Atlas Treasury- Niko and Birgit Kangelaris

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Atlas Treasury- Niko and Birgit Kangelaris

Postby enough » Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:06 pm

To anyone whom is seeking information about Atlas Treasury or Niko and (wife) Birgit Kangelaris, know that they are both in custody for charges ranging from Bank Fraud to Grand Theft.

Zuger Polizei
Verwaltung und Gerichte:
Staatsanwaltschaft/ Abteilung Π
Aabachstr.1 Verwaltungsgebäude 2
6300 Zug Switzerland
Telephone +41.41.728.4600

Prosecutor is Frau Keller

This man has defrauded many Americans out of their life savings by saying he had MTNs, Platforms, Loans, a website claiming to be an Investment Bank and much more than I can list. If you have been victimized by this company or couple, please contact the prosecutor as the case is still being heard and you have the opportunity to find justice.

The American authorities have been contacted as well, but myself and other victims are still filing our cases.

If you are seeking information on individuals or companies, please really ask questions! Ask for their license if they claim to be financial brokers as it is against the law to conduct financial transactions without one. Verify through the Banking Association, SEC, Credit Ratings etc....

If you cannot verify any information, RUN AWAY, as it is FRAUD!!!! I have been through cases with the FBI and now the European side the law. I have lost my savings and had to learn the hard way that the world is filled with liars that will go through amazing extent to take your money. These people create long documentation, websites, contracts and some even give you phone numbers that redirect your calls to a call center that they control. Always call the bankers through a general number given on a Banks website or call a local branch to get the number to ask for a specific banker, never call the numbers that someone is asking you to call. Have your attorney look over the contracts and verify the information. VERIFY, VERIFY, even ask for help through financial association, police agencies, check websites, really do research as these frauds are good at what they do and have answers for all questions, they are great at convincing people to hand over their life savings.

I hope this helps prevent someone in the future from making the same mistake that I have made repeatedly.

Good luck to all!


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