Beware RBS Alliance, Moscow Securities scams

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Re: Beware RBS Alliance, Moscow Securities scams

Post by misterbitrix » Mon Feb 14, 2011 1:50 pm

Good day!
Unproven allegations seem to be more than convincing. Statements like "we have evidence .... Fraud" need to be confirmed, at least, references to these precedents. Such accusations are very frequent. And I can tell you that there are lots of ways to challenge the accusations and sued for libel, the author of the slanderer, whose post (also written on his behalf, and also without any evidence). In attracting foreign investment, I looked at RBS as one of the potential partners. After reading this post, I certainly have doubts. And rather than engage in useless correspondence, I wrote directly to the Moscow office of RBS.
Colleagues, I was pleasantly surprised by how clearly and quickly runs the security service RBS. So, to me, as a potential client, has been demonstrated by tracking instruments issued by RBS. Any instrument issued by, any activity can be immediately checked by the client for compliance with reality. All of RBS activities - from the draft agreement and ending MT760, issued by RBS - immediately entered into an interactive verifiable basis. Any of the issued instruments can be checked by the client immediately. So, colleagues, if you have any doubt, I advise you to independently verify them, appealing directly to the company, and not to support dubious speculation.

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Re: Beware RBS Alliance, Moscow Securities scams

Post by notorial dissent » Mon Feb 14, 2011 2:20 pm

misterbitrix, Have you actually read anything that has been posted here? From your rambling and semi coherent posting I would say not.

In not one place in anything posted here has anything negative been said about RBS, this posting was about a firm purporting to be affiliated with RBS when in fact it was not.
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Re: Beware RBS Alliance, Moscow Securities scams

Post by RussianBanker » Thu Mar 01, 2012 5:35 am

RBS Alliance currently been renamed to JSC RBS to have maximum similarity with real RBS. still use the code RBSBRUMM. But what I have found at official RBS website:
The Royal Bank of Scotland ZAO (the Bank) wishes to bring to the attention of its Clients, Counterparties and visitors of the website that RBS Open Joint Stock Company, Investment Company RBS OJSC, RBS Investment Group or RBS Group Ltd., or their affiliates are neither members of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc nor affiliates of The Royal Bank of Scotland plc or the Bank.

SWIFT codes of The Royal Bank of Scotland plc ABNAGB2L, RBOSNL2A

SWIFT code of The Royal Bank of Scotland ZAO ABNARUMM
Official website of RBS.