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Re: Stan Casad / Kevin Wheeler

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 12:24 am
by Pottapaug1938
Thanks, Texas, for those two content-free posts. They may impress your buddies; but here on Quatloos we demand a bit more.You say that Casad is the real deal? Well, then, show us some proof. Show us also why the assertions in Mike's post (about the delay and double talk) are wrong. And then, please address Wes's comments about the different logins from the same IP address.

As for why you would want to alter your posts? Simple. Over the years, Quatloos has seen more than a few people come onto the pages and make all sort of assertions in their posts, and then alter or delete them in an attempt to hide the fact that they actually said what they are accused of saying. In any event: if you want respect, on these pages, you've got to do a lot better than you've already done; and that includes making direct answers to direct questions.

Re: Stan Casad / Kevin Wheeler

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 5:23 am
by notorial dissent
Ah Texas, welcome.

My first question, I guess would be, are you the third sockpuppet, or the puppetmaster, or are you Ron Brooks, or even better Stan Casad / Kevin Wheeler? Not that it really matters, but just like to keep the scorecard straight.

To start with, as I posted previously, yours, and Texas girl's testimonials, to put it kindly, ring about as true as a politician's concession speech. In fact, I would say you are a day late and a dollar short in you defense of your "friends", or at the very least three months late.

As to why people delete their posts
    they posted in the wrong forum-qualifies here but for different reasons,
    they were irrelevant, certainly everything posted so far meets that description,
    they said something so monumentally dumb that it needs deleting,
    they said something that could come back to bite them in the ass-my favorite

You misattribute a quote to Traynor that is from another denizen here, who actually misquotes Traynor, nice try, but the excuse he listed from your buddy is a prime scam artist excuse, right up there with the dog are my homework, for believability. As far as I can see, Traynor's description pretty well covers a classic, very sloppy, amateurish, con game.

If you have any information to the contrary to what Traynor has said, by all means post same, but his description rings true of fraud, just as you defense of same does.

I have to agree with Pottapaug here, a very content lite set of posts, that set off all the right, or wrong in your case, bells and whistles that scream FRAUD!!! Please do keep posting, I would like to see how deep you can dig yourself, and your "friends" in before we're done.

Re: Stan Casad / Kevin Wheeler

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 3:36 pm
by mike traynor
Thanks for the assist. For the record, here is a more detailed account.

A person who became my client told me he was involved with Wheeler and Casad. Immediately upon hearing their names, I did a search and found some interesting stuff. Casad had a linkedin page which showed him in front of a Gulfstream airplane. He had all these jobs, and many of them he held simultaneously. How does one act as CEO and CFO for dozens of companies all at once, unless they are titles only?

I then spoke with Casad, who told me he was on a satellite phone on Russia. He said it was 3:00 am there, but he worked "American hours." Interestingly, when he pronounced the Russian city, he mispronounced it. I have asked two Russians and have used at least 2 internet pronounciation tools and Stan's use is not even an alternative way to pronounce the word. (Stan pronounces it as is looks in English--which is a sure tip-off that he has never been there.)

Later, I spoke to Wheeler. Many little things didn't add up, especially when he spoke of a "conditional SWIFT," and he used the term MT 103-23. I laughingly told him that there was no such thing as a conditional SWIFT--that it was either a SWIFT or it was not a SWIFT. But there was not a document that, upon the resolution of some conditions, would mysteriously become a SWIFT. His response was that I didn't "know what I was talking about."

So, my client says to me . . . he "blocked funds" for Wheeler/Casad, but the trade has taken about a year to complete. It was supposed to take no more than 30 days.

The biggest tip off to me was this . . . after about 45 days, my client was told that the money was ready to be sent and Wheeler needed to know where to send it. Wheeler then recommended 2 or 3 places where the money would go tax free.

It was at this point, I suggested my client speak with the authorities. First, any transaction specialist worth his salt would have had this settled up front. If you are going to make money, you should know BEFORE THE TRANSACTION BEGINS where the money will be shipped. Second, US Citizens are taxed on their worldwide income, and simply putting the money in Monaco does not change that.

My client will no longer let me talk to Wheeler or Casad--he has been told that if he talks to me again, it will be a violation of his confidentiality agreement and his money will be confiscated as a penalty for violating confidentiality. I told my client that the very thought that his money could be confiscated was criminal and he should go to the authorities. I then recused myself from the case and sent my client a bill.

To date, this bill has not been paid.

Re: Stan Casad / Kevin Wheeler

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 4:02 pm
by notorial dissent
I'm shocked I tell you, shocked!!! I sincerely doubt you will ever see a dime at this point. Your ex-client is either a fraud, a fool, or both. His funds are most likely "blocked" and being held by Casad and Wheeler, and I will bet you that at some point, they have asked for and gotten additional funds from him, none of which he will ever see again. As some wise soul once said, experience is a costly instructor.

Re: Stan Casad / Kevin Wheeler

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 6:35 pm
by mike traynor
I just love guys with Gulfstreams and Yachts, but who cannot afford an office, even an office suite.

Re: Stan Casad / Kevin Wheeler

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 1:15 am
by notorial dissent
Those PMB's can get expensive after a while, don't you know! But yeah, usually a good/meaning really bad indicator of teh company's legitimacy.

Re: Stan Casad / Kevin Wheeler

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2013 5:57 am
by mike traynor
I found that Ron Brooks, who defended Casad in an earlier post, is an officer with Casad in a company called Standard Oil Company USA, Inc. NO IT IS NOT THE STANDARD OIL COMPANY. These scammers always try to fool you with the name. It is close to a familiar name. A legitimate company would find a name that is not confusing, but these guys like the confusion.

Anyway, here is a link. The company was buying a Uranium mine, but failed. In fact, it failed at everything. I am not surprised. ... f?id=32247