Gulfside Financial

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Gulfside Financial

Post by Swoosie » Thu Apr 12, 2007 9:44 pm


I've been reading Quatloos for quite some time now and decided to register. Quatloos seemed to be the best forum to post this info.

Does anyone have information on a Robert Krimm and his so-called hedge fund, gulfside financial. He claims he purchased this fund, but I suspect he's lying, which by the way, is his modus operandi. The fund is not open for business, but I know it will be soon, tho the website is operational. There's a long history on this dude in the AS/HYIP arena. He runs 3 autosurf sites as well as a payment processor.........oops I forgot he's calling it a payroll service now.

Krimm is originally from Michigan, but has recently moved to FL, possibly in the Naples area. His businesses include Tri-Star Media Group, Inc.; B&B Projects, LLC (which manages Tri-Star Moneychangers aka TSMC, his pay processor); R&K Holdings, LLC; TSMG, LLC and Gulfside Financial. His autosurf sites are: 15Hitsdaily, Treo-Surf and 24SurfPro. He also runs successtalkonline, a forum for his sites and businesses. Another one of his so-called businesses is e-BusinessOnline (his complete wealth building system), which includes 1st investing in the MLM ViaViente and then you can get entry into his Millionaire Surf Club.

There is much more info on this guy. People haven't seen payments from his sites in at least 3 mos except for some trickling out to ebullion yesterday, which keeps the cheerleaders happy. I have been following this dude for a few months now. His lies keep changing and his claims about making everyone wealthy if they just trust and believe in him. *gags* IMO he keeps people believing so they will invest in his hedge fund, which he initially claimed he was looking for a min. of $500K for investments.

Of course he claims his business is perfectly legal yet none of them are registered anywhere and he has never answered the questions or shown any proof that they are.

FYI I am not involved in ANY of Krimm's businesses. Wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole nor would I trust him as far as I could throw him.