Peter Allen Justen MyBIZ -Illegal Pump and Dump !

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Peter Allen Justen MyBIZ -Illegal Pump and Dump !

Post by JailtheBastard! » Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:04 am

Peter Allen Justen (Age 54) aka "MyBIZ" is an Illegal "Pump and Dump" Operation. Do not believe anything this guy says. Do not buy any shares. THERE IS NO MYBIZ product or company to invest in. Peter Allen Justen created a FRONT to promote and retain investor monies to support his PERSONAL lifestyle. This guy is a professional huckster and bullshitter. He is unable to hold a real job. He is a predator of social media networks (LinkedIn, etc.). He will establish himself with your personal social media connections to solicit funds. As an investor, have lost over $200,000 in this SCAM ... not including the remaining 3 million from other investors. AFTER 2+ YEARS AND $3.4 MILLION FROM INVESTORS, HE STILL DOES NOT HAVE A PRODUCT AND KEEPS ASKING FOR MORE FUNDS IN RESPONSE FOR AN STATUS UPDATE IE:
It's coming along.
Want to take some of the .17 shares? Nice way to average yours down?. We took $30 in yesterday from the COO of the largest trainer of SMB in the country. guess she sees some value here...

He tells you that he is actively developing products and that he has prospective buyers for his company. He tells you to buy company shares from him, privately. After the company is sold off, then you privately sell your shares at a higher value for a profit. He will tell you that over 3 million dollars has been put into the company by various investors that have faith in him to develop MyBiz. You review a few web pages of MYBiz and assume that there is a real product. So you send him a check for whatever amount - on the assumption that the company will be sold and you profit from a higher share value.

After two years of continuous bogus reporting of prospective buyers, you realize that there is no product, no development, and no buyers. There is NO place of business! There is NO development team! There are NO employees! There is NO way to contact Peter Justen!

Justen refuses to demo any product. He refuses to produce a current business plan because of: "no resources". He refuses to produce documentation of where your money, or where the over 3 million dollars went to because of: "lack of resources". He refuses to publish investor meeting minutes that was held March 3, 2010.

Except for a bunch of web pages, there is no product - MyBiz does not exist!

Then he spins stories (for the last two years) about his site being hacked, or he needs more funds to complete the site development (after hauling in over 3 million dollars?), and other excuses, etc. etc. When the investors complain about a lack of progress and no status update, then he produces another pitch of a prospective buyer on the horizon to keep the carrot in play. He indicates that the company will be bought on a certain date. The dates come and go ... and nothing happens.

Investors are frustrated and mad with the bullshit and the deceptions created by Justen.
Example of typical BS promotional reporting from Justen which results in nothing happening:

From: "Peter Justen"
To: "Peter Justen"
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 4:02:50 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: MyBizHomepage update
To MyBiz Shareholders,
As we continue to work our way through the mountain of due diligence issues on our acquisition we have received an offer from Innovative Software Technologies , the company that has us under Letter of Intent to be acquired. They have graciously offered to raise a bridge loan fund specifically for MyBizHomepage using IST stock. Here's the details:
1. 90 day bridge loan to IST
2. 15% interest
3. $10,000 increments
4. Warrants to buy 100,000 shares of IST stock, good for 3 years at 1 cent per share.
They are also raising bridge financing under the same formula, but with $100,000 minimums. I negotiated the $10,000 minimum for our shareholders, as I thought it was a pretty good deal. Please contact me directly if you are interested.

The shares you bought are worthless to begin with. You have no ability to sell them. Justen merely pockets your check for his personal lifestyle.

Go to his Linkedin site below and check if he has linked to your personal connections. Inform these connections that this guy is running scams before they get duped into his investments. He is a former Countrywide agent and is well trained on phone sales solicitations.

File your complaint and investment losses to the FBI for restitution request with supportive documents using suggested template below:

FBI White Collar Crime Unit
601 4Th Street NW
Washington, DC 20535
Off 202.278.200
Fax 202.278.2478

Over 3 million dollars has been collected by Peter Allen Justin within the last 2 years in this scam.
Principle Promoter:
Peter Allen Justen (Age 54) []
PO Box 823
Middleburg, Va 20118

This letter is a request to investigate an illegal Pump and Dump operation.

For the past two years, Peter Allen Justen promoted:

A.) false and misleading information to investors that MYBIZ is about to be bought, only to realize that he is merely providing speculation as a means to sell more shares.
B.) investors to buy more shares in anticipation that the MYBIZ value is going to increase in the future

indicate your loss = $$$$$$

Upon information and belief:
1.) MYBIZ is a front for an illegal "Pump and Dump" operation.
2.) There not exist any MyBiz product or MyBiz company worth buying or investing in.

Despite several requests by investors made to Peter Justen, he has REFUSED to produce any investor meeting minutes, and, has REFUSED to verify below for the last two years:

-Existence of MYBIZ
-Innovative Software Technologies, Inc (IST), and whomever, etc. is to buy MYBIZ
-$3.5 million take in from investors
-Documented accounting of $3.5 million expenditures claimed by Justen
-Monies invested by the original principal investors

Upon information and belief, principle co-conspirators:

**Joe Silbaugh, Jr.** vice president at First Capital Equities York, PA
[ ... /9/a97/b80]
190 Arsenal Rd
York, PA 17404-1849
(717) 843-5100 Job: Bank Realty Lp,

**Bryan Elicker** Consultant at Matthews International Capital Management York, PA
477 Bull Rd. Dover, Pa.
(717) 292-0361

List of possible collaborators/connections/relatives:

Darcy D Harvy Justen PO Box 895 Middleburg, VA 20118-0895 age 50
Pamela Jeanne Byers (Age 54)
Cynthia A Justen (Age 57)
Pamela Jeanne Byers (Age 54)
Kenneth Norene Virginia Justen (Age 84)
Eugene Justen (Age 90)

Former partners at MyBiz:
Nancy Smith, Sarah Gerdes, Dan Williams,
April Farms []
Company Address (defunct): 2 West Washington Street P.O. Box 823, Middleburg, VA 20118

Provide attachments such as:
MYBIZ letters, documents, and unverifiable financials - anything received from Peter Justin.

Beware of Peter Justin / co-conspirators filing an false identity response to this blog !

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Re: Peter Allen Justen MyBIZ -Illegal Pump and Dump !

Post by bmielke » Mon Oct 11, 2010 5:38 pm

This is the second time you posted this, we heard you the first time.

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Re: Peter Allen Justen MyBIZ -Illegal Pump and Dump !

Post by wserra » Mon Oct 11, 2010 6:25 pm

You started a new thread with this post, so I deleted the other (identical) one. As bmielke said, please post only once. As long as we're at it, you might review the "Guidelines for Posting" thread at the top of this forum. In addition to the double post, you provide precious few facts to document your conclusions.
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Re: Peter Allen Justen MyBIZ -Illegal Pump and Dump !

Post by Gregg » Mon Oct 11, 2010 6:50 pm

Why don't you short it?
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Mortgage guy

Re: Peter Allen Justen MyBIZ -Illegal Pump and Dump !

Post by Mortgage guy » Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:45 pm

I tried to find this company and its not public. How can it be a pump and dump?

Looks to me like the poster has another agenda.

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Re: Peter Allen Justen MyBIZ -Illegal Pump and Dump !

Post by Judge Roy Bean » Wed Oct 13, 2010 2:29 am

Mortgage guy wrote:I tried to find this company and its not public. How can it be a pump and dump?

Looks to me like the poster has another agenda.
Just because it's not on the NYSE or NASDAQ doesn't mean it isn't traded.
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Re: Peter Allen Justen MyBIZ -Illegal Pump and Dump !

Post by Pottapaug1938 » Wed Oct 13, 2010 3:03 am

Judge Roy Bean wrote:
Mortgage guy wrote:I tried to find this company and its not public. How can it be a pump and dump?

Looks to me like the poster has another agenda.
Just because it's not on the NYSE or NASDAQ doesn't mean it isn't traded.
One characteristic of pump and dump stocks is that they are almost never on any major exchange. Many of the ones I've seen start out as penny stocks, and have a brief run as something else before sinking back down into oblivion.
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Re: Peter Allen Justen MyBIZ -Illegal Pump and Dump !

Post by bmielke » Wed Oct 13, 2010 4:14 pm

Judge Roy Bean wrote:
Mortgage guy wrote:I tried to find this company and its not public. How can it be a pump and dump?

Looks to me like the poster has another agenda.
Just because it's not on the NYSE or NASDAQ doesn't mean it isn't traded.
I thought all publically traded companies had to register with the SEC and file reports. There are no reports filed according to the SEC Website.

Also the exact same post appears on Rip off Reports.

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Re: Peter Allen Justen MyBIZ -Illegal Pump and Dump !

Post by BBFlatt » Wed Oct 13, 2010 4:21 pm

An Edgar search on "Justen" turns up a Peter Justen listed as a Director of Innovative Software Technologies Inc. of Austin TX.
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Re: Peter Allen Justen MyBIZ -Illegal Pump and Dump !

Post by bmielke » Wed Oct 13, 2010 4:38 pm

According to a Google Search MyBIZ looks almost like a MLM wherein you are supposed to buy and sell businesses.


See also: This gives address information and list employees named in the above post.

I might take back the MLM thing I found their website.
About Us
In a world of 6 billion people and counting, it’s small businesses—each employing just a handful of people—that provide the primary engine for economic growth and prosperity around the globe. At MyBizHomepage, we’re entrepreneurs dedicated to supporting the millions of individual entrepreneurs who work so hard to make their organizations a success.

At MyBizHomepage we know and experience the challenges small business owners face every day, so we’ve created an integrated series of online business tools designed to overcome the obstacles that can impede our progress. We’ve made these tools available to everyone on And because we want to provide entrepreneurs with every incentive to use them, we’ve done it for free.

How MyBizDashboard™ Works
One of the principle issues for entrepreneurs and small businesses is gaining a firm understanding of their financial condition. The MyBizDashboard™ included in the website automatically extracts the latest information from their QuickBooks software, computes standard financial metrics, and displays it on as an easy-to-understand, “financial dashboard” graphic. Entrepreneurs and small businesses can also take advantage of social networking tools—online forums and profiles—built into the site and can customize it with RSS feeds so that all the information they need to make better decisions and operate more efficiently are in one place.

Those who have seen have immediately appreciated its value. Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and PC Magazine are just three of the publications who have praised our efforts to provide small businesses with a suite of high-quality business tools that are just not available anywhere else.

Ultimately, our most valuable endorsement comes from our users. Launched in 2006, MyBizHomepage is now used by thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses in 43 countries.
That's what they do from their website.

From there blog...
Hi…I’m Pete Justen, CEO of MyBizHomepage. I’m still not sure why, but MyBiz was recently attacked, both on the blogs here on the site and by someone working hard to take down the site as often as they could. We worked closely with our Web hosting provider, forensic computer specialists, attorneys, and unfortunately law enforcement to insure there was no loss of integrity in data or functionality of the site. The functionality of the site was impaired for several days, but at no time was there a breach of security of your data. As the CEO and founder I apologize for the service interruption, and assure you we have taken all reasonable steps to keep it from happening again.

As always we are working hard here at MyBiz to develop products that help small business and entrepreneurs to build a better company. I’d love to hear from you on how we can improve our dashboard products, or what else you would like to see us build for you. My email is [redacted]

Thanks for your understanding in a very difficult time for the Company, and your continued support

Our Apologies
posted by admin @ 19:39 PM
March 4, 2009
The MyBizBlog was re-written by a former-employee.

More real news coming soon.
Huh maybe their former employee has taken to other mediums to get his point across.


Re: Peter Allen Justen MyBIZ -Illegal Pump and Dump !

Post by bmielke » Wed Oct 13, 2010 4:54 pm

I don't think this is an MLM...

VA Sec of State

They use to be My Book Keeper USA. I also see no evidence of them being public.

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Re: Peter Allen Justen MyBIZ -Illegal Pump and Dump !

Post by Number Six » Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:02 pm

For suspected "pump and dump" penny stocks, etc., this is a good site, "Investor Hub":

Good information on reporting unethical actions to the S.E.C..
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