PPP #2 - 1 million entry

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PPP #2 - 1 million entry

Post by wondering99 » Thu Feb 19, 2009 6:41 pm

Real or no?................

PPP from $1M to $250M clients to be the sole signatory on their own account. THE CLIENTS FUNDS STAY IN HIS OWN ACCOUNT AND ARE NEVER PUT AT RISK.

The trade platform has re-opened the 500% + 500% + 40 week program for 2009. There are specific application documents required that are attached. They will accept a minimum of 1M, but after the signing of the contract, the trader will assist all clients with less than $10M to move their funds to their own sole signatory account in the trader's bank in London. For 10M and above, up to the maximum of $250M, the clients can keep their funds in their own account if the client's bank is acceptable and has pinging capability, i.e., if the bank will allow the pinging of the account by the trader's bank. As you will note, the 10% in fees is not deducted from the client's net profits until the end of the second cycle, so, for example, $1M would generate $5M at the end of the first cycle, the client would enter the second cycle with his initial $1M plus the $5M in profits from the first cycle equaling $6M. He would make 6M times 5 or $30M at the end of the second cycle. He would enter the third, 40 week, cycle with the $6M with which he began the second cycle plus his $30M in profits, or a total of $36M, minus the payment of 10% in fees. So the last 40 week cycle begins with the accumulated profits from the first two cycles, minus the payment of the 10% fees to the intermediaries. During the 40 week cycle, intermediaries are paid on a weekly basis.

The trading bank will be in London. This platform has performed two such programs last year. The third program will be opening within the next few days. This program will be much the same as the previous two. i.e., it is a three phase program as follows:

1. 500% in 8 banking days** and the profits rolled over to the second

2. 500%** in two weeks, with the profits rolled over into a

3. 40 week program paying 50% per week**.

There will be a deduction of 10% (2 x 5%) for commission fees from the above amounts, which will be distributed after the first two phases, and then, on the weekly basis. The 5% is closed to the platform, the other 5% is open to you. After receive the DD documents from the client, I will prepare and send the FPA for the 5% to the platform. The trader will protect both 5% FPAs.

The minimum amount is $1M the maximum is $250M. Additional funds cannot be added to this program after it has started. The funds do not have to be moved or blocked, they stay on the investor's account; the trader's bank will just PING (i.e., keep verifying that the funds are kept on the account for the duration of the program, which is about 45 weeks). There is basically no risk and this platform has performed in the recent past.

However, there has been a change as to the funds in the amount of less than $10M; such funds the client will need to move into his own account at the trading bank. The platform will help the client to open such an account, but that will take place after signing of the contract with the trader. The funds will not be blocked, they will be PINGed only.

For amounts of $10M and higher, the funds do not have to be moved, as long as they are in well rated banks, which have the international interface to perform the PING operation.

We need a POF (Tear Sheet, Bank Statement, or Bank Letter signed by two bank officers) that is current and less than 5 days old. Time is of the essence, as the program may close within a couple of weeks or less.