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Postby BDGI7 » Thu Feb 19, 2009 9:59 pm

Being new to this forum this is my first posting. I am trying to educate myself on the vagaries of so-called private banking programs. This web site is and has been a tremendous resource. Thank you!
Much of the information I have obtained clearly demonstrates that for the most part they are illegal. However there are other sources that seem to indicate that certain programs/platforms are acceptable.
Do you know anything about ( or a person by the name of Marcel Ford? Here is a link to an article he wrote on the subject... ... omy/434896
Apparently he has written many such articles on the subject along with others on MTN, BG, LC trading etc. I also believe he is the owner of the Investorearth web site.
I can find nothing that indicates this is not above board - not even on the SEC web site.

Appreciate your help. Thanks

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Postby BBFlatt » Fri Feb 20, 2009 12:53 am

Michael Ford wrote:The reason a line of credit is drafted is so that bank instruments can be issued at a discount and placed into a successive order. Bank issues the instrument directly to the Trader for a significant discount. The Trader thereafter drafts a contract with a banking institution or equivalent entity who has agreed to purchase it at a higher amount. The trader buys the instrument and then sells it to a "commitment holder" who then sells it to their "commitment holder" for a higher price. This continues until an institution decides to hold it to maturity, collecting the coupon's interest. Investor receives payments, either weekly or monthly, depending on the valuation of the funds that were blocked and the request of the investor. Generally, the first payment is received a week following the beginning traunches directly to the originally requested Depositor the Investor has requested. It is evidenced that most U.S. Investors' funds are requested to be wired to international accounts they have set up. Following the disbursements, the Investor begins to fund his projects and humanitarian causes.

So the "Trader" is offering you in on an opportunity to get it on a pre-arranged deal to buy a financial instrument from one bank, and immediately sell it to another party at a higher price. Why is this buyer willing to pay a higher price? Because, apparently he's already got a buyer lined up to pay an even higher price, and so on until someone decides to hold it to maturity and just clip coupons. :roll:

In my experience, that ain't the way the world works. Banks (or "equivalent institutions") are not charities, they don't like to sell anything for less than it's full value if they can help it. And if you've already arranged to sell it for more than you bought it for, you didn't pay fair value. And the idea that this can go on for several more iterations makes it clear that this is one for the tooth fairy.

And what's to prevent your friendly trader from just skipping town once he draws against that line of credit that you pledged your assets for?
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Postby BDGI7 » Fri Feb 20, 2009 1:17 am

Thanks very much for the reply. Your comments make sense.
Problem with all this is that as presented, these programs seem so right and appealing. I have friends who are supposedly very astute business people getting sucked into this game. Very sad. My own hesitation and paranoia has kept me out and will continue to do so.
As a race we have elevated the process of deception to a high art, haven't we?



Postby shawn1067 » Fri Feb 20, 2009 7:46 pm

BDG17...Investor Earth is a Joke....Stay away!!! The comminucation you are getting now will be the only communication you will get. After your "funds are blcoked" you will never hear from them!!! I have 2 associates that entered into their 250k program. They were supposed to be paid in November. To date Nothing!!!!!!!! Lies, Promises, little to no communication. You could earn more in a savings account at US BANK!!!!! You can email me at



Postby BDGI7 » Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:29 pm

Thank you for this information. It is much appreciated and does confirm my suspicions.

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