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Rat River Trapper, et al.

Post by Rat River Trapper » Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:14 pm

Oh my, what have we here? A series of websites, all apparently related:,, and

The flashy websites shamelessly promote bank guarantees and standby letters of credit as investment vehicles, and are recruiting independent "brokers" to market the same as income opportunities.

The website is full of what's commonly referred in the advert business as "glittering generalities" and long on rhetoric, meaningless gibberish, and short on substance, demonstrating a lack of knowledge concerning the true process of credit instruments and documentation. Red flags abound across of the three websites.

The telephone number associated with the websites (214) 550-5052, is associated with one Victor William. A simple search reveals a post by Mssr. William verifying his association with one of the wesbites: Mssr. William's address is listed as 2711 N. Haskell Ave Suite 550, Dallas, TX, 75204. That address is a virtual office, the equivalent of a mail drop. The entry contains a photo, but source code on the post suggests a stock photo, rather than Mssr. William's actual visage.

Similar posts occur at and ... =firefox-a

Mssr. William also maintains a peculiar blog at