Dr.Yochanan Williams

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Dr.Yochanan Williams

Post by vlg/40 » Mon Apr 23, 2007 2:16 pm

I recently read on this site things about one Dr. Yochanan Williams. I believe all these to be unfounded and untrue. Lies by a distorted "broker" no doubt.
My company has been in operation over 30 years and approximately 10 years ago we were introduced to Dr. Williams and are presently still doing business in a very satisfied manner. As a matter of fact we are in closing 2 transactions now.

My company recently sent 2 clients to meet with Williams attorney in the Dallas area. They were so impressed we are moving forward with their transaction to conclusion.
Dr. Williams can only work with "REAL" transactions brought to him by "REAL" people.Regards


Post by ElfNinosMom » Mon May 28, 2007 6:14 pm

Welcome to Quatloos, Yochanan. :lol:

There are too many people yelling "fraud" - and entirely too much money at stake - for me to believe that Yochanan Williams is a legitimate businessman. A simple google search revealed a run-in with a real estate agent in Thailand who described him as a "con man"; and there is also at least one civil suit involving a Native American tribe, claiming that $23 million was to be fraudulently transferred to Williams and his ministry.

Yet, I guess we are to believe that all of this - including the newspaper report and the civil lawsuit - are "lies by a distorted 'broker' no doubt".

Um, yeah. :roll: