MF Global may be missing a whole lot of money

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Re: MF Global may be missing a whole lot of money

Post by Number Six » Wed Nov 23, 2011 4:57 pm

Typical American charade, set him up with adulation, high position in finance and government, and then watch him implode when he is way over his head. It's like the messiah complex, one week the man is celebrated as the savior of the world the next he gets tried, convicted and crucified as a fake, phony, two-bit fraud.

Too bad he can't head for a secluded island paradise somewhere after having plastic surgery done, to enjoy all those millions.
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Re: MF Global may be missing a whole lot of money

Post by notorial dissent » Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:37 pm

Ouch!!! 600 million here, 600 million there and next thing you know you're talking about real money all of a sudden.

Clearing up this mess is going to put a severe dent in someone's piggy bank.

If Corzine had been CEO of Goldman I would have thought he should have had the experience to have run something like this. The problem with commodities trading is that it is/can be so very dangerous, and gamblers aren't going to win in the long run, as this demonstrated.

It does sound, from what little I have been able to find that the corporate culture of this company was not what one would want in a firm one had any amount of money sitting in.
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