP It we must all stay awake; know what liberty is and be diligent in caring for it everyday in what we do and say.
Let us take full stock in the "Sweat Equity" of our forefathers and peacekeepers that have had to sit on that wall for us through the history of this great land.
God bless Drake & Company and once again I pray....; "MAY GOD BLESS the united States of America" !!

1. Anonymous June 7, 2012 5:48 PM
I agree. I had a brother who came back from Vietnam with a Purple Heart and for what when it was all a lie. And yes until his death at a very young age he could not live in peace after that war. He became an alcoholic which led to a stroke and years after to his final death. And finally "yes" this could not have been possible without all these fallen heroes. Bless you for this post. And yes, I don't care who Drake is because in my heart I hear him speaking the truth ....For my brother and all those who suffer today GOD BLESS YOU DRAKE!

4. RagtopRoadster June 7, 2012 3:58 PM
Comment posted on the New Radio Broadcast Site relevant to Blog Comments provided there after Drake's Broadcast yesterday....
To John the Gnostic.... This is both "Spot On" and well received by my clan. God bless your initiative here.
To ALL READERS; go to John's listed link ( thegnosticpapers) as he as organised this very well for anyone you care to share this with that is coming in cold; take the time to help them awaken and to do their duty as citizens "To Get Off The Couch" and take responsibility for restoring their freedom vs. complaining about it and waiting for other to do the heavy lifting.....
For those that are operating out of "Fear" vs. "Love" and seek "Vengeance" over "Conditional Surrender" over the Cabal; they all need to "WAKEUP"......
Know that even if we were all granted EVERYTHING we asked for (including our self interests and desires to win the lotto...), if your mindset does not mature to a place where we can focus on Love (without which there is NO sustainable freedom as the "what is in it for ME today" and vengeful attitude is what got us here in the first place as we are ALL Responsible for our current fate as free men/women by our slumber and lack of taking personal responsibility for our country and to where we would return in less than 2 generations vs. Centuries; just consider Ron Paul who has be crying to be heard on this as he has served thanklessly to awaken us for over 30 years)
Consider this: Drake and Company are sweating blood to "Enable" We The People to ACT as free sovereign people to take our country back to what was intended by our founding fathers AND that most "unawake" citizens of this country "assume" is still there.... Whom do you know that BELIEVES we are still protected by personal "Liberty" and protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights? Most do not even know what they are really, never mind that they have been lost generations ago; but they can tell you what the ERA of some starting pitcher is after the game last night and whom starts today.....

5. Anonymous June 7, 2012 4:05 PM
I'd love to vote but I don't think the website (whichever one is the one to vote on) is set up for the vote yet. If it is, it's not very clear how, exactly, to cast one's vote...

1. Anonymous June 7, 2012 5:52 PM
Yes, I thought the same thing, but if you read further down it's simple... Just send an email to and in the header or subject line just type in your vote...EXAMPLE 1. YES 2. NO 3. YES. It's that simple!! Hope this helps.

6. Anonymous June 7, 2012 4:19 PM
In regard to NESARA, if 80% or more of the military is on the side of We The People, as Drake says, and he has all of these connections with the military, why don't we just have the Navy Seals, Marine Recons, Delta Force, Green Berets, etc. just walk into the Supreme Court and make them remove the, so called, gag order on NESARA and have it announced. Simple as that. While they are at it they could take the Supreme Court, so called, justices into custody and put them somewhere where the sun don't shine. I think there would be very little resistance to that and probably no casualties at all. And once the gag order is lifted and NESARA is announced that should do it. Where is the problem. As I understand it something similar to this happened in order to get NESARA passed, in the first place; i.e. a bunch of generals and military types told congress to pass NESARA, or else.

1. Anonymous June 7, 2012 5:48 PM
Remove the "gag order on NESARA topic".
This the best plan put forth, I have read yet!
It would bring many things up to surface for open discussion in the media and for review of the People.
I greatly support this proposal and agree that it can be implemented quickly.
Thanks for remembering the circumstances.

7. Anonymous June 7, 2012 4:22 PM

8. Anonymous June 7, 2012 4:23 PM
Those people trying to EXTRICATE themselves from punishment after ALL they have KNOWINGLY done to 310 million people (chemtrails, HAARP, etc.) should NOT be let off the hook. If they are FEARFUL of being arrested, they MUST think that the people have the upper hand. THEY ARE BEING EXPOSED RIGHT AND LEFT, and they should NOT be allowed to escape the penalties due them for the LIES, PERPETUAL WARS, and ATROCITIES they've perpetrated on millions of others. There is such a thing as "ETHICS". Because of THEM, this country has been destroyed!

9. Anonymous June 7, 2012 4:34 PM
Everyone please email at
In the subject line put: YES - 1, 2, 3

10. Anonymous June 7, 2012 4:54 PM
Not enough details of the "Plan" for me to make an intelligent and informed decision.... Just look at all the dumb bunnies that voted Obabama in under the CHANGE slogan.... I hate the idea that these ahos would get parole.... I say NO parole and NO Presidential pardons but LIFE IN A FEMA camp....these bastards want/wanted to KILL US.... they are like a deadly cancer.... if you don't get rid of it (all cancer cells) the cancer will come back.... consider the 155,000 NAZI SS the US gov brought to the US after WW2 .... Just look at what Bush Sr did with them. Remember, Bush was in the German Navy.... yet the bastard found a way to dupe us and became president and then screwed us beyond belief.... This is making a deal with the DEVIL......

11. Anonymous June 7, 2012 5:03 PM
THANK YOU AGAIN, J. MacHaffie, Lady Dragon and Drake (and many others). Your real reward awaits you elsewhere. Try not to claim it too soon ! frj

12. JimCosta June 7, 2012 5:44 PM
Recap of Drake's radio show last night.
Scroll down to 8:55 PM June 6th.

13. Anonymous June 7, 2012 5:44 PM
For those concerned about 'giving away' their location or E-mail or any other personal info, THE CABAL ALREADY KNOWS WHO YOU ARE! Nothing lost! It would be nice if more Americans could be in on it, but, OK. Here we are. If this a real proposal, we have nothing to lose. We have already lost it. This is the best thing I've heard in years. I'm sure Drake is hedging somewhat on the 'lesser amount' of arrests, but he is hedging on everything he talks about. Secret stuff is as ubiquitous as cars. Maybe this will end all of the secret stuff forever. Make your choice ! frj

14. Anonymous June 7, 2012 6:20 PM
vote yes to all, I beg you, N MORE WAR.

15. Anonymous June 7, 2012 6:29 PM
Nothing is going to happen in a few weeks. No arrests, no Nesara etc. This guy Drake is a snake oil salesman just like Tim Turner. I listened to his latest show and all the crap he claims is going to happen is BULLSHIT. You sheeple who believe this crap are idiots. There was just a Bilderberg meeting in Virginia and these elitists were in no way concerned. They even had US military marines protecting them according to Alex Jones who has video. The people who asked questions on Drakes show are the same people who followed Tim Turner. Many of their voices are clearly recognizable. I can't understand how you sheeple can listen and believe in this crap. Drake is a shill and all his crap is totally made up like a Hollywood script. I guess once Drake is proven wrong, someone else will crawl out of the woodwork and claim they have inside info with the Pentagon and military to get us out of this mess and the sheeple will follow him. Lies, lies and more lies. When are you going to WAKE UP!

1. Anonymous June 7, 2012 6:53 PM
I have heard from many wise men and ladies that "Fools rush in" .... People in our haste to get something done quickly because we are desperate concerning our finances, health, foreclosure etc. we sometimes loose track of where we want to go..... JUST THINK ABOUT THIS..... We could be jumping from the frying pan into the fire....

2. Anonymous June 7, 2012 7:52 PM
I take this personal attack on my family with great distain! I have been studing history for more than 30 years and have read more than you are capable of uunderstanding. With all the information that is available and all the wonderful, intelligent people that have informed and tried to teach us what the truth really is, you should be ashamed of yourself! If nothing else, try to understand that this will only take a minute of your time, and won't you be surprised if it is "the real deal."

16. Anonymous June 7, 2012 6:51 PM
Ah they only need 500,000 of you to agree. That's an easier mass to control.
I see yes, yes, and yes in a prior post.
Yes, no, yes in this one.
Seems the thought of the 3 days of darkness is similar to:
In God We Trust. In Illuminati We Trust. In Cabal We Trust.
I don't think sooooooooooooooooooooo!

17. Anonymous June 7, 2012 7:16 PM
... perhaps Drake is meeting with Galactics who previously have been "non-interference" and now say ... PEOPLE OF UNITED STATES, WHAT DO YOU WANT? Concerning collateral accounts, we have heard "global, Asian, Russian, China" ... perhaps they are asking the same ... People of the United States, what do you want? Drake is asking three things ... 1)Do you want financial freedom? 2) Do you want advanced technologies released NOW? 3)Do you want freedom restored across the planet with common law and constitutional governments supporting the people? The answers can only be 1)YES 2)YES ... and 3)YES. Be willing ... give up your resistance and fear. Let's take the leap in unison for FREEDOM. It is time NOW!

1. Anonymous June 7, 2012 10:59 PM
These questions are exactly what makes no sense. Of course everyone wants 1,2,3, the question is what is the other side of the agreement. 123 seems like a SAles pitch to me.
As far as fear goes, anyone voting yes is giving into the fear in the message. You better not arrest us or else all these people will die.
They feed us fear and give us a solution that sounds great. Doesn't this MO sound familiar to anyone?

18. Anonymous June 7, 2012 7:25 PM
Why in the world would you blithely give email information on a vote that isn't large enough to mean anything? Like they need a few hundred or thousand of your names to decide?

19. Anonymous June 7, 2012 10:51 PM
I listened to Drakes interview which was like listening to an old Tim Turner rant. The best part was near the end when Skari Kari of Truthfinders Network had to leave and pretty much told Drake he was a liar and flipflopper and she believed nothing he said was true. Also she said her listeners didn't buy his BULLSHIT either. It's funny the interview cut off at this point. Just wonder what Drakes response was. This was on ThankYouWhiteKnights channel on YouTube.

20. Anonymous June 8, 2012 12:37 AM
People are such fools. We are incapable of removing evil from this
planet because the overwhelming majority don't think like sociopaths.

We are dealing with minds that don't have a fair thought or bone in their head or body. We tend to follow people like Drake and Turner
for the feel good. Wise up "No sacrifice no victory." What is needed to gain freedom is for each and every one to personally
resist.Stop paying taxes,rescend s/s # and learn to successfully
resist the idiots they send out to enforce their unlawful rules.
"Follow the Money"

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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by Pottapaug1938 » Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:27 pm

"In regard to NESARA, if 80% or more of the military is on the side of We The People, as Drake says, and he has all of these connections with the military, why don't we just have the Navy Seals, Marine Recons, Delta Force, Green Berets, etc. just walk into the Supreme Court and make them remove the, so called, gag order on NESARA and have it announced. Simple as that."

Yeah, coups d'etat ARE "simple as that".
"We've been attacked by the intelligent, educated segment of the culture." -- Pastor Ray Mummert, Dover, PA, during an attempt to introduce creationism -- er, "intelligent design", into the Dover Public Schools

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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by ArthurWankspittle » Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:59 pm

That's going to be one hell of a mailing list.
Please indicate which of the following applies to you. You may tick more than one box:
Serious mental health issues (whether receiving medication or not)
Substance abuse (non-drug) e.g. huffing paint, car exhausts
Substance abuse (drug use) e.g. LSD, hallucinogenic mushrooms
Interested in overthrow of government
Willing to take part in overthrow of government
Hold any weapons legally
Hold any weapons illegally
Hold any illegal weapons

Thank you for your time. Someone will be in contact shortly.
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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by notorial dissent » Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:17 pm

Arthur, you forgot stupid, really really stupid.
The fact that you sincerely and wholeheartedly believe that the “Law of Gravity” is unconstitutional and a violation of your sovereign rights, does not absolve you of adherence to it.

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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by The Observer » Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:34 pm

Just to be on the safe side, if any of us get arrested within the next 48 hours by the Forces of Light or their allies/subsidiaries/minions, please assist in keeping a head count by posting here the time and date of your arrest. If you know what FEMA camp you're being incarcerated at, that would be helpful as well. Oh, and if you happen to end up sharing bunk space with anyone really famous, like Obama, Bush, Kissinger, or Mel Gibson, be sure to share any juciy tidbits that come up.
"I could be dead wrong on this" - Irwin Schiff

"Do you realize I may even be delusional with respect to my income tax beliefs? " - Irwin Schiff

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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by Deep Knight » Fri Jun 08, 2012 5:37 pm

Kauilapele's summary which is 3 times as long as the original.

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Drake’s Proposal for You to Vote On… [Simplified]

Posted on 2012/06/07 Below I have placed the message from this page of Lady Dragon’s website.
Now, since it took several clicks to get to that page from Drake’s website, I’ve tried to simplify everything by putting the message below and… “The Gist (Essence)”, which is:
a. Go below and read items 1, 2, and 3. Answer either Yes or No to each.
b. Write an email to:
c. In the subject line put the number and your answer to each question.
Example (in Subject line):
1- Yes (or No), 2- Yes (or No), 3- Yes (or No)
d. Send the email.
That’s it. The full message is below, so enjoy your reading and voting!
Thursday June 07, 2012
Drake’s proposal for you to vote on
By LadyDragon
MONTREAL – ( 07/06/12 (June 7, 2012)
LadyDragon has prepared the page for you all to cast your vote.
Please read the questions and answer through the email provided thank you :)
As many know, I offered new information that I had just received yesterday, on my show.
I will go through that information and how we can use it for our cause. I say ‘Our Cause’, which to me is Freedom, and all that goes with it.
The new information was a second contact by those famous families that seem to own everything.
The bad guys are trying to negotiate surrender.
ALL of them are in a very real bind, their funds have been cut off, and it looks like all of us are getting ready to come hunting them.
A part of that contact came from another person who stated that they are scared out of their wits…
Think of the idea of everybody and anybody being an enemy who just might be hunting you…hmmm?
I have offered the idea of a ‘conditional settlement’ on my show that gets everything done we have been trying to do.
1- Reality needs to be faced, like it or not.
-That reality is the choice of peace or war. IF We The People come after them, they have said they will fight to the very last man.
This means that even those few could inflict extreme damage in many places.
Yes, they have problems, BUT, they are not helpless, and most know what they are willing to do. Add a few military into that and everyone should get the idea.
2- There are three ‘principles’ involved in this.
We The People, Controller of the Collateral Accounts, and The ‘owners’.
What I am doing, by doing this, is to give an idea to all parties involved, what might be acceptable. Nothing more, nothing less.
This is NOT anything official.
It will give We The People a voice and will be presented to the other two principles.
This offers a basis that can be used as leverage in these negotiations.
AFTER the vote is taken, I will offer the results to our negotiator, and make the results known on Sunday, 1 – 3 EST.
It is very important that everyone who wants their freedom to vote.
We are not the only ‘freedom’ people involved in this. America has some 300 million +, and there are billions of people who stand to benefit from these negotiations.
This is just my attempt to help in all this…
The following is what I stated on my show on Wednesday 6/6/12. Each will be listed in the order I stated them.
1- N.E.S.A.R.A. The National Economic Security And Reformation Act.
This offers financial freedom. Please read the history of NESERA [NESARA] for more in depth information at these 2 places:
2- Release of ALL advanced technologies. The Collateral Accounts will be used to set up manufacturing and installation.
This offers jobs. There are between 6 and 800 of these that will change all our lives for the better.
3- Return to our founding Documents; 1787 Constitution + the original organic 13th Amendment/Article, The Articles of Confederation,
Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence.
This offers FREEDOM.
A project was completed where individuals from various states filed a package containing these documents with The Court of The Hague.
This was a ‘Notification Process’ of We The People declaring our freedom once again to the world.
Those who requested the project were satisfied with the results.
I know a lot of people are concerned with their identities for this vote.
Believe me when I say the none of us have had ANY privacy for years…’they’ know who you are already.
UNDERSTAND that the only thing that will be put out will be ONLY the numbers, nothing else.
As soon as we have the results I will send them to the right people… numbers ONLY.
I hope this clears the air on the subject of privacy and what I am doing.
I thank all who participate.

Everyone please email at
In the subject line put the number and your answer
1- Yes or No, 2- Yes or No, 3- Yes or No

Posted by John MacHaffie at 4:54 PM


RagtopRoadster June 7, 2012 5:10 PM
There is already a Web-Site Taking This Poll On-Line which I ASSUME is related to Drake & Co.
It takes you vote and shows current resilts in real-time....
OK. Get this out to folks and let's ALL get off the couch!!!
God bless us all.

Anonymous June 7, 2012 5:27 PM
I was always told "never make a deal with the devil." What validity do numbers have without names? The military has a code and take an oath. they are not or it is not a democracy. they have an obligation to arrest those SLIMBALLS.

Anonymous June 7, 2012 5:43 PM
For those concerned about 'giving away' their location or E-mail or any other personal info, THE CABAL ALREADY KNOWS WHO YOU ARE! Nothing lost! It would be nice if more Americans could be in on it, but, OK. Here we are. If this a real proposal, we have nothing to lose. We have already lost it. This is the best thing I've heard in years. I'm sure Drake is hedging somewhat on the 'lesser amount' of arrests, but he is hedging on everything he talks about. Secret stuff is as ubiquitous as cars. Maybe this will end all of the secret stuff forever. Make your choice ! frj

Anonymous June 7, 2012 6:37 PM
Nobody wants war. We have had many years of it. My question is how do we know that this isn't some trap? These people have screwed over everyone for their own personal gain. Why would that change now?
Make the deal, but keep vigilant. I have a feeling that this isn't over.

Anonymous June 7, 2012 6:57 PM
I have never seen a winning football team make a deal with the losing football team for the right to be the winning football team.
But who am i to think such things?

Anonymous June 7, 2012 7:15 PM
A. Who is Dragon Lady and why would top echelon elitists feel the need to go through a public humiliation voting process through some unknown person?
It makes absolutely no sense at all. In fact, it's ridiculous. Do you think it's maybe a way to drive traffic to her website and nothing more
B. Voting, really? These people want to kill us and plunder the planet and install Lucifer as lord and king. They sacrifice living beings to satisfy their demented plans. They crash economies, plan and implement wars that kill your children, they poison and imprison innocents and think nothing of causing widespread starvation and endless agony for millions. Do you really, really think they are waiting to see how we vote on some whack job's website?

Anonymous June 7, 2012 8:09 PM
This offers FREEDOM. -- quote from the post above.
Freedom - The state of being free; liberty; self-determination; absence of restraint; the opposite of slavery.
The power of acting, in the character of a moral personality, according to the dictates of the will, such as may be imposed by just and necessary laws and the duties of social life.
The prevalence, in the government and constitution of a country, of such a system of laws and institutions as secure civil liberty to the individual citizen.
Freedom is not I know what that means.
Free is Not subject to legal constraint of another.
Unconstrained; having power to follow the dictates of his own will. Not subject to the dominion of another. not compelled to involuntary servitude. Used in this sense as opposed to "slave".
Not bound to service for a fixed term of years; in distinction to being bound as an apprentice. Enjoying full civil rights. Available to all citizens alike without charge; as a free school.
Not despotic; assuring liberty; defending individual rights against encroachment by any person or class; instituted by a free people; said of governments, institutions, etc.
Certain, and also consistent with an honorable degree in life, as free services, in the feudal law.
Confined to the person possessing, instead of being shared with others; as a free fishery.
Not engaged in a war as belligerent or ally; neutral, as in the maxim: "Free ships make free goods."
So Drake's document is asking for those to vote for Freedom but not to be Free.
Freedom is something agreed upon by a collective who are imposed by just and necessary laws.
Free is not bound by any time frame, not subject to legal constraint, individual and not subject to encroachment, not even from a collective, not compelled, etc.
Interesting that to have Freedom you have to tell them within a time frame but to be Free would require no such thing. To have Freedom you are promised you will not go to war, whereas to be Free you would not be engaged in a war, things would be neutral.
Oh yeah....let the separation begin!
The Free separated from the Freedom.

Does your soul decision come from the outside of you?
Many paradigms at play.
Did they give you three days and three nights?
"And the evening and the morning was the first day."

Anonymous June 7, 2012 8:25 PM
I think that the "vote" isn't real. Maybe Drake is trying to see how many follower's he has.

Anonymous June 7, 2012 9:18 PM
Arrests right now PERIOD - NO MORE TIME. All bankers/finance/Cabal members do hard time in PRISON for the next 50 years, just like I've had to do hard time due to their BS for the last 50 years. Anything else is BS. Anyone of them we can demonstrate had a hand in any assassinations/bombings/war crimes will be lined up and shot by multiple executioners. More time is just crap. Next solstice - ha, ha, ha - you aren't real. Done. Kind regards.

Anonymous June 7, 2012 10:22 PM
Right - So people are going to "Vote" via the internet that we all know is secure and can't be rigged - Right
While we're at it why don't we "Vote" for immortality, instant complete knowledge of all that can be known and of course - Free Ice Cream

Anonymous June 8, 2012 1:41 AM
A vote for freedom? really?. We are created to be free. Our declaration and bill of rights do not give us freedom. They are created by the people to protect what is already ours. These unalienable rights (as the declaration puts them are already ours and within everyone of us. The constitution (the law of the land) is our public servants document that limits them and they have taken an oath to abide by it. The reason we are not experiencing our freedom is that we have allowed ourselves to be sold and deceived into a false state on freedom (servitude) As the bible says.. we have sold ourselves for nothing". We let them put us below the line of freedom into their corporate fictional world of admiralty maritime law willingly but ignorantly. We have ignorantly become the walking dead (corporation) in a world where nothing is real. Our real state is above the line (land of the living) in our state of freedom / common law and their constitution witch limits them. One must make it a public record of who you are (an affidavit of status) along with 2 or three witnesses (notary public). No one can tell you who you are. Only you can. You must also file this in a court file so you can have it anytime you go to court (or handle it before you go) and face the fictional Characters who write fictional rules (statutes designed for their world) for their world. once you have your status established and are "ONE OF THE PEOPLE" again", everytime you go to court you will have your article three court. If you do not establish your staus with them, then you will be presumed a corporate person and be dragged into an administrative court designed for fictional Characters where they will steal your property of haul you off to jail for a victimless crime having injured no one.Administrative courts are only for fictional characters without due process of law. Judicial courts are for real living beings and you will get your due process of law. You must stay above the line by learning the laws that were meant for us(common law/ statutes at large). Anything else is living below the line. Hold our servants to their oaths they have taken (speak it) and look at everything through the lens of the bill of rights. ( They break it all of the time) Learn how to write a criminal complaint against them and hold them accountable. We are the true kings....not them. Why would a king/Queen vote for his/her freedom?..... We have forgotten who we are and the law of God that guide us...the law of nature....the common law. Stay above the line and live in freedom where you have an inheritance and everything is given to you freely by God. Or go into the fiction whee your will get no rest from your labor because it has been pledged as collateral on your masters debt which is designed to never be paid off. We are responsible for our own affairs and keeping our freedom/republic (as Ben Franklin stated...."If you can keep it") Learn how as Listen to the audios and all will become clear. See you above the line.

uwho June 8, 2012 1:47 AM
I agree, it just gives them more time to organize. How many more drones can they make in those 13 days?? He's got 30,000 which he is obviously head over heels in love with. ARREST THEM ALREADY!! Is it my imagination, to me they don't look at all worried. That they were worried at the Bilderberg is hear say.

"These people want to kill us and plunder the planet and install Lucifer as lord and king. They sacrifice living beings to satisfy their demented plans." Hey, why so judgemental? I say, live and let live.

Seguir del dinero!
"Follow the Money"

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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by Deep Knight » Fri Jun 08, 2012 8:06 pm

A serpent creeps into the garden.

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Warnings About Drake from Teri Hinkle

Today it has been spread far and wide that we are to vote on a poll as to whether or not we would agree to some sort of "treaty" with the elite who as we all know are very nearly defeated. It seems their idea of a fair deal is either promise not to hold them accountable or they launch an all out war and reduce both sides to one third. Really?

Do you seriously think you can make a deal with the devil? And what kind of mentality thinks they would keep any promise? Never mind that would be the first time in history that a totally corrupt and unsalvageable bloodline ever exhibited an ounce of honor or understanding of it's definition. As far as I am concerned extinction is the only way to stop that very same bloodline from continuing the death and destruction they have wrought on humanity for thousands of years but hey that's just me. I don't usually have to be hit on the head more than once or twice before I get it.

Please use some common sense before you even consider casting a vote for any such outlandish and idiotic plan. This wreaks of the same militaristic mind set that caused the great disaster the world is in already. If you are on a ship that is sinking do you plug the holes with the same materials you built it with?

Now if that isn't enough common sense, stop and ask yourself what gives a few thousand people listening to an Internet radio show, the right to make any decision or even vote on a decision for the rest of the more than seven billion people on this planet? Add to that there are no details of this so called agreement, nor are there any identities revealed of just who is making a treaty to include and impact the whole globe. Gee, "we have to pass it to find out what's in it" comes to mind.

There is another good question; wouldn't it give them the answer they would love to have as to how many of you would choose to get down on your knees and accept their idea of a deal rather than finish the fight once and for all so they can re-group and start again?

Are you so desperate you would sell your country, your children and grandchildren for NESARA money? Do you get on your knees and worship the very thing they used to enslave you in the first place, money? If so you will deserve the consequences of your part of the deal.

I do not support, was not a part of and was not told about this. I have fielded calls and emails all day long asking me if I was either in favor or not. This is just plain nuts folks and if this is an example of how weak and dependent this nation has become, how dumbed down and indoctrinated the people are, it's time to bug out. That's my answer.

For those of you who may not have heard about it and are wondering what I am talking about read for yourself and then please use the minds God gave you.

[long, long disclaimer removed 'cause it was too long]

Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:51 PM


[Wait a second, 59?! Gotta cut these back!]

1. Anonymous June 7, 2012 7:58 PM
Right on Teri! This is nothing more than BULLSHIT from a snake oil salesman like Tim Turner. You poor misguided fools!

1. Anonymous June 8, 2012 2:00 AM
What part of this article do you think she was talking about Tim Turner. I believe she was referring about Drake.
How ignorant!

2. Anonymous June 7, 2012 8:06 PM
... This seems more like an e-mail campaign to collect everyones e-mail addresses. This is truly not a vote by humanity.

4. eenerski June 7, 2012 8:22 PM
I agree. Once again any pertinent information like who he is working for cannot be revealed. This sounds like a trap. If you vote no than of course that info will be passed on to those that don't want any sheeple to stir the pot. Why would we sign a treaty with the devil. This started out mass arrest now it's let the gangsters have another chance. Didn't we do that with the thugs from hitler. They got a whole 12 years in prison for mass murder and then came to the US to start over again. Yeah, that worked well. Time to take these murderers down for good. A lifetime of solitair to think about what they've done. Separate them from thier families. Take thier children away. I am being leanient. I would give them a 6 by 6 cell with a metal bed, sink and toilet. But sorry, not contact with other humans. They are to dangerous to leave out in the public even with other gangsters.

5. Anonymous June 7, 2012 8:34 PM
Teri is a raving lunatic who has no idea what he/she is talking about. This is not a "treaty" being negotiated, it is a surrender. Teri seems bent on revenge and destruction. ...

1. Anonymous June 7, 2012 9:20 PM
What is lunacy about the numbers? We're talking about a few thousand people making decisions for ME and MY FUTURE. That's just what we have now, folks. The dangling of the carrot of NESARA just makes it easier to go along with it. YOUR LEADER IS IN THE MIRROR and the sooner we all get that through our heads the better for all of us.

3. Anonymous June 8, 2012 12:50 AM
It's a freaking POLL people! Damnation you're not voting on the next president for God's sake. They just want our opinion. Let's not get all crazy and make this out to be more than it is. Sheesh.

7. AnonymousJune 7, 2012 8:37 PM
"They" showed no mercy as they were destroying our families. So, if any type of "forgiveness" is involved, above any measures of treaty, I would demand a visible tattoo, or other mark, clearly on their forehead and that they, both male and female, be completely neutered so they CANNOT REPRODUCE - - ever.

1. Anonymous June 7, 2012 9:48 PM
This is a great idea. Well said. Let's add that to the conditions of surrender, along with no more cloning.

2. Anonymous June 7, 2012 9:50 PM
Thank you for being a reasonable voice in the storm of emotion. This is just letting the good guys that we're behind them, that we support them, that we support peace. Thank you for your post.

9. Anonymous June 7, 2012 9:23 PM
LISTEN TO THE DRAKE CALL before you "judge" -- and listen to your intuition!
THE ENERGY ON MOTHER EARTH/GAIA - has shifted...and is shifting! We are entering the 5th dimensional energy field and in that, we can co-create PEACE, ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY for all without destruction!
WE CAN NOT CREATE A WORLD with all of those qualities by using the same ugly ways that have been used over the last 100 years....we are better than that!
THE CABAL WILL BE STRIPPED and THEY WILL BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE! We can do our part and send forgiveness to them so that "we can be healed" and can move forward.
BELIEVE IN MIRACLES...a new day is here!!!

11. Anonymous June 7, 2012 9:28 PM
Teri makes a valid argument. We must be firm and tough with these evil individuals, they have no disregard for people, the earth, only the pursuit of greed and profit. All these proposals of terms of surrender is GARBAGE. If they want WE THE PEOPLE to back this positive change, the military and all others must proceed and ARREST THESE PEOPLE. Surrender is weak, we owe it to the millions of lives who have perished through the actions of these individuals. We need proof, we need names, documents. Announcements on all major media networks. Without this, all this is just talk and will go no where.

15. Anonymous June 7, 2012 9:46 PM
From what I come to understand Teri Hinkle can't get along with anybody. If you truly want WAR how are we going to fight together we can't even have a common goal we can come together on. All WARS end with negoiations like it are not. Surrender always comes wirh TERMS.

16. Anonymous June 7, 2012 9:48 PM
I trust Drake and sent in my email. After reading all your comments, I wish I could send him more votes.

18. Eric-Gunther June 7, 2012 10:01 PM
The book of ACTS calls them TARES and they are to be BUNDLED AND BURNED. THAT IS ALL. No love, No accepting apologies. I KILLED THREE SNAKES TODAY AND LOVED IT. Jesus did not call this BROOD OF VIPERS , VIPERS FOR NOTHING. If you let one live they will breed back. Read Lincoln ROCKWELL's "THE FABLE OF THE DUCKS AND HENS."

21. Anonymous June 7, 2012 10:32 PM

23. Anonymous June 7, 2012 10:40 PM
Im with teri you dont ever make a deal with the devil. Whats wrong with you guys you dont even know drake. You listen to everybody but trust no one untill they have solid evidence. This asshole wants us to bow down to the ones who kill our children and blow up buildings wirh innocent people in them i got my guns im ready.

24. Anonymous June 7, 2012 10:41 PM

27. Anonymous June 7, 2012 11:20 PM
It is obvious that this is an attempt to get off the hook by some miserable beings and I am with the majority of this comments... Any entity that has caused so much harm and that have shown no remorse does not deserve this kind of a opportunity... They should be disintegrated and return as dust to the creator... and if this includes me... so be it.

28. deacon June 7, 2012 11:24 PM
Good ol' Teri, the fear based flaming fruit bat

29. Anonymous June 7, 2012 11:25 PM
I agree!!! On with the mass arrests if that really will happen..after they are all arrested work out sentences later, none of them should EVER get out of prison EVER. The only bargaining with them should be wether they should be allowed to live in solitary confinement for the rest of their life or publicly executed for all the mass muders.

31. TLGA June 8, 2012 12:03 AM
I did not make the post to this blog. It was an email sent out to my private email list. As I said in the message I was bombarded all day long for my input. That is exactly what I gave. This was not an attack on Drake as he was the messenger. It was however an attack on the message and I wish that my friend had used better sense than to deliver it.
Had I wanted my email to be posted publicly I could have and would have done so. Nevertheless it is now out there. So be it. I stand by my opinion and feel the need to remind all of you. These polls, surveys etc. are exactly what the elite use to analyze and design the very propaganda campaigns they use on us every day of our lives. They use them to find out what we are thinking, how to control us, how to influence us.
As for the oh so eloquent pinhead who calls me a raving lunatic, man up and use your own name! At least I don't hide behind an anonymous label to voice my convictions.

33. Anonymous June 8, 2012 1:01 AM
Teri is lieing to you all what he or she is telling you 100% disinformation and Drake is and as been right on ever since wake up people are time is now and Drake is telling us and letting us know what's really about to go down

39. Anonymous June 8, 2012 8:22 AM
Three words "divine and conquor" they get to do this everytime and they've done it again.

43. TLGA June 8, 2012 12:30 PM
Another consideration is the concept of polls and how they are used. Many times they are used to fabricate a sort of consensus. Generally it is a consensus (???) of the uninformed and easily duped.
The military has been using propaganda and polls since Ed Bernays first launched his psy-war campaign against the public in justification of WWI.
Polls limit the need for critical thinking to devise other choices and thoughts, the goal is already reached by getting the slaves to participate believing they are exercising their "rights" to voice their opinions, and the compartmentalized questions and answers are crafted to show the poll-makers how to best herd the sheeple into another direction of their choosing. Brilliant!

44. the dave June 8, 2012 12:51 PM
Seriously, someone wrote the bible says don't compromise? That's a joke.The bible is all about compromise and forgiveness. Get the foam out of your mouths, folks, it's unbecoming.
Anyone worrying about Drake being compromised or changed, I'd say your own discernment is compromised. Bloodlust in your eyes will make you believe anything - but if you listen to the full show where Drake talked about this, he simply sees it as a better way, provided the cabal follows through. If they don't, the plan to arrest is still on.
Drake realizes if it works, it will save many many innocent lives AND give us our release even sooner.
Drake is not compromised - but rather, IMO, peoples bloodlust has blinded them to anything but vengeance. But you are not considering the price. Drones will attack us for starters, infrastructure will be blown up, and a lot of avoidable death and destruction will take place.
Take some breaths and use your intelligence - not just your emotions...
"Follow the Money"

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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by Pottapaug1938 » Fri Jun 08, 2012 8:51 pm

I dread having to fly somewhere distant, and having one of these people sitting next to me in seats designed for those 4'10" and under.
"We've been attacked by the intelligent, educated segment of the culture." -- Pastor Ray Mummert, Dover, PA, during an attempt to introduce creationism -- er, "intelligent design", into the Dover Public Schools

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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by Deep Knight » Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:36 pm

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Negotiations Update
Victory of the Light!

I have contacted my sources and they confirmed intel from Drake’s last interview.

Top people inside Positive Military group started having doubts and reservations about the execution of the Mass Arrests scenario in early May as there was an unknown element disturbing their plans. This unknown element turned out to be the Archons, physical and non-physical ones. The original Plan for the Mass Arrests designed by the Positive Military did not include Archons in consideration as their presence was not known to the Positive Military group until recently.

The physical Archons consist of a powerful group inside the Jesuit faction. This group had direct access to nuclear weapons which they were threatening to use if Mass Arrests would commence. As this group was effectively cut away from such access this Tuesday, the Cabal went into panic mode as they had no more leverage to delay their downfall. Therefore they are begging for mercy. They are cornered and they have nothing more to lose. If their only future would be mass arrests and possible execution, the only option they have is to fight an all-out war until their last man falls. If we give them a chance for a peaceful surrender in exchange for a milder treatment after they surrender, they have a motivation to cooperate. I have been present at many negotiations with members of the Cabal and they all follow the same pattern: as long as the bad guys have some power, they will use deceit to your disadvantage as much as they can and as long as they can. When they are finally cornered, most of them become very cooperative and some even genuinely cross over to the Light.

The non-physical Archons could become a real problem in the Mass Arrests scenario. Please understand that Mass Arrests could not happen without the complete reset of the financial system to cut off the Cabal from their remaining financial resources. At the reset, the non-physical Archons would influence people to spread panic, violence, riots, provoke civilians against the military…Things could really get ugly and spin out of control.

So peaceful surrender of the Cabal is our best option. If the Cabal tries to manipulate the negotiation process, we can still execute the Mass Arrests scenario anytime we want. In case that things then get ugly and escalate into a war, the Resistance has promised to back up the Positive Military and protect the People with their resources and can also send their troops from their deep underground bases to assist the Positive Military as the last resort.

Non-negotiable terms of surrender as suggested by the Resistance:

1. The leading members of the Cabal that are public figures must publicly announce surrender of the Cabal over the mass media until a certain deadline. The latest date suggested by the Resistance is June 21st (summer solstice). If the Cabal does not do this, the Mass Arrests scenario continues.

2. Immediately after that, in the next 24 hours, they must permanently step down from all positions of power. They must give in all their property and resources. They are allowed to keep basic food, clothes and shelter for survival. This will free us to create the future we want, with NESARA, free energy technologies, transparent financial system, non-censored media....

3. They must publicly confess their wrongdoings. Amnesty can then be granted in most cases, with some arrests still taking place.

The reason for polls on this and other websites is for the Positive forces to understand the opinion of the general public so they can perform their negotiations with greater confidence. Therefore it would be great if someone could get those polls to a mainstream website so that opinions of the mainstream population and their reactions to this would be better understood. Human masses have been programmed immensely and they effectively became parts of the Matrix and no one knows how they will react.

Even if all physical Cabal surrenders, you need to understand that by this act alone the non-physical Archons will not be removed. That is a separate issue and it will be dealt with in a different way.

Posted by John MacHaffie at 8:06 PM


[Once again, I take a red pencil to this blather and just give you the more amusing parts]

Anonymous June 7, 2012 8:15 PM
Boy oh boy! This gets better by the minute. Hollywood should make a movie about this BS.

AnonymousJune 8, 2012 6:10 AM
Not meaning to poke fun here, but in the first season of Star Trek, The Original Series, was an episode entitled "Return of the Archons."

Oh, no relation? Drat!

Anonymous June 7, 2012 9:31 PM
Perhaps we've forgotten something very important. The Galactic Federation and the Great Masters have promised us that the Cabal would not be allowed to use Nuclear weapons. Are we now to believe that has changed? I do not believe this is the case.
Love is the most powerful source of energy there is. Much more powerful than anger and hate. We are dealing with a cabal that only entertains the criminal mindset, ensconced in the belief they will never be caught and held accountable for their actions. Negotiation is an option that only allows for further delay. We are the creators of our universe and therefore responsible. If we allow further delay by those who have lost their way, we become responsible for their actions.
We are dealing with recalcitrant children who need to be placed in the corner for a time-out. Perhaps while they're in their corner, we can get the world straightened out and headed into the golden age.
Negotiation is futile. Let's all move forward into the light.

Anonymous June 7, 2012 9:31 PM
Thank you so much to Cobra and the Resistance movement, and to the person who posted this. Fellow citizens, yes the "poll" is informal, yes it is last minute, yes it is a bit unpolished, but who cares - it's a start. For the first time in decades, we have a group of people trying to make a difference who want to know what WE THE PEOPLE think. No, we don't have all the answers and every duck in a row, because this has never happened before in the history of the world. If it's all BS and you voted, then no harm done anyway. Please search your heart and vote for peace. Please be aware that voting for peace lets the the good guys know we're behind them and that we support them. Respect and love to all

Anonymous June 7, 2012 9:37 PM
Checking Drake's - one finds the following:
Citizens Advisory Counsel
Registered through:, LLC
Administrative Contact:
Bailey, Drake
So, a Drake Bailey, of Marlinton, West Virginia 24594, is the owner.
Now looking for "Drake Bailey" on google results in
At LinkedIn -
Drake K. Bailey, claims to be a 'L.O.R.D. Associate Dragos' Age 57
Current-- Logistics Officer, Theater Sustainment Command at US Army

Replies AnonymousJune 7, 2012 11:37 PM
what do yall believe theater sustainment means? it means commanding the sustaining of a theatrical act to me. that is some very interesting information. do you guys have any idea what that means?

Anonymous June 8, 2012 12:45 AM
Why, why why would you do this unless you're an Obot or DARK one yourself? This man is doing this in the name of FREEDOM...what about that do you NOT understand???!

Anonymous June 8, 2012 2:02 AM
Point 1. Ok now...Let's see: 2012 - 1970 (about when he read the what was it 5" or 8" report) = 42. Thus 57 - 42 = 15 when some VIP handed this kid the big report.
Point 2. The fall of Saigon was on 30 April 1975 and the end of the Vietnam war. Drake was 20 years old. West Point (in New York not vietnam)is a 4 year degree. Drake would have been 22 when he graduated and the Vietnam war had been over for 2 years. That is assuming he went there right after high school which most do so.
Point 3. Anyone ever heard of a supply officer with the OMG top high-in-the-sky secret clearence of which Drake brags? Not me either.
Point 1 + point 2 + Point 3 = LSOS
Thank you Anonymous June 7, 2012 9:37 PM

Anonymous June 7, 2012 9:45 PM
They did- I forget what its called but it's about a little girl who chases after a white rabbit and falls down a hole- or is it about a lil ole country girl who runs away from home and then a cyclone comes and she runs back home and gets knocked on the head by a window and wakes up in a village full of little people(?) no, no that may not be right- wasn't there a movie where a guy sells his soul to the devil so that he can be rich or a great attorney or somethin' like that?

Anonymous June 7, 2012 10:24 PM
You never negotiate with criminals. Just shootem all in the head and ask questions later.

Anonymous June 7, 2012 10:29 PM
I never heard so much bullshit in my life. I say grab your guns and lets do this shit ourselves. No one is gonna save us lets save ourselves. 6 billion people togethercan make magic happen. Hell with drake fulford and wilcock.

Siriusvoid June 8, 2012 12:53 AM
Make a deal with a devil?
Isn't that what got us in this mess to begin with?
Satan, get thee hence!

Anonymous June 8, 2012 12:56 AM
So now it's the Archons...... come on people.

Anonymous June 8, 2012 2:21 AM
That's OK. They wont know we are mocking them while they are hanging in public until sundown.

Anonymous June 8, 2012 2:42 AM
My thoughts.. Just another pile of BS to add to the other piles.. It seems to me that there are some excuses being made in these types of posts to try to now excuse the fact that no arrests have been made and as if they are backing off from the arrest issue now.. hmmm If u have the goods on a criminal do u make deals with them or do u just arrest them and try them on the evidence? And as someone mentioned above too.. If the galatic's that are supposed to be supporting this is real and they have said that they won't be allowed to use nukes why do some want to post scare tatics that their use of nukes is possible now? This site has some very conflicting information going on here. Maybe they should be more careful of which posts are being allowed to be posted because honestly its makeing the whole site appear to be nothing but BS too! Just saying!

Pineapplehailstorm June 8, 2012 3:12 PM
I agree on the nuke issue. Doesn't make any sense. Based off everything we have been told for quite some time, that sort of extortion should sort of be a moot issue. The galactics can dematerialize things right out of our perceptual modalities, jump time and space, read our thoughts, etc etc, but then they expound upon the virtues of endless bargaining with dark souls who want us all dead or enslaved. Every day this system continues is just one more day of unnecessary suffering for BILLIONS of people and one more day of gargantuan trauma and damage to Gaia and all her systems. We are half way into 2012 and the 3-D, physical measurements of our parasitic, cancerous control structures continue to skyrocket exponentially. More waste, more pollution, more clear-cutting, more radioactivity, more surveillance and civil liberty obliteration, more needless killing, starvation, etc. EVERY DAY this continues, the damage gets worse, by many orders of magnitude. I say get on with it. Why does the handful of psychopathic criminals at the top have so much say in the matter? It's time to give the meek a chance. We've been ground down for thousands of years. I think we've had enough of polite negotiations with folks who would just as soon kill you and your family as swat a fly....

Anonymous June 8, 2012 9:32 AM
We have been dealing with unseen 4th dimensional forces on this planet for a long time, and still we are waking up! Do not fear archons,,, they are becoming weaker by the second.Our earth does not want the cabal on the planet any longer; I think this is quite obvious by now. She feels the same way about them as Jesus did when he threw them out of the temple. Are we not supposed to follow the example of our older brother and exlemplar. Jesus didn't compromise..........

Anonymous June 8, 2012 10:50 AM
I think it's a test. Do we want Peace? or will we again choose the old war way? The Gal Fed., said they would not take down the cabal. I think they looking to see if we will get off out arse's, face our fears and make a peaceful stand. Yes! we will defend, and their must be Justice. So I basically feel this is really asking us to vote for Peace, the new way, or war, the old way. Give Peace a Chance. Love ya Lennon.

Anonymous June 8, 2012 2:37 PM
you people are not understanding this cabal is not gonna willingly let us put them in prisons. what they want is for us to say oh its ok you dont have to go to jail we forgive you you can have your castles and your whores too. and i say no way to that so there is no choice but to fight...

Anonymous June 8, 2012 3:15 PM
I'm not exactly clear about how accurate this, so called, vote can be. Talk about an opportunity for electronic voter fraud. I see nothing from keeping anybody from voting as many times as they want. Apparently this Lady Dragon person is going to do all of the counting of votes coming in by e-mail. Is she going to check every e-mail address, per person voting, to see if that person has voted more than once? Also suppose there turns out to be over 100,000 votes. Do you suppose this one person, who's maturity I would question, due to to her apparent fascination with video games, x-boxes, etc., will be able to accurately count a large number of votes? I would think that we might want a grown up counting the votes rather than someone caught up in the fantasy world of video games. And, I guess we are to trust the count by one person, with no one verifying the count. What back up system do we have to verify that the count is accurate rather than just some number made up by the, so called, counter? If you have half a brain you know that the count is going to come out in favor of the proposed surrender of the cabal; which is fine with me. I just think that this, so called, vote smacks a bit of fraud, due to the fact that I don't see any way that the vote can or will be verified as accurate.

"The Return of the Archons" is a first season episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. It is episode 21, and was first aired February 9, 1967. It was repeated by NBC on July 27, 1967. On stardate 3156.2, the starship USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, arrives at the planet Beta III where the USS Archon was reported lost nearly 100 years earlier.

Only Sulu comes back from the first landing party, exhibiting strange behavior, and Kirk beams down with another party to investigate. They find the inhabitants of Beta III (who seem to be modeled after 19th-century Earth) are a very static culture, with little or no individual expression or creativity. The entire culture is ruled over by cloaked and cowled "lawgivers," controlled by a reclusive dictator known as Landru. The only time the people "let loose" is at the striking of "The Red Hour" (at 6:00pm), starting "Festival:" a period of violence, destruction and sexual aggressiveness which apparently is the only time Landru does not exercise control over them.

Kirk's landing party beams down just before the festival, and they seek shelter from the mobs at a nearby boarding house. Landru seems to be "all-seeing" and "all-knowing" with spies everywhere, one of whom turns in the party when he does not recognize them as members of "The Body:" the telepathic collective being, symbiotic with Landru, that most of the inhabitants belong to.

Kirk and his team are eventually rendered unconscious by ultrasonic waves and captured. However, Reger, the owner of the house, is a resistance member and offers protection to Kirk and his team. Reger reveals that Landru "absorbs" selected people into The Body, which was the fate of the Archon's crew, and will also be the fate of the Enterprise's landing party. The Enterprise itself is now stuck in a decaying orbit as intense heat beams prevent it from using its engines.

Kirk and Mr. Spock, his first officer, discover that the reclusive Landru is actually a computer sealed inside an ancient chamber, created 6,000 years ago by a Betian scientist and philosopher. The original Landru only wished to create a way to help his failing society achieve peace. The computer that bore his name was the solution - but it performed its job soullessly and ruthlessly.

Kirk and Spock manage to convince the machine that running the planet as it has been is wrong and the people are being kept as uncreative slaves. They manage to convince the machine that it has violated its own prime directive. The machine realizes its mistake and self-destructs, thus freeing the people of Beta III. Kirk agrees to leave Federation advisors and educators on the planet to help the civilization advance, free of Landru's dominance.

May the peace of Landru be with you always.
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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by Deep Knight » Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:40 pm

Friday, June 8, 2012
David Wilcock Update: New Information On The Mass Arrests
Date: Friday, 8-Jun-2012 09:09:13

Finally, after months of no new insider updates, one of our top sources has gotten new information about how Divine Intervention is shaping the mass arrests that have been planned. The news is very exciting -- and very positive.THE "GODS" ARE BACK... AND THEY NEVER REALLY LEFT
We are not alone -- and we never have been. Extraterrestrial humans, widely regarded in ancient folklore as "angels," "elves," "leprechauns," "faeries," "jinn", et cetera, have been guiding and helping us all along.
Virtually every single ancient culture reports human-looking "gods" who came and brought them written language, mathematics, agriculture, irrigation, animal husbandry, building techniques, astronomy and extensive spiritual teachings.
Gigantic stone structures have been erected within the vast majority of these ancient cultures as well -- following remarkably common patterns worldwide. Such feats still strain our current technology almost to its limits.

"Boskop" skulls have been found in South Africa, Mesoamerica, Siberia and elsewhere, with double our current brain size -- as reported by Discover Magazine in December 2009. No known human deformity can explain these skulls.
It is quite astonishing that in the face of this much data, we still have not reached a point where the reality of ancient ET contact and assistance is considered common knowledge.
Any widespread recognition of this fact will inevitably create a legendary shift in our society -- regardless of how many people will claim to have known it all along.
After several hundred years of frustrating obscurity, it appears that we are on the verge of a stunning mass awakening -- to the ongoing presence of extraterrestrial humans guiding our development here on Earth, behind the scenes.
The Visitors appear to be much more knowledgeable about science and spirituality than we are at present -- and there is every indication that we are on the threshold of an event that has been predicted for thousands of years, with great precision.
Over 30 different ancient cultures -- virtually every ancient philosophical system in the world -- was "encoded" with information suggesting that history repeats itself, in vast cycles of 25,920 years.
This was proven by reputable scholars Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend in their epic 1969 work Hamlet's Mill, and brought to mass public awareness by Graham Hancock in his essential 1995 classic, Fingerprints of the Gods.
There is overwhelming evidence that the end of this year, 2012, is when this huge cycle of time -- and the events predicted to take place therein -- finally reaches its conclusion.
Many have interpreted the prophecies as suggesting that mass death and chaos will occur -- in some sort of worldwide cataclysm.
However, this appears to be a great misunderstanding of the language of symbolism and metaphor -- which is actually describing a very positive event. What the prophecies foretold is a coming "Golden Age" of unprecedented peace and prosperity.

Posted by John MacHaffie at 10:24 AM


Anonymous June 8, 2012 12:16 PM
Went to the link to read more...same ol song...nothing "new".
Dave, Come back when you have actual information that can be confirmed and is new.
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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by Deep Knight » Sat Jun 09, 2012 1:54 pm

Bellringer's still beatin' on his tiny bell. Posted right after a missive about how the Jews won't let Ron Paul win.

RINGING THAT BELL! (Updated June 8, 2012)
June 7, 2012

Dear Ones:

Bellringer here, still ringing the bell, a very big bell. So, now Drake through Kauilapele’s Blog, through Suzy Star is asking us to vote whether we wish to negotiate with the Devil or not! Drake’s claim to fame is that the Good guys have cornered the Darkside Cabal in total, who are icy scared and shivering in their boots for fear of the people, when they learn the whole Truth. So, the Darkside are begging for mercy and promise to be good and do all the right things, if the Good Guys will forget about all the evil, bloodshed, destruction and death the Darkside caused for millennia.

Yep! We are to vote to negotiate a deal to speed up getting our money or the Darkside will stall everything for a very long time by creating more war, like throwing a big temper tantrum in the kitchen to get my pop tarts kind of thing. Wow! The leopard has changed his spots! Can you believe it? We now can trust the Devil!

Still ringing that Bell!


----- Original Message -----
From: Suzy Star
Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2012 1:21 PM
Subject: Clarification on voting

Dear Ones,

After getting some feedback from some dear friends who I have a lot of confidence in, I did a pendalum check and got a yes. So with that said I am sending out more explicit directions on the proceedure for voting. You may first go on the website for Lady Dragon that I have provided the link for and read about the 3 issues you will vote on and if you wish to listen to a cleaned up version of the interview with Drake that was done yesterday you can do so by clicking on this link: americannationalmilitia. While there you may choose to join his email list so you can recieve updates as they become available.

I know a lot of people are concerned with their identities for this vote.
Believe me when I say the none of us have had ANY privacy for years...'they' know who you are already.
UNDERSTAND that the only thing that will be put out will be ONLY the numbers, nothing else.
As soon as we have the results I will send them to the right people...numbers ONLY.
I hope this clears the air on the subject of privacy and what I am doing.
I thank all who participate.


There is not a place to vote on her website, only an explanation of what the 3 measures you are voting on.
In order to vote you need to send an email as follows:
Everyone please email at
In the subject line put the number and your answer
1- Yes or No, 2- Yes or No, 3- Yes or No
Thank you everyone :) LadyDragon

#1 (Reply)
----- Original Message -----

From: AJM
Sent: Friday, June 08, 2012 9:43 AM
Subject: RE: Drake ~ RINGING THAT BELL

Dear Bellringer,

Darn good alarm bell. Heard it all the way here in Texas. Looks like the Devil wants a "plea bargain" and the agents Draco and Lady Draco are peddling the mind candy being used to fill another pinata. A desperate move that cannot and will not succeed! The Devil has no power over the Light!
So Be It,

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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by Deep Knight » Sat Jun 09, 2012 5:33 pm

Who exactly is this Drake feloow? I would say to go to the horses mouth, but what he's been feeding you is coming out the other end and so is this fresh and steamy bio from his American National Socialist, er, Militia website. All Hail Drake!

About Drake

Hello Friends and Feloow Patriots,

It has come to my attention that a lot of people want to know who I am. I will offer a part of the base of what I know without endangering myself or others. The basis of the knowledge I hold is extraordinary in its scope (content and reach) and those whom I am in contact with.

Not being willing to take anyone’s word for it, I went behind the scenes and found who ‘they’ were talking to. This involves most of the ‘news’ web sites many are familiar with, credible or not.

My military service includes nuclear weapons, very high security clearances, and Vietnam. Most of the “incidents” from this time forward, I was involved in at some level, major, minor, and local. I started in the field of information in the late nineties and progressed from that time forward.

I use a portion of the old cold war spy network, people in several sensitive positions, and those who agree to pass along info no one else gets. There are several contact avenues that also offer info, military, political and citizen eyes. In all, an extreme information highway.

The validity of what I’ve sent out has been the best at the time, almost all of which was verifiable. And yes, I was called on to prove a lot of it at first. This was not an easy task and caused me to be able to protect and out the info at the same time, I learned how.

Forces in the main stream media took most of what I offered and called it everything but true, and I was a nightmare head case trying to cause problems through the use of my imagination, and the internet… Those who own the media control its content, most of which is questionable at best…I know, because I was directly involved in a few of those ‘international and local incidents’ that were reported as something else altogether…So I have first hand knowledge of this.

I have been a patriot since taking my oath of service in the 60′s. I had always been raised to be a patriot, but that oath haunted me all the time…until I decided I would start taking action. The present information I have shared comes from a plan I was privileged to read some years ago. To date it has been in the works well over twenty (20) years.

Many old fashioned old timers knew better than the direction our country was headed, even way back then, so they started writing the plan. It deals with offering the basic freedoms our country was founded on, and how to return to that freedom. My research extends into a lot of law, application, and the origin of law itself. The offerings used in the manner in which I stated them to be used, when used correctly, I never lost. This includes local, state, federal, and international applications.

A group of individual people in individual states, has completed the paperwork that sets our nation free. It is my hope that we all can keep our freedom this time…that is up to We The People.

The extent of the information offered on the recording is, at this time, the limit I use to protect the many who are involved in our efforts. If anyone who reads this believes that freedom can still be available, then I urge all those to play the recording to others of a like mind.

A qualified person does not have to be a rocket scientist. Try finding someone who is so honest it hurts to be around them. A person who knows the meaning of right and wrong according to their conscience…and who listens to it. In order to start to turn things around, it will take as many people as possible to stand up in any way they can. Put together groups all over our country at the local level.

Get everyone to know each other and look into using your group to put the right kind of people in office. Who am I to speak and by what authority do I do so? It is each persons constitutional ‘duty’ to remove a repressive government…the present one qualifies. I feel a moral obligation to stop the theft so hungry children in our own country of plenty, can eat.

I ain’t doing this for me. It is for my children and grandchildren, because their future hangs in the balance…I feel it is the least I can do for them. As one voice in the wilderness…I CRY FREEDOM…!


A few years ago some Bellringer-believing idiot came to this site to debate us. I don't remember his handle, but he used ellipses (...) between all his sentences. The other was badly disjointed logic he expected you to follow because it sounded impressive to him. Could this be the same guy?
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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by Deep Knight » Sat Jun 09, 2012 5:44 pm

Please Prepare for THE EVENT!

What is THE EVENT ?
THE EVENT is where you will see on your television a MASS ARREST of bankers, financials and other people including the bad aliens who have been working together in order to enslave humanity.
Yes, I said ALIENS.

There are good and there are bad aliens.
Welcome to your new reality :)

The Good Aliens have been working in tandem with Secret Sacred Societies in order to remove the bad aliens from this planet in order to free us from their enslavery.
For those who are new to this, if this is a shock to you, well that is peanut what I just said :)
When THE EVENT happens, many -- and I mean many -- people will fall off their chairs in total shock on how they have been lied to.
The horrible truth of what they have done to us will come to light.
This is why we have made this website, and this section is done in order to guide you to positive actions :)

The first thing to do is to prepare yourself in case of major disruptions.
Although disruptions are not forseen, it is better be prepared, just in case :)
Make sure you have food, water and anything else for at least 1 week.
Form an emergency group where you can help put the word out about the TRUTH.

When THE EVENT happens;

What to know
1. Bankers/Illuminati/Cabal/Government have been running the world and doing bad things.
2. White hats including old money, military, veterans, federal marshals, and local law officials are going to arrest them.
3. Media may say it’s martial law and try to spread panic, but the actions are lawful and benefit humanity.

4. International travel will be stopped for 3 days. Some facilities wired to explode will be off limits for safety.

What to do
1. The goal is to transition peacefully and safely. There will likely be disruptions in local travel, food supply, water supply, and electricity.
2. Make sure you have necessities for 72 hours and ideally 30 days.
3. Remain calm. Support the troops and law officers that are arresting thousands of criminals guilty of heinous crimes against us all. Research stories on the internet to assure yourself that the arresters are good and the arrestees are bad.

What not to do
1. You are going to find out that the cabal have done terrible things to you, your family, and humanity.
2. Don’t believe that every one of them is as guilty as the leaders.
3. Some were forced to act and were threatened with torture.
4. Do not panic.
5. Do not riot.
6. Do not run into a bank and start shooting people.

Drake gave the timeline on April 08, 2012 that THE EVENT will happen 30 to 45 days from that date; therefore, between May 08 and 23. The Timeline has been extented for a few weeks and explained by Drake while talking with LadyDragon.

From LadyDragon's site, which I believe is hosted by the same "organization" as Drakes.
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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by ashlynne39 » Sat Jun 09, 2012 5:46 pm

How stupid do you have to be to believe this stuff?

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Re: Mass Arrests Confirmed to be Underway

Post by Cathulhu » Sat Jun 09, 2012 5:51 pm

Paraphrasing Gene Wolfe here: I am told that eventually even space and time curve in on themselves, but stupidity is truly infinite.
Goodness is about what you do. Not what you pray to. T. Pratchett
Always be a moving target. L.M. Bujold