The slow pace of justice

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The slow pace of justice

Postby Number Six » Sat Feb 04, 2012 7:42 pm

This federal indictment stood out this week in terms of the slow pace of justice especially with the high level securities fraud where top lawyers are able to challenge government cases with unusual rigor: ... aud&st=cse

The Manhatten US attorney is doing its best under the circumstances:

"Mr. Bharara has bristled at criticism — some of it from his relatives, he has said — that the government is not prosecuting enough people related to misconduct during the financial crisis. Mr. Bharara has said that complex financial fraud cases, like the four-year-old Credit Suisse investigation, take time to build and are often difficult to prove.

“The number of prosecutions is not a function of resources, effort, commitment or courage,” Mr. Bharara said last year, speaking to a group of reporters.

“It is a function of the laws, the facts, and the painstaking nature of these investigations.”
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